WWE: Royal Rumble 2014 leaves wrestling fans in a furious frenzy


The final two – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment


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Our recap video shows Magnus & friends screwing AJ Styles in the main event last week. I’m not sure if that means he’s actually left TNA or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

Rockstar Spud starts us off looking completely confused about the boo’s he’s receiving, but then smiles and brushes it off. Dixie heads out and introduces Magnus. He doesn’t say much, but he does say wearing two Title Belts is ‘obnoxious’ (shots fired at Randy Orton).


 Magnus doing an ‘Orton’ – Source: Impact Wrestling

Dixie thanks all her allies for their actions last week, then invites her nephew Ethan Carter III to the ring. The lights go out, and we see Sting in the crowd pointing his baseball bat at the ring. Absolutely huge pop, which continues until Sting introduces the rest of the lockeroom out to fight Dixies troops. Spud makes a 12 man tag match, which will be next.


The match starts with everyone brawling around the outside. They then take turns to get into the ring, do a couple of moves and then back to the outside. The faces stay in control for the majority, which included Joseph Park going for a Suicide Dive but getting stopped at the last minute, I thought it was actually going to happen. As he was running the ropes, Kazarian caught him with a heel kick. Park then bled from the mouth (glad he didn’t blade again). He sees the blood and attacks anyone, including Storm and Gunner. Joe caught Daniels in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap out win as Park left. Good opener, lots of action.

Backstage Austin Aries is talking to Velvet Sky, who is confused to as what to do. He reassures her, but leaves quickly as Sabin arrives. He’s pissed off at what he just saw, and tells her to follow him, clicking his fingers.

Sabin and Velvet are in the ring as we come back from commercial. He basically puts her down until he gets interrupted by A Double. Aries says she should do whatever she likes, and challenges Chris to an X-Division Title match next week, without Sky’s interference. Ironically AA then suggests that they put Velvet in a cage next week, way to respect her mate! She then agrees to the suggestion, and says if Sabin doesn’t win next week, she might start looking elsewhere.  I hope she turns heel next week, I want a heel couple.


Is their upcoming fight for the title, or for Velvet?- Source: Impact Wrestling

Backstage Simon Diamond (from ECW, now road agent) runs into Samuel Shaw and tells him he’s impressed. He goes on to say he should stop being distracted by Hemme, which Shaw takes offence to. He jumps Diamond, and then sniffs a trainer. Creepy chap.


Standard no DQ match, swinging chairs and the like. Anderson brought in piece of guard rail, which I’m sure he’s done in all of their matches. Bully missed a splash onto it, which looked horrendous, then Anderson upstaged him by missing a Swanton from the top onto it. Ken slams Bully through a table for a close nearfall.


 Kennedy slams Bully through a table, doesn’t look fun for either man in this shot – Source: Impact Wrestling

In a way I felt like they were hitting spots that should end the match, next time Bully gets hit with a finisher and loses it won’t really make sense.  After both men tease the crowd with Lighter Fluid, Bully nails Anderson with a low blow and a hard Piledriver for the victory.

Kurt Angle storms out to the ring and starts screaming for Dixie to explain what happened last week. She tells him it was for the best. Angle pretty much changes the subject and starts to talk about his match with Roode later tonight. Dixie punishes him by postponing the match to next week (the crowd boo, not realising that they will still see it tonight). She asks security to escort Kurt from the building, but he gets jumped by Roode before that can happen.


 Bobby Roode stands tall over Kurt Angle yet again – Source: Impact Wrestling


We’re shown Gail and Tapa attacking Rayne backstage prior to this match, which she sold excellently as she walked down the ramp. Lots of rest holds and submissions, and a weird spot where Tapa got caught choking Madison at ringside, and got sent to the back, surely Gail should’ve been disqualified on the spot? After both women got back in the ring, Rayne avoided a kick in the corner and hit her weird finisher for the 3 count and her 5th Knockouts Title.

Backstage THE AMERICAN WOLVES; DAVEY RICHARDS AND EDDIE EDWARDS, (yes, that had to be in caps) are talking to Dixie. She says she’s booked them a tryout match next week, to which they reply they’ve already signed with an ‘investor’. So happy to see them in TNA, should lead to some great matches.


Two chants break out in the first few minutes of this match, ‘you’re a douchebag’ and ‘you can’t wrestle’. The former lead to Taz asking Mike Tenay if he’s allowed to repeat it like a child talking to a parent, and the latter just infuriated me. I wish Sting would stop wearing a t-shirt, it just looks so stupid. Either get down the gym or accept that you have a middle-aged body now.


EC3 looks to be in a bit of pain – Source: Impact Wrestling

Sting attempted to job EC3 out, hitting a Scorpion Deathdrop like it was nothing. Spud refused to count, until Sting grabbed his arm and forced him to. Magnus appeared out of nowhere and pulled him out, the crowd didn’t notice either and were completely silent. The end came with Magnus revealing his own referee shirt, and counting three fast as possible as EC3 rolled Sting up.

Sting screams that he wants a title shot, but Magnus will only accept if Stings career is on the line. Sting accepts, and Magnus says ‘I can’t wait to rip up your contract, right in front of your stupid, painted, face.’ Best thing he’s ever said.

Right, is Sting going to WWE? It’s Wrestlemania season…let’s see.

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Dixie starts us off by heading to the ring to seriously loud boos. She tells us she has a ‘one night only’ contract for AJ Styles, and begrudgingly asks him to come sign it. Dixie goes on to say the match tonight will be no DQ. They argue back and forth about their history, with AJ saying ‘you don’t get it, you don’t understand Wrestling’, ouch. Magnus heads out to stand up for Dixie but looks like a chump next to AJ, he needs to up his intensity.


Zema Ion introduces Jesse and Robbie with a million air-horns, I love it. EY starts the match at lightning speed, hitting both opponents with a chain of moves. As he heads to the top rope, the big screen shows ODB getting jumped by Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Eric heads to the back, leaving Park on his own. The Bro-Mans make quick work of Joseph, which basically means if you can avoid cutting Park, he’s no threat.

ImageThe Bro-Mans take out Joseph Park (Source – Impact Wrestling)

The two lads then grab a piece of guardrail, and hit a Hart Attack onto it. We were shown Dixie speaking to them before the match, so I’m presuming she’s asking her allies to take out anyone who would stand up for AJ.

 James Storm comes out to shout words for a few minutes. Gunner interrupts him and says he has no remorse over grabbing the case, and kind of betraying his partner. Storm challenges him to a match for the title shot, and Gunner accepts. No idea which man is heel and which is face, and neither do the crowd.


We are getting this match because Joe decided to shout at Dixie, great idea. What I don’t understand, is why EC3 has been avoiding fights since his debut, but has no problem fighting Joe here tonight. Spud runs out quickly and helps EC3 beat Joe down.

When we come back from commercial, Joe is being seen by the doctor about an apparent knee injury. We then cut to Sting discovering Storm and Gunner both out cold backstage.


This was a great match, which is a big deal considering it’s a handicap match. At one point, Kurt hit about 10 suplex’s in a row, swapping between each man. He then hit a release German from the top rope, flinging Kazarian onto Daniels, so good. Surprisingly, Kurt picked up the win after hitting an Angle Slam on Kaz. Why are they jobbing BI out so much? They’ve lost two handicap matches in the last few weeks!


 Angle destroys Bad Influence in one move (Source – Impact Wrestling)

Backstage Dixie tells Bobby Roode that he’s got a match next against Sting, which he isn’t happy about.

Kurt is already outside taking photos with a family, before Al Snow arrives and tells Kurt he needs to take him to the airport for no discernable reason. Kurt asks no questions and jumps in the car, in his ring gear. So weird.


Interesting match, I’m happy to see Roode wrestle someone other than Angle for once. Saying that, he looked like a complete jobber in parts of this match, completely overwhelmed by a 54 year old man in clown makeup. Later on, EC3 and Spud ran to the ring and threw Roode a Baton, which he then used quickly and escaped for the win.

We see a recap of Bully Ray holding up his bic lighter to a terrified and fluid soaked Mr. Anderson, who must’ve been so scared that he forgot he could blow it out.

This leads us to a video of Anderson meeting Bully in a nearby church. Bully tells Ken to look inside the coffin behind him. He unveils what looks to be a set of towels or linen, presumably from Anderson’s home. As he turns around, Bully has disappeared, BATMAN style.

Sting confronts Dixie backstage, saying he got hit with a pipe (it wasn’t) but no one at TNA thought to reshoot this or correct him. Dixie unsuccessfully tries to buy him off.


I thought about putting a (C) after each man’s name, but reconsidered! Literally within a couple of minutes, Spud and EC3 have gotten involved. Sting runs out to make the save as we go to commercial. As we come back, we see the Bro-Mans and Zema sprinting to the ring. They immediately start attacking AJ, hitting him with a great Tornado DDT and a Hart Attack. Earl Hebner counts the pins as slowly as possible, which made me scream ‘HIT EARL, IT’S NO DQ! GET HIM!!!’


AJ Styles can’t beat these numbers (Source – Impact Wrestling)

Bad Influence get involved, but Earl refuses completely now, and heads to the back. He runs into Dixie, who is dragging his son Brian. Brian looks really scared, and obviously can’t overpower a middle aged woman. We see more action, the faces trying to come back, but ultimately being outnumbered.

We see a spot so beautiful; it deserves its own line. Kazarian flings AJ with a monkey flip, AJ lands on his feet and seamlessly clotheslines Daniels. Looked absolutely incredible.

Roode then heads to the ring and nails AJ with three Death Valley Drivers, keeping AJ down long enough for Magnus to pick up the win and become our Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.



Magnus stands tall (Source – Impact Wrestling)

I thought this match was absolutely insane, so much going on at once. I would’ve liked to have seen Magnus actually end the match, but he does look like more of a heel this way. Also I’m not sure if this is AJ’s last match for TNA, you can’t trust dirtsheets/the internet, but it if it was, they should’ve let him actually say goodbye at the end.

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First review of the New Year; hope everyone had a good one!

We start with a hype package for new World Heavyweight Champion Magnus, The first British champ in 108 years apparently! They list his measurements, saying ’17 Stone’ which will probably confuse all the Americans watching.

Kurt Angle heads to the ring and depresses everyone with how bad his last year has been. Bobby Roode interrupts quickly and jumps to the conclusion that Kurt is retiring. Kurt denies this and challenges Roode to ‘one more match’. This just made me think of Christian and how good that gimmick was. Roode says he will accept if Kurt’s career is on the line. Kurt then adds that it will be in a steel cage (time for THAT Moonsault guys). They start to brawl, until Rockstar Spud appears and makes a tag match later on tonight.

Backstage Dixie is handed a note saying ‘see you tonight’ with no name, and goes to investigate it.

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa are in the ring as we come back from commercial. Tapa is holding the Knockouts belt looking really bored, almost like she’s being forced. I don’t really understand why they’re mates, they never actually explained it.


This was a good match, with Madison picking up the win in her first singles match since her return. She looked really good, no ring rust at all. This win should make her number one contender, because well…there’s no other Knockouts is there?


Madison Rayne celebrating her win – Source: Impact Wrestling


Fucking great match, as you’d expect. Aries stayed in control 90% of the match, hitting every move you’d expect. As he was preparing for his running Dropkick, Sabin pressured Velvet into getting involved. She looked like she was gonna cry, but then climbed onto the ring apron. AA then turned to tell her to get down, but ended up receiving a lowblow and a Small Package AND LOSE THE TITLE.

A Double nailing Sabin with a Missile Dropkick – Source: Impact Wrestling

I hate when titles change hands so quickly. It works for the story-line, but he could’ve just won his defense last week in the same way. Sabin grabbed a mic afterwards and said he had one person to thank…himself.


They aired a vignette for Shaw about a month ago, showing him on a date with Christy Hemme. He came across as a massive weirdo. He now wears a jumper, white jeans and leather gloves. No skin on display at all. After every single move, he stared at Hemme, especially as he locked on a Standing Triangle Choke, which put Norv to sleep. What a creep! Hemme announced him as the winner, but didn’t put any emotion into it, wasted opportunity.

Backstage James Storm reacts to learning Kurt is teaming with Gunner, by asking Roode to be his.


Gunner gets a few cheers as he makes his entrance, looks like they’re doing a double turn. Not sure it’s for the best to turn Storm heel, as much as I dislike him, he’s definitely over with the crowd. Storm really acted like a heel in this, viciously attacking Gunner whenever he could. This lead to a lovely ending, with Gunner holding Roode in a Torture Rack, as Storm slid into the ring and nailed him with a Superkick. Roode then finished him for the 3 count.

I’ve completely changed my mind; I want a heel Beer Money – Source: Impact Wrestling

Ethan Carter III heads to the ring and disses Jeff Hardy. He mocks him by saying ‘my creatures, my creatures’ in an English accent and doing gun fingers. I laughed quite a lot. ECIII asks Christy to announce Jeff to the ring, but he’s not even in the arena. ECIII doesn’t care and goes to count him out: ‘1…2…EC3…4’ AMAZING. Sting steams out, and basically pressures EC3 into a match with him. Ethan agrees, but it’ll be in two weeks.


Bully comes out wearing a hoodie and jeans, and just stands in the corner looking down. Park heads over nervously, but gets kicked in the dick for his troubles. Park wins by DQ.

Bully then pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and covers Park in it, all over his face. He pulls out a cheap lighter, not a zippo that would actually work if you dropped it, a cheap one. Mr. Kennedy runs out to make the save, but gets fluid in the eyes. He backs into a corner and Bully holds up the lighter. Then he leaves. I don’t get it.


Spud and EC3 are in the ring, surrounded by Union Jack flags and a throne. Spud talks about the Royal Family, and gets a ‘USA’ chant. He responds to it by saying ‘no, no, Dixieland!’ and stops the chant completely. Dixie comes out and talks about Magnus like she fancies him. He finally comes out, looking very smart, like your stereotypical World Champ. I completely love this stable, it’s so over the top. Magnus gets cut off my Gunners music, who heads out with TNA’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Before he can ‘cash in’, Spud and EC3 attack. Magnus prepares to hit him with the belt, but gets surprised by the returning AJ STYLES. They hold up their respective belts, exactly like CM Punk and John Cena did. AJ lays down a ‘Champion vs Champion’ challenge, and Magnus accepts. They stare each other down as the show ends.


The two champions stare each other down – Source: Impact Wrestling

I’ve seen a lot of rumours recently about AJ actually leaving TNA and heading to ROH. I can never tell if they are works or not, if they’re true I’m guessing next week will be his final appearance. That would be a huge shame.

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What Culture: 10 Wrestlers Who Did Porn


Mickie James during her time in the WWE – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The clue is in the title. This is a piece I wrote for What Culture, which just went online today. You can click the link below to read all the juicy details about these promiscuous performers. Don’t worry, there are more male than female on the list. Every time you click or share, you will be helping a young journalist try to make a living. I thank you for that. Now, share this link with your friends who like sexy wrestlers!


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The 10 Most Annoying Managers in Wrestling History

BRYANVICKIEDaniel Bryan looks so annoyed – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

This an article I wrote for What Culture. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the grade to be published on the site apparently. Nevertheless, I have decided to post it here. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy reading.

Managers have played an important part in the history of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, they seem to be approaching extinction in the modern day WWE. Nonetheless, the greats of the past will be remembered for decades to come.

To be a great manager, you need to be annoying. Nobody remembers the vanilla characters hanging out at ringside, banging on the apron and cheering for the hero. They remember the despicable men and women who do every single thing they can to secure the win for their client. Most of these managers take a little trip down Annoying Lane on the way to greatness

We’ve had screamers, whistle-blowers and megaphone fanatics. You love to hate them, and that’s what makes them so great. The most memorable managers stir up a frenzy in the crowd, pull off dastardly schemes and drive everybody crazy. They usually have a prop of some kind, or an annoying voice. The more you boo them, the better job they are doing.

I wonder if you can guess who is the number one.

10. Paul Bearer

I’ve included this man on the list to pay tribute, if nothing else, to his legacy. He could be annoying, but the reason he is so low down, is because he rarely overstepped the mark. You could say WWE did so when they used his death rather explicitly in the feud between CM Punk and Undertaker earlier this year, but by all accounts, it’s exactly what he would have wanted. He knew just how to get great heat, and had no qualms with going close to the grain to get it.

However, this list is about characters who make it hard to watch. He rarely did that, but he had his moments, as all managers do. His legendary catchphrase “Oh yes!” could be both amusing and infuriating. As a child growing up watching during the Attitude Era, I would often lament his presence on my TV screen, although probably not so eloquently. He would get right under my skin, particularly when he was put between Kane and Undertaker. He always seemed to be stirring things up between them both and doing something despicable to one of them. He comes in at Number 10, because most of the time, his antics attracted good heat, not annoying heat.

9. Hornswoggle

I feel sorry for Hornswoggle. It’s not his fault that he is on this list. It’s down to the powers-that-be at WWE. Personally, I feel above laughing at a guy because he is small, and let me tell you, that is the one solitary reason why he is on television: to be laughed at. When he appears at live events, even little kids don’t seem mesmerized by him anymore. Rey Mysterio is only a bit taller, and he can actually wrestle. Any adults that do enjoy his gimmick obviously enjoy laughing at midgets like they’re back in the circus tent.

When he would come out with Finlay or DX, he would just destroy any credibility they had. It’s like screening Shutter Island with a little Finding Nemo gif running in the middle of the screen throughout. His presence is distracting, in a bad way. If there was any money to be made from dressing up a small American guy in a leprechaun costume, it’s been exhausted now.

I can understand the sympathy that people have for the actual guy, and I feel that too. He should be given a job in the company because he clearly loves the business, but he does not need to be accompanying anyone to the ring or appearing in backstage segments. It’s cheap laughs, not good laughs.

8. AJ Lee

Firstly, I’m a big time AJ Lee fan. I love her for too many names to mention. I’ve been particularly pleased with her most recent run as Divas Champion. She has been competing well in the ring and cutting some great promos. Her “pipebomb” against the Total Divas cast was just beautiful to hear. Despite aligning herself with Tamina Snuka recently, she has looked good since vacating Dolph Ziggler’s side.

When she was following Dolph to the ring every week, her own career seemed to become more and more irrelevant. She understands the art of the manager and can draw good heat. She does however, have that tendency to annoy. When she joins the announce table, she can come across as too shrill for me at times. I know that she is supposed to make me hate her, but it can get too much. I must say I’m usually a big fan of the skipping, but I know a lot of people aren’t.

Nonetheless, as long as she stays within the ropes as much as possible and let’s her work do the talking, she won’t have to worry over this conundrum. As a manager, she can flirt with “the line”. Besides, she is far too talented a wrestler to be standing or skipping outside the ring all the time, even if she does look great in those short shorts.

jimcornetteOne of the best heatseekers in the business – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

7. Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette is widely recognised as one of the best managers in the history of professional wrestling. He wasn’t a bad promoter either, as his record shows. The man understands the business and knows exactly what heat is and how to get it. During his run managing The Midnight Express, he perfected the role of slimy, little rat faced manager and set the bar high for future generations. There aren’t too many like him, and that’s why he gets so much respect from his peers.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s incredibly easy to go from good annoying to bad annoying, but this man rarely went over to the dark side. He could work the fans into a frenzy, and get them to pay their hard earned money in the hope of seeing him get beat up. He would usually wriggle his way out of it, and when he didn’t manage that, it was so much more special a moment for the fans to savour.

In more recent times, his shoot promos which you can find all over the internet, have made him a polarizing figure. Many people would call him annoying now, for his time outside of the ring. I’m not one of those people. I’m a big believer in Jim’s ideals.

6. Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart was one of the most successful managers in pro wrestling history, but boy was he annoying! Having watched back so many hours of footage from the old days, I’m glad to say I didn’t grow up during his prime. That must have been hell! I do understand that he did a lot for the careers of a lot of guys (Hart Foundation, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, etc) and he did get a lot of good heat on each of those guys when they worked as heels.

However, there are times when it pains me to see him when I watch back those old pay-per-views. I guess that is the desired effect, so it’s hard to be to critical. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between whether a manager is doing a good job or just trying my patience. Even his look is enough to evoke rage – so annoying. His trademark megaphone earned him the moniker the “Mouth of the South” which I guess is a compliment. That megaphone did nothing but annoy, but you can decide whether or not that’s a good thing.

5. Melina

Melina has been hated by people on the inside and outside of the business for a long time, for various reasons. She politicking and bitchiness have well documented, and only Mick Foley seems willing to see the good in her. I’d say his motives are questionable. As an on-screen personality, I think she has had her highs and lows. When she had her final run in WWE a couple of years ago, I was glad to see her back around and thought she could offer a lot to the roster. She has since departed, probably because of her real life persona.

Before she was contributing to the Divas division so well, she was managing MNM (John Morrison and Joey Mercury) through a successful and productive spell as a tag team. One thing that didn’t seem to do them any favours at all, was the fact that Melina often stood outside the ring screaming for no apparent reason. As unique and hilarious as that sounds, it did get old rather quickly and seemed to alienate many fans, rather than rile them up. I have reason to believe that her character was only saved by her extremely hot ring entrance, among males anyway.

4. Bill Alfonso

The Manager of Champions began his career in referee stripes and had spells working for both WCW and WWF. He returned to that organisation (then known as WWE) for the One Night Stand pay-per-views in 2005 and 2006, managing Sabu and celebrating with Rob Van Dam, after he won the WWE Championship. However, it was the half a decade and more he spent working for the legendary ECW promotion that made him famous among wrestling fans.

He is starting in that company working as a referee and went on to manage guys like Van Dam, Sabu and Taz. His penchant for associating himself with success earned him his aforementioned nickname. He wasn’t just known as the guy who walked them to the ring though. He was known and hated by fans for being the skinny little twerp jumping on the ring apron and blowing a stupid whistle all the time.

Alfonso would blow that whistle non-stop. It must be one of the only sounds that can rival Melina’s scream and Hart’s megaphone in the annoying stakes. He drew good heat for his heel associates, but sometimes when you’re trying to settle down with a nice cup of tea and watch yourself a Texas Deathmatch, the last thing you want to hear is some idiot blowing a whistle!

axelheymanAlways ready to speak on behalf of a client – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

3. Paul Heyman

He may be the genius who brought us ECW and the man who has made so many positive contributions to our business, but he is also known for his time managing various superstars. From WCW and the Dangerous Alliance, to his own promotion ECW, and his partnerships with Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and more in the WWE, Heyman has never had any trouble getting a few boos from the audience.

Paul E knows how to do the little things just right. His timing, his mannerisms, his tone. He has the power to pick up a microphone and speak to you, knowing that your blood will soon be boiling. I’m a Paul Heyman guy and a grown man. That didn’t stop me almost throwing my remote control through the television when he sat in his wheelchair and played wicked mind games with my hero CM Punk.

Heyman often aligns himself with big powerful guys who take care of business for him. This allows him to sink as low as he wants, and perform dastardly acts of evil against his enemies, without getting his comeuppance. When he does get it, it’s so rewarding. That’s what makes him one of the very best.

2. Michael Cole

Michael Cole can be annoying in at the announce desk, outside the ring or even inside it. We all know how wrong it can go when you take a non-athlete and put them in there hoping for entertainment. Sometimes it can draw great laughs. Sometimes it can be a good pay-off. The experience with Cole was neither. When aligning himself with Jack Swagger against veteran announcer Jerry Lawler, he just made himself so detestable that it genuinely made wrestling hard to watch.

Before then, he was equally annoying without even being on camera. While sitting at the desk playing his heel commentator role, he regularly went too far and made himself the worst part of the show. His constant Twitter references (which have been toned down), constant use of the word “vintage” and annoying man-crush on The Miz, made Michael Cole one of the most high-profile heels on the roster. Again, not in a good way.

I know many fans who actually stopped watching when it got too much, which wasn’t after long. I being the beaten wife that I am, continued to stick with it, and somehow survived to tell the tale. He has since re-occupied the role of neutral play-by-play man who barely conjures up anything deeper than indifference from me and most other fans – that’s much more like it.

He may not have been a manager most of the time, but as a general kiss-ass sidekick, he was as annoying as can be.

1. Vickie Guerrero

Saving the best until last, Vickie Guerrero is the undisputed most annoying sidekick, appendage, manager, whatever you want to call her, in history. Her time spent by the side of Edge, while also in the General Manager role (something she has also consistently done with equal success) brought her to prominence. She was shown as shrill, callous and not at all appealing in any way. The fact that edge would suck up to someone so disgraceful drew major heat for him as a heel. That’s the power of Vickie.

While managing guys like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, she showed off her talent for annoying people while at ringside. But, that’s not her best position. She occupies the role as stooge with much more brilliance. As a General Manager, willing to do whatever it takes to keep her bosses happy and keep herself in power, she really shines.

Vickie is often given a huge amount of praise for her contributions to WWE and I think that’s just. For the most part, she gets genuine heat from a live crowd unlike anyone else on the roster, past or present. She does however have the ability to annoy you like nobody else could. Her now famous “Excuse me” catchphrase was entertaining a while ago. Now it’s just irritating. Luckily WWE don’t shove it down our throats quite as much as they used to these days, so I’m not about to stop watching.

When it comes to making fans of any age or description boo and shout, there aren’t many people better than Vickie Guerrero.

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What Culture: 10 Jobs You Won’t Believe That Wrestlers Once Did


Steve Austin went through some changes – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

You can take a look at my latest offering for What Culture by clicking the link below. It’s an interesting take on some of the more shocking jobs that professional wrestlers have done. Click away and flick away! I’m sure you will be surprised. By doing so, you will be helping an independent writer to try to make a decent living. Thank you very much!


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