What Culture: 10 Jobs You Won’t Believe That Wrestlers Once Did


Steve Austin went through some changes – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

You can take a look at my latest offering for What Culture by clicking the link below. It’s an interesting take on some of the more shocking jobs that professional wrestlers have done. Click away and flick away! I’m sure you will be surprised. By doing so, you will be helping an independent writer to try to make a decent living. Thank you very much!


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WWE Smackdown: Triple H gets better every week in his authoritarian role


Behold the King of the mic – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

This week’s episode of Smackdown started with Triple H coming to the ring and once again claiming to be a good, fair guy. The Miz came out to challenge him on it, but was brutally buried. He did pretty good verbally and laid a few stinging barbs in the old lion, but Hunter was just too hilariously condescending to be beaten. He gave Miz the “opportunity” at a rematch with Randy Orton, for the main event!

Alberto Del Rio v R-Truth: This was a decent match. Del Rio pinned him after a savage kick to the head. He saw some blood coming from his own mouth and, in a blind rage, decided to lay the cross armbreaker on him after the bell. Rob Van Dam came to make the save, and used a steel chair for an innovative attack. He celebrated with the title belt. It’s a shame he won’t actually be winning it, and I’m not being sarcastic. Triple H was backstage with Vickie afterwards and decided to make the Battleground match a Hardcore Rules affair. That was pretty awesome, and fits in well with the regime’s recent strategy of booking matches that appear to favour babyfaces in order to distract the crowd from their insidious, evil agenda.

Prime Time Players v Real Americans: A good tag team match here. The fans really love the “million dollar dance” but they also love “We the people” so I guess it was a split crowd. The highlight of this match (and probably the entire night performance wise) saw Antonio Cesaro bring out the giant swing again, but this time on the behemoth Titus O’Neill – insanely impressive! JBL’s flabbergasted reaction summed it up well. When Young got the hot tag, he put in another particularly impressive performance, but ended up tapping out to the ankle lock of Swagger. The tag division is actually starting to take some decent shape (despite popular opinion) but the guys could do with a bit more time, and they definitely need to be featured on pay-per-view more.

Bray Wyatt v Zack Ryder: This was another disappointing placement on the card for the family. Ryder got some minimal offence in but Bray squashed him pretty quick, not literally.

Dolph Ziggler v Dean Ambrose: Kofi and Van Dam were at ringside for this one to even up the numbers. There was plenty of fast, exciting action in this short-lived fight, but the referee called it off after they all got into a brawl on the outside. Shockingly, Tag Team Trips came out and booked the inevitable six man tag.

Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston & Rob Van Dam v The Shield: This was a very exciting, well executed middle match, which ended with a flurry of signature moves and Kofi eventually losing to Ambrose, after Rollins hit his trademark foot stomp.

reignsdolphReigns takes out Ziggler with an epic spear – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

An impassioned Big Show gave another tragic crying performance during a backstage interview, but was interrupted by Hunter. He got right in his face to gloat and goad him – so funny! He even mocked his crying. I love this whole position Big Show is in, regardless of the lack of logic to it.

Jim Duggan and The Barbarian faced off in the Vault match. Fuck off am I sitting through that! I skipped it entirely.

AJ Lee v Cameron: Tamina accompanied AJ to the ring because apparently she is the new Big E. Incidentally, where the fuck is Big E? If you know, please leave a comment. I would love to know! It was rare to see Cameron actually having a match, and Naomi being outside. She got clotheslined to hell out there by the dominant Tamina, before AJ put away her partner with the shining wizard – Really cool!

Paul Heyman was out being the sickly bragster again, to my glee. He cut a really, really awesome promo, thanked his boys Axel and Ryback, and thanked “each and every one of you” for encouraging Punk to keep falling into his traps. He made what I think was the first official mention of Ryback v Punk at Battleground. It’s been painfully obvious since the last pay-per-view but I’m pretty sure it hadn’t been announced until this point.

Santino Marella v Heath Slater: A “comedy” match involving a terrible parody rock band, a mincing fake Italian, the worst professional wrestler in the history of the business (Khali) and a midget. I skipped the whole thing. I don’t have time to waste on that.

Cole and JBL gave a really cool recap of the whole Rhodes storyline, including a really awesome excerpt from the exclusive interview Cole did with Triple H in the week. They also showed the video response from Goldust and Cody Rhodes, in which they agreed to come to Raw on Monday and hear his proposal, along with their father Dusty. I can’t wait to see what happens!

faceofortonThe face of the WWE – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Randy Orton v The Miz: The Miz was on the attack aggressively in the early going of this main event rematch, but he hurt his shoulder on the turnbuckle. When the doctors were checking him, Randy started beating him down and the bell was inevitably rang. Hunter came out and said Orton wasn’t going to get out that easy, and in a “face” move restarted the match and made it No DQ. The look on The Viper’s face made it clear that he knew this was another veiled gift for him. He took it with both hands and mercilessly beat down the below 100% Miz, who provided little resistance but was brutally obliterated.


Notes: There was a lot of good development to further storylines in this episode, and some good Battleground build. The giant swing was another moment of insanity that leads me to believe that Cesaro must have slept with Stephanie. It’s the only explanation for his lack of being in the World Title picture. Triple H was flawless once again, carrying both weekly shows now with ease. My only concern is that there were eight matches, and none of them were really special. My suggestion would be to reduce the amount, but increase the time given. That’s just me. On the whole, a good showing from WWE. I hope you enjoyed the show too and I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you!

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RAW: Cheap Heat


Howdy! It’s your favourite wrestling fan here. You guessed it! I’m back with another Monday Night Raw review. This seems to be becoming a bit of a routine for me. I’m going to try and keep this one below one hundred words, so forgive me for focusing on just three particular angles this week. There is so much going on heading towards Wrestlemania and all of the storylines deserve focus, but I don’t want to bore you with a dissertation. I’ll keep it to three things that I found particularly memorable from this weeks episode.

I’ll start with CM Punk and The Undertaker. It hasn’t taken long for these two to completely eclipse everything else that’s going on. That’s a personal opinion. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been struggling to remember Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Rock and John Cena this week. All I was looking forward to was where they were going to go with this feud. One particular event which shocked the wrestling world this week has added even more creative spice to the whole affair, and that’s the unfortunate passing of Paul Bearer.

Anyone with a brain knew that Punk’s character was surely going to do something dastardly this week. He did, and I loved it. I’m very sorry about William Moody’s death, but from what I’ve heard in interviews, he was the type of old school guy who would have wanted ‘the show to go on’ so to speak. Either way, it would have made absolutely no sense for Punk to not mention it. That would have been counter-productive. I think the WWE did the best they could with the situation. They honoured Paul Bearer’s career commendably with numerous video packages, and the salute to the urn by The Undertaker and Kane. They did everything expected. They just didn’t make the most evil heel in the business a softie for one night.

Punk’s interruption of Undertaker’s mark of respect to Moody has took things to a new level. It’s not just about the streak anymore. It’s not just ego on the line. Punk has offended The Phenom very deeply. This has added emotion and complexity to what was already going to be the highlight of the year for me. I can’t criticize the way this has been booked one bit. It’s unfortunate that the business has lost one of the most memorable characters, and by all accounts genuinely nicest guys in history, but to ignore it and not make it worth something would be foolish. It may be close to the nerve for some people, but I thought it was inevitable and perfectly executed. Hitting Kane over the back of the head with Paul Bearer’s urn after he had been defeated, then fleeing the ring just before Taker could get his hands on him: Classic Punk!

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, some of the biggest angles on the card have been put on the back burner a bit in my mind. One of those is the Twice in a Lifetime extravaganza of ‘WWE Champion’ The Rock and ‘Superman’ John Cena. I didn’t quite notice until several hours after watching RAW that neither of them were on it. I don’t know what that says about this Wrestlemania main event, but it doesn’t seem right.


My deflation of interest in their storyline has a lot to do with the championship. The Rock hasn’t and won’t be competing until Wrestlemania, yet he is the champion. If you’re lucky, he will come out and cut a promo for you every two or three weeks. It doesn’t cut it, for me. I actually forgot about the belt design change because I sometimes forget about the title itself. Your champion should be on the show every week, competing more often than not. But that’s a pipe dream. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but when you rarely see your champ on the screen, let alone in action, it can’t be good for building up the title.

All I can do is speak for myself. This match probably comes around third or fourth on my priority list for Wrestlemania. It can excite me at times, because of the grandeur and the hype of it. Nonetheless, when you strip it to it’s bare bones, it’s predictable, anticlimactic and disappoints on a weekly basis. I can’t knock the solid promo work, but for a match of such magnitude you need more. Fair play to John Cena, he deserves a night off with his schedule. And I don’t really blame The Rock. I just don’t know why they choose to put the championship on a performer who I don’t think is even at part time status now.

Another thing I noticed on this weeks show, and something that becomes more increasingly obvious with each episode, is the abundance of star power available on the roster. I know they like to beef things up in Wrestlemania season, but it is beyond impressive. One segment which really hit this home for me was the Highlight reel, and the match between Chris Jericho and The Miz which proceeded it. It seems to me that these two guys are going to become involved in a triple threat match with Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship. Maybe not, but that’s how I see things panning out.


Regardless, the match isn’t the point. To have three huge stars like this fighting it out in the mid card really suggests a large talent pool. Then I noticed Sin Cara was brought out to be squash-meat for Jack Swagger. You can go lower and deeper. If the card has less than ten matches on it this year, they are wasting talent. A huge multi man match of some kind should be on the agenda. The number of form world or mid card champions that aren’t currently involved in one of the already predetermined blockbuster main events is staggering. I just hope they find a way to logically wrap it all together.

I have to say this week’s show didn’t blow my mind, but it was solid nonetheless. I think they could do with maximizing what they have more efficiently, and losing fodder with Team Rhodes Scholars. Make sure all six of the guys from the three core main events are on the show every week until Wrestlemania. Make sure the World Heavyweight Championship is highlighted and built up each week. Put some of the mid card performers I mentioned earlier in more creative matches and segments. There really isn’t that long until the show itself now. I still don’t quite know how I’m gonna watch it, because I’ll be on tour and in Liverpool on the 7th. I will find a way. I just hope WWE finds a way to use all of it’s talent effectively and produce the best show possible!

What did you think about this weeks RAW? If you have any opinions or questions about WWE or wrestling in general, please do leave a comment!

RAW goes old school!


Old School Monday Night RAW

This past Monday saw RAW once again go old school. After the huge success of the first attempt, I was very pleased to see them bring the theme back again for a one off episode. The old school imagery, costumes and set looked so cool. It was a real blast from the past, and just made the whole show seem more interesting. It was much better on the eye seeing something new, drawing influence from the subtle differences of the past eras.. It’s funny how going back in time for inspiration can sometimes make things seem surprisingly fresher. As far as the theme itself goes, I have to say Jerry Lawler and Micheal Cole really stole the show – legendary outfits!

As for the actual content of the episode, it started poorly with more disappointment around The Undertaker. I can understand that they don’t want to go for the whole [lights out – Taker appears in the ring – Stare down] approach which has been so done to death in the last decade, excuse the pun. Nonetheless, I don’t know what they are doing with the guy this time around. With the first public, vocal acknowledgement of his return being footage recorded on a mobile phone for that pathetic attempt at social media Tout, I think it surely had to get better from there.

But this week they opened the show with more anti-climactic scenes, which I just can’t fathom. It’s like they don’t want to make a buzz about the return of the man who basically¬†is Wrestlemania. The lights went out, the music hit, he walked to the top of the ramp, stood there for a little while, and they cut to some kind of commercial or something. That’s poor. Basically nothing in the way of developing the storyline, characters or heat. At least they followed that with a typical CM Punk promo – pure excellence. After he proclaimed that he would be coming for the streak, I’d rather they just left it there and began the reignition of their great feud from several years ago.

Instead we had three goons in Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus come to the ring and all separately outline while they all deserve to be facing Taker. And so it was proposed that a main event fatal-4-way match (why are these things never elimination matches?!) between them all would decide who will face the streak. I like the idea of putting the streak on such a pedestal that you basically have a number one contender match, like you would for a major championship. However, I just think it reeks of desperation. It gives the impression of something pasted together last minute with no real solid direction.

CM Punk will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 on April 7th

CM Punk will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 on April 7th

Now that Punk has been confirmed as the man to take on The Undertaker, I just hope they use the coming weeks leading up to Wrestlemania effectively. They don’t have too long, and they need to create a whole lotta heat to breathe some life into the match. At the moment, it has very little substance. Punk wants to take the streak, that’s it. They need to make it personal, and get Punk over as the most despicable heel in history. I genuinely think that if this is handled properly, something really special could take place this year with these two great performers.

As far as speculating on their match goes, I’m 90% sure that Undertaker won’t be doing the job for Punk, but you just never know for sure. I wonder whether they will use the death of Paul Bearer to get some cheap heat on Punk. He and the company have shown in the past that they are willing to go as close to the edge as possible for the sake of business, so I wouldn’t be shocked to hear some pretty disgraceful stuff coming from Punk soon. It has all the components to be a great match, but they better get a move on building something good, after this borefest of a return so far.

In other news, Triple H cut a decent promo on the whole Brock Lesnar affair, with what now seems to be the tag line for their feud “Are you gonna do something about it, or just sit there and bleed?” (or something to that effect) – There were the familiar sentiments for this kind of thing. It’s an interesting enough storyline, and the two of them are sure to have a great match on such a big stage. I do feel like it might be missing something though. I expect to see something big on TV concerning this one in the coming weeks.

The Rock and John Cena cut a superb ‘point counter point’ promo in the ring, which was pretty great. I felt that both guys came out of this exchange better. They did a great job putting each other over and making the match seem like a big deal and something fresh. This isn’t an easy sell, given the fact that we already saw their “Once in a Lifetime” match at the same show last year. Nevertheless, they are pulling it off.


The first time in a lifetime – The Rock vs John Cena

My only criticism of the whole thing is that yet again it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn Cena heel. I know the world has been calling out for it for so long, and the company just isn’t interested, but this time it’s just criminal. It’s almost like they are teasing the angle, when they have The Rock get right in his face and remind him that he lost, and is going to lose again. All the time the fans are chanting loudly “Cena sucks!” and we aren’t talking a few. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think John Cena was the biggest heel in the business. The expression on John Cena’s face this week was one of a character who was about to snap and turn over to the dark side. We can only hope.

I was happy to see some of the legends who showed up on RAW. some of the old regulars are getting beyond stale now though. I can’t tell you how hard it is to not fall asleep when Sgt. Slaughter appears on my screen. Don’t even get me started on Hacksaw Jim Duggan – the guy was nothing at his prime, and now he is just plain annoying! I loved seeing Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. True legends take a lot to get played out. I really don’t think anyone remembers or cares about Duggan on the other hand. I don’t know what demo they are trying to appeal to with him, but it doesn’t seem to be working in my opinion.

The matches were decent. Ryback had an okay match with Antonio Cesaro, and the same could be said for The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. The main event match (which would have been so much better had it been elimination rules) was largely forgettable, with a decent finish featuring back to back signature moves. Punk stole in to hit the GTS on Randy Orton and secure the win. After last weeks clinic between Cena and Punk, it was inevitable that this week would be slightly disappointing in comparison, at least in the ring. That match was never going to be topped a week later, and probably be topped on TV for a while.cm-punk-and-john-cena-once-again-deliver-L-PDYJSb

CM Punk and John Cena have produced some great matches

On the whole, the show was decent. I would give it a thumbs up. For me, as a biased fan, I’d liked to have seen Mick Foley on the show. I was also sad to see Chris Jericho not utilized on the show. This makes me wonder what the hell they are going to do with him at Wrestlemania. At times like this, it makes me even madder that they got rid of Money in The Bank and made it into a sub par PPV of it’s own. That would be the perfect match for so many great performers who are out of sorts right now, in terms of direction.

I felt that RAW was just lacking a little something, a little star power maybe. Don’t get me wrong. The card was stacked, the matches were solid, and the promos were effective. I just felt that adding those two guys could have helped heap momentum onto the product. Considering the hype for the Old School RAW, it wasn’t quite as good as I expected. It wasn’t as good as the first edition, but it was still a good show overall. I almost forgot about The New Age Outlaws making a somewhat surprise appearance. That makes my thumbs up slightly more enthusiastic. A decent show.

New Age Outlaws num1

Road Dogg (Left) and Billy Gunn (Right) – The New Age Outlaws

What did you think of this weeks RAW? Please leave a comment!