ExtrasMy name is Craig and I’m the Editor here at The Real Mid Card. I graduated with a degree in Journalism back in 2011. Since then, I have made documentaries for radio, promoted live music, attempted my own YouTube show and done a tonne of writing, for a tonne of different projects. You can see a lot of that stuff in the ‘Other’ categories. The majority of what we do here is related to professional wrestling. All of that can be seen in the ‘Wrestling’ categories. After six months of consecutively posting at least one article per day, I will now be publishing sporadically on here. Aside from that, I’m working on a pilot episode for a sitcom called ‘Beats’ with Vivid Culture. You can check out their videos here. I’m looking to write for other websites, and you can email me at craig.humpage@live.co.uk – Any super spare time will be spent watching wrestling, learning Spanish and doing yoga.

Follow me on Twitter @craighumpage

5 thoughts on “Editor

  1. Nice WWE site Craig, Was wondering if you would be interested in having your wrestling/mma articles from your blog on our site at kcsportsninja.com? We are getting over 100,000 hits per month and growing so it would be a good way to gain more exposure to your site. If you are interested, give me an email back.

      • Aw I’m glad people are actually reading it and taking it on board. Someone else I knew went out and bought the Bodyshop mask I mentioned in my first review the other day too :) And someone also ordered some Lilylolo samples a while back. I used to work for a supermarket and was shocked at the amount of food that got thrown away there too, especially fresh cooked chickens. Such a waste of life and money. Makes me glad I went veggie this year!

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