What Culture: 10 Wrestlers Who Did Porn


Mickie James during her time in the WWE – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The clue is in the title. This is a piece I wrote for What Culture, which just went online today. You can click the link below to read all the juicy details about these promiscuous performers. Don’t worry, there are more male than female on the list. Every time you click or share, you will be helping a young journalist try to make a living. I thank you for that. Now, share this link with your friends who like sexy wrestlers!


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Neutral Dave on Classic Wrestling: Eve Torres v Brie Bella


Eve displays her athleticism with a fine moonsault – Source: WWE

After Neutral Dave’s first piece received such warm praise, I decided to send him over another video. I got many match suggestions from people and went for Eve Torres v Brie Bella. The match was about four minutes long, and was taken from an episode of Monday Night Raw. I know it’s not a classic match, but I was just fascinated to see how he interpreted it, as a neutral. If you like these features, hit ‘Follow’ and get more. Also, leave comments and keep the match suggestions coming in! Craig [editor]

Neutral Dave on Classic Wrestling
Eve v Brie Bella

This match had less context around it so I only judged on the proceedings themselves; just to see if my reading was different from people who have seen the whole story.

As this is a more recent match it seems that the directing has tightened up. With the more classic era wrestling you can sometimes see the joins where the punches are pulled in order to not completely immobilise each other. Here it is seamless and it does look like both Eve and Brie Bella have taken the full force of the violence that has been dished out.

It is also really nice to see how agile the combatants are. There is almost a ballet-like quality to the way they move (especially Eve) which shows how far away wrestling is from the popular conception of two brick shithouses lumbering at each other.

While there was not much context to use, I gravitated towards Eve. This was partly because of her aforementioned wrestling style which was a joy to watch. I also felt really sorry as she had only lost because of a pretty shoddy trick by the Bella twins. She was winning and they didn’t even get called out on their shenanigans by the ref. This might be because in the context of the writing as Eve was the reigning champion she needed a fall.

The twins themselves came off as villains of the piece. They seemed pretty ungracious in victory, giving the ‘loser’ sign to Eve when she was down and their propensity to cheat by pretending to be each other as the commentators noted. In terms of acting they did play these qualities well judging from my reaction.

While it was short, it was a shocking match due to the surprise ending. I would have preferred it to have gone on longer and watch more of this style of wrestling. However it has peaked my interest in more and I am going to be watching more Eve Torres matches.

David Smith

Ring (Women) of Honor

ROH Blog - Sara Del ReySara Del Rey – Source: http://www.shimmerwomenathletes.tumblr.com

Thanks for having a peep at another great Ring of Honor based article here on The Real Mid Card. Steven will be back with the weekly reviews soon, but in the meantime, these topical features should hopefully do the trick. Enjoy reading.

Women of Honor

In this piece I will be looking at the role of women in Ring of Honor. Since it’s inception ROH has maintained strong links with the all women promotion SHIMMER, often ‘borrowing’ the top stars for use in angles as well as showcasing their skills in the ring. Over the years, such greats as Amazing Kong, Lacey and Sara Del Rey have been heavily involved in the company, in both the traditional wrestling role of valets as well as fan service.


SHIMMER crew shot – Source: http://www.wrestlegasm.com

Lacey is forever associated with Jimmy Jacobs, as well as the Age of the Fall. For years she was his manager and Jimmy loved her. However she didn’t love him back and used his affections to her advantage. More than anyone else, Lacey is responsible for the psychotic tendencies Jimmy has shown throughout his career.

Sara Del Rey is a true legend of wrestling. Throughout her career she has never fell into the stereotype laid out by bigger promotions. That stereotype being that women should look and wrestle a certain way (in other words, not like male wrestlers), or else they don’t belong in the ring. The simplest (and crassest) way to describe Sara in the ring is this: if Bryan Danielson had a vagina, he’d be Sara Del Rey. Kicks, suplexes and submission holds; she has it all.

Sara has also served in the more traditional role as the “Queen of Wrestling” to Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli’s King’s. During the lengthy and bloody feud with the Briscoe Brothers, Sara was right in the thick of it. Most memorably by kicking Mark Briscoe square in the nads and incurring the wrath of Papa Briscoe. In 2012 Sara left her ring career behind her to take up a job with WWE, working as the head trainer of female wrestlers at WWE’s developmental territory NXT. Under her watchful eye the next generation of “Divas” will learn the skills of the trade and I for one can’t wait until a few years pass and we can see the fruits of her labour.

ROH Blog - Queen of Wrestling

Queen of Wrestling – Source: wwe-nxt-roster.wikia.com

Currently the most prominent woman in Ring of Honor is Maria Kanellis. The former WWE Diva is the valet/manager of Mike Bennett, as well as his real life girlfriend. In this role, the “First Lady of ROH” truly excels and pushes the limits of the valet role.

ROH Blog - Maria

Maria – Source: http://www.womenofwrestling.org

While in most promotions, even in the heyday of the Attitude Era, you’d maybe see a peck on the cheek, Maria and Mike full on make out in the ring before (and even during) matches. The role is brilliant in this case as she’s an absolute heat magnet and she is very easy on the eye too.


Maria and Mike – Source: http://www.g9zwwe.blogspot.com

While Ring of Honor isn’t afraid or ashamed to use women purely as eye candy (the Hoopla Hotties can attest to that) they’re also not ashamed to showcase ‘proper’ wrestling. After all, it’s the ethos that the company was built on. There’s none of the hair pulling and weak “throws” that you’d typically see on WWE television. Women in ROH wrestle however they like and it’s led to some intense matches over the years.


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Thoughts on the Latest Episode of Ring of Honor

The following is a review of the latest episode of Ring of Honor. It was written by Ring of Honor Correspondent Steven Forrester. Enjoy it!

Ring of Honor – 25 / 05 / 2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This week’s Ring of Honor kicked off with a cool little match between the returning Colin Delaney and Mark Briscoe. Due to the victory in the tag match at Border Wars, Steve Corino has joined the Ring of Honor commentary team alongside Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly.

Colin Delaney v Mark Briscoe

Being built around the ‘Redneck Kung Fu’ of Mark Briscoe, this was a pretty physical opening match. However, a suplex from Briscoe to Delaney on the ring apron was really the only thing that stood out about the match. Mark Briscoe picked up the win after an elbow drop from the top rope.

Image 1 Mark vs Colin

Mark Briscoe v Colin Delaney – Source: Ring of Honor

After the commercial break we find ROH commissioner Nigel McGuinness in the ring with the Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe and his victorious brother Mark. Nigel announced that the main event for Best in the World will indeed be Brother vs. Brother for the World Championship. This was then interrupted by the American Wolves, with Roderick Strong having a title shot they felt it was a little premature to announce the main event. This was then interrupted by the guy you love to hate, Steve Corino. The SCUMM leader reminded McGuinness that a SCUMM member has a title shot at a forthcoming pay per view and revealed that the “Jesus Christ of Professional Wrestling” Matt Hardy will have that shot. Jay tried to hit Corino, Steve ducked out of the way and a brawl broke out between the Brothers and the American Wolves. Mike Elgin watched from ring side.

Honestly this segment felt a little confusing. It seemed like there were five different Number One Contenders for the World Title, and even after re-watching I still can’t really be sure what the main event of Best in the World actually is.

After a quick commercial break we come to Ring of Honor Correspondent Veda Scott with a microphone. She wants to fight MsChif and wants Nigel McGuinness to let her prove that she can be more than an announcer. This was a cool little promo in my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that match.

As a hardened fan of Monday Night Raw and WWE in general, I guess I’m a little pre-conditioned to know what to expect when I see two women and a referee standing in the ring. Luckily this isn’t WWE and these aren’t Divas. The Women of Honor are practically the polar opposite of the WWE Divas and the image that they present. These are professional wrestlers, not super models with a bit of stunt training.

Cherry Bomb v MsChif

Honestly, this was a really cool match! The veteran MsChif controlled the majority of the match. Cherry Bomb hung in there and hit some really cool offense, including a shout out to the American Dragon when she rolled MsChif into the Cattle Mutilation. It seems Veda Scott is taking matters into her own hands. She distracted MsChif long enough for Cherry Bomb to hit a missile dropkick and then a Death Valley Driver for the win. This was MsChif’s first loss on Ring of Honor television. A significant moment for sure.

Image 2 Cherry vs MsChif

Not Divas, Women’s wrestling! – Source: Ring of Honor

That match was followed by Inside ROH. Kevin Kelly reminded us of the Brother vs. Brother match at Best in the World, and also talked about an event in San Antonio, Texas. On June 1st, Davey Richards will face Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Championship. Kevin Steen came along and said he would love to know when he’s getting his rematch (that must be at least the 3rd wrestler I’ve seen this broadcast who has a shot at the World Championship). Unfortunately Nigel has his doubts as to whether Steen really has cut all ties with SCUMM. Steen proposed a challenge. If he can beat all members of SCUMM one on one, he gets his rematch. Nigel agreed.

Taiji Ishimori v Roderick Strong

This was a really good match and a great way to end the show. The American TV debut of Taiji Ishimori was a perfect advertisement for both Ring of Honor and NOAH. The match started with some very slick and fast paced chain wrestling between the two before Strong claimed control for most of the match, continuing to zero in on the back and midsection of the Japanese wrestler after a brutal looking back body drop on the ring apron.

Image 3 Strong vs TaijiTaiji Ishimori and Roderick Strong – Source: Ring of Honor

After the amazing match with Eddie Edwards at Border Wars, I was really looking forward to seeing more of Taiji Ishimori and was happy to see that he was involved in this show. A particular highlight from him in this match was an insanely cool handspring-to-enziguri. The crowd was very hot for Taiji, not surprisingly with him displaying such athleticism. Ishimori won via pinfall following the 450 Splash.

All in all I really can’t complain about this show. I saw some great wrestling. The only negative was the slightly confusing segment with the Briscoe Brothers, American Wolves, Steve Corino, Mike Elgin and Nigel McGuinness. I couldn’t really keep track of what was going on here and it seemed like a lot of time was spent to say something that could have been done in a few minutes.

Wrestlemania 22: Big Time

wm2006So I’ve been up to my old tricks again and picking up random WWE pay-per-views to watch for nostalgia. Pretty much any Wrestlemania is a safe bet to be a good show, so I got Wrestlemania 22. It was the year of 2006 and featured some of the most memorable matches of recent wrestling history. I’ve decided to write a little review of the show. I hope you like it and I recommend you pick yourself up a copy and check out this little gem. Here is my idea: Every match on the card in five lines. Sound good? Then please read on…

Big Show & Kane v Chris Masters & Carlito (for the World Tag Team Championship)

It’s gonna be tough to fill five lines with thoughts on this match. It was mostly forgettable and doesn’t paint a good picture of the circa 2006 tag-team division. Two mix and match teams with no real identity had a match of little significance. It was fairly nostalgic seeing bald Kane again, and the only wrestler who’s t-shirt I’ve ever bought: Carlito, but that’s about it. Big Show and Kane retained in an average opener.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Ft. Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Finlay, Matt Hardy & Bobby Lashley)

Rob Van Dam became only the second ever Money In The Bank winner in this thoroughly entertaining match. Five great athletes in their own right and Bobby Lashley were a part of something really special. Some memorable spots, some phenomenal risk taking and a roller-coaster ride from start to finish. It’s matches like this that make you wish they didn’t remove the stipulation from Wrestlemania.

JBL v Chris Benoit (for the United States Championship)

It’s always weird watching old Benoit matches now for obvious reasons, but every time I do it just reminds me of how sad it is that Vince and WWE try and deny his existence, because his work in the ring was some of the best in the business. I love JBL in and out of the ring and he pulled off the classic heel move here, using the ropes to pick up the win on the IWC’s favourite martyr Chris Benoit.

burningtableEdge v Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)

This is one of those classic matches I was talking about. There were no need for titles here. Just good, dramatic booking and you find yourselves with a rivalry literally on fire, one that can only be settled with an extreme brawl. This is a match I’ve seen countless times, and one of my favourite hardcore matches of all time. Edge picked up the win with the move of the night, spearing Foley through a burning table.

The Boogeyman v Booker T & Sharmell

Preluded by a very hokey backstage segment involving the King and Queen, and a role call of ‘freaks’ which unfittingly included Ted DiBiase Sr, this match was only memorable because of The Boogeyman’s awesome gimmick, and habit of beating his opponents by psyching them out with a live worm feast. Booker gave a solid performance as usual, in a good but not great match-up. Bring back The Boogeyman!

Mickie-James-vs-Trish-StratusMickie James v Trish Stratus (for the Women’s Championship)

Mickie picked up the win against multiple and long term Champion Trish in this bout which makes a mockery of the current ‘Divas’ Division. Trish was one of the best of all time and that’s why she is in the Hall of Fame. Mickie was just emerging at this point and brought something completely new to the WWE at that time. AJ Lee has stolen her gimmick, but can’t come close. Mickie James is wasted in TNA.

The Undertaker v Mark Henry (Casket Match)

Taker continued his streak, not a great surprise. He defeated Mark Henry in a very solid casket match. Knowing that Mark can’t do a whole lot at his size, Taker knew he would have to do a lot of the work. Even at his age, the man can still move like a great athlete. At this point he was still capable of walking the ropes, and leaping clean over them like a missile towards Mark Henry. Not his best Mania match, but a good one.

shawnShawn Michaels v Vince McMahon (No Holds Barred Match)

Just another reminder of how great both of these men were in their respective roles. Even when he was getting up there, HBK could still drag a 60 year old with no real wrestling background through a Wrestlemania worthy match. Vince showed how far he is willing to go for the company he built yet again. Shawn came off of a giant ladder to drop the elbow on the boss through a table. One superkick later, he was the winner.

Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton v Kurt Angle (for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Rey Mysterio picked up the win in honour of his dead friend and wrestling icon Eddie Guerrero. Some (especially Randy Orton) described him as a charity case. Whatever your opinion on that is, he was part of a very good Wrestlemania match. He did also work hard for an entire career, earning the respect of many people as an innovator and a high flyer. It’s never good to see Kurt Angle lose though.

Torrie Wilson v Candice Michelle (Playboy Pillow Fight)

This is definitely the hardest match to fill five lines. If I wanted to see gratuitous nudity, I would go to Brazzers. The highlight of this contest (Michelle did the job in the end) was Torrie pulling off a textbook vertical suplex. In all seriousness, I didn’t pay much attention to this. It was basically as close to being in a strip joint as wrestling can be, featuring an actual former porn star. The PG era has killed this art-form.

stfuqJohn Cena v Triple H (for the WWE Championship)

This pivotal match occurred near the start of the now historic Super-Cena era. An absolutely epic Triple H entrance, CM Punk on the side of Cena’s gangster car, and an awesome, educated crowd. The man who apparently buries all did the job by tapping out to Cena’s STF – something (at the time) I never thought I’d see. The crowd were all over Cena from start to finish, in a fairly average Wrestlemania main event.


What’s my overall impression of Wrestlemania 22? On the whole, it was so-so. However, as I mentioned before, it did feature some of the most memorable matches of the last ten years. In particular, Foley v Edge, Money In The Bank and McMahon v Michaels were extra special. I’ve managed to even keep my summary inside five lines. If you’ve enjoyed reading, please go ahead and follow my page, and tell your friends!

Rare Undertaker match makes UK Smackdown something special

takershieldFor this post, I’m gonna go for more of a recap of what I consider to be the major occurrences from last night’s airing of WWE Smackdown. I’ll ignore the pointless bullshit that makes up half of an episode and focus on anything memorable. With the show being at the 02 Arena in London, I knew going in that one thing I could expect was a good vocal crowd – something that the show in blue almost always lacks. Let’s see what got those Brits going!

Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger

A rematch from Wrestlemania featuring two guys who seem to have been opposite each other in the ring every week for the last two months may not scream excitement, but this was a very good opening match. The fact that it was No Disqualification had a lot to do with it. It was a pretty brutal affair with good use of kendo sticks, steel chairs and ladders. There were also some great sequences and reversals from two excellent technicians.

The Shield cut a rather good promo, in-keeping with their consistency both on microphones and in the ring.

Fandango v Justin Gabriel

The ballroom dancing supremo got another great pop from the British fans who have made him moderately famous. Everyone is singing his theme throughout and now it’s more. There are tonnes of signs all over the place, actual Fandango chants and a huge cheer when he wins the match. The supposed heel put away Gabriel within a couple of minutes with the top rope leg drop. It’s a shame for the South African that he has been so drastically buried compared to his old Nexus team-mates Wade Barrett and Ryback, but it’s hardly surprising given what he lacks and they both possess in an abundance. Fandango is over with us, but will the Americans react the same way next week? I doubt it.

fandango12William Regal v Wade Barrett

William Regal put over Wade Barrett in a very quick squash. Regal got a decent reaction for his entrance, but I think it could have been better. It was a good idea to do this match and this finish, but please make it a little longer next time. The two of them could have a good old fashioned wrestling match for English supremacy, but I guess Regal can’t go for too long these days.

Undertaker v Dean Ambrose

The Undertaker defeated Shield member Dean Ambrose in a singles match to end the show. The Shield then proceeded to dominate The Deadman with a three on one assault. Roman Reigns speared him through the barricade, before they delivered a triple power bomb through the announce table. This ending did everyone a favour. Taker got the win and continues to be invincible, and The Shield as a team are yet again pushed as a complete juggernaut that can’t be stopped. It was crazy special to see The Phenom in actual competition on Smackdown of all shows. To make things even more epic, it was in London! This alone would have made the show watchable.

My Thoughts

Sadly the content I’ve discussed makes up only about an hour of the broadcast. A great hour. Nonetheless, in a standard two hour episode of anything, you would expect a lot more. The other hour is filled with wasted time. It makes me wonder why they insist on running three hour editions of Raw, when they can’t be bothered to put on a respectable card for Smackdown.

Their exploits in wasting time include: The Vault (in which they show a match from the past, which is either skipped over or more often than not upstages the actual main event of the show); Divas matches (which are notoriously used as tea breaks or a moment to go get a beer); Raw rebounds (making sure the viewer knows that what happened on the other show is far more important than what they are being expected to stay tuned in to); updates on Dwayne; infuriating Twitter bullshit or Randy Orton and Sheamus (anything involving either of them is like a sleeping pill)

ortonsheamusAll of those things have something in common. They make me want to stop watching Smackdown. Because I’m a hardened fan, I will eat whatever they put in front of me and it will take a whole lot to make me turn away from the product. Many people aren’t in such mental chains. The casual viewer will just get sick of it and tune out. That’s worrying for the WWE. They really do need to get some perspective on how they use their talent roster and how they continue to approach their two weekly programmes. They need to replace all of the pointless time wasting with positive material that actually has the interests of the company’s future at heart.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think of Smackdown in general. Any ideas or solutions? Any disagreements? I’d love to hear them. Thanks!