Dixie starts us off by heading to the ring to seriously loud boos. She tells us she has a ‘one night only’ contract for AJ Styles, and begrudgingly asks him to come sign it. Dixie goes on to say the match tonight will be no DQ. They argue back and forth about their history, with AJ saying ‘you don’t get it, you don’t understand Wrestling’, ouch. Magnus heads out to stand up for Dixie but looks like a chump next to AJ, he needs to up his intensity.


Zema Ion introduces Jesse and Robbie with a million air-horns, I love it. EY starts the match at lightning speed, hitting both opponents with a chain of moves. As he heads to the top rope, the big screen shows ODB getting jumped by Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Eric heads to the back, leaving Park on his own. The Bro-Mans make quick work of Joseph, which basically means if you can avoid cutting Park, he’s no threat.

ImageThe Bro-Mans take out Joseph Park (Source – Impact Wrestling)

The two lads then grab a piece of guardrail, and hit a Hart Attack onto it. We were shown Dixie speaking to them before the match, so I’m presuming she’s asking her allies to take out anyone who would stand up for AJ.

 James Storm comes out to shout words for a few minutes. Gunner interrupts him and says he has no remorse over grabbing the case, and kind of betraying his partner. Storm challenges him to a match for the title shot, and Gunner accepts. No idea which man is heel and which is face, and neither do the crowd.


We are getting this match because Joe decided to shout at Dixie, great idea. What I don’t understand, is why EC3 has been avoiding fights since his debut, but has no problem fighting Joe here tonight. Spud runs out quickly and helps EC3 beat Joe down.

When we come back from commercial, Joe is being seen by the doctor about an apparent knee injury. We then cut to Sting discovering Storm and Gunner both out cold backstage.


This was a great match, which is a big deal considering it’s a handicap match. At one point, Kurt hit about 10 suplex’s in a row, swapping between each man. He then hit a release German from the top rope, flinging Kazarian onto Daniels, so good. Surprisingly, Kurt picked up the win after hitting an Angle Slam on Kaz. Why are they jobbing BI out so much? They’ve lost two handicap matches in the last few weeks!


 Angle destroys Bad Influence in one move (Source – Impact Wrestling)

Backstage Dixie tells Bobby Roode that he’s got a match next against Sting, which he isn’t happy about.

Kurt is already outside taking photos with a family, before Al Snow arrives and tells Kurt he needs to take him to the airport for no discernable reason. Kurt asks no questions and jumps in the car, in his ring gear. So weird.


Interesting match, I’m happy to see Roode wrestle someone other than Angle for once. Saying that, he looked like a complete jobber in parts of this match, completely overwhelmed by a 54 year old man in clown makeup. Later on, EC3 and Spud ran to the ring and threw Roode a Baton, which he then used quickly and escaped for the win.

We see a recap of Bully Ray holding up his bic lighter to a terrified and fluid soaked Mr. Anderson, who must’ve been so scared that he forgot he could blow it out.

This leads us to a video of Anderson meeting Bully in a nearby church. Bully tells Ken to look inside the coffin behind him. He unveils what looks to be a set of towels or linen, presumably from Anderson’s home. As he turns around, Bully has disappeared, BATMAN style.

Sting confronts Dixie backstage, saying he got hit with a pipe (it wasn’t) but no one at TNA thought to reshoot this or correct him. Dixie unsuccessfully tries to buy him off.


I thought about putting a (C) after each man’s name, but reconsidered! Literally within a couple of minutes, Spud and EC3 have gotten involved. Sting runs out to make the save as we go to commercial. As we come back, we see the Bro-Mans and Zema sprinting to the ring. They immediately start attacking AJ, hitting him with a great Tornado DDT and a Hart Attack. Earl Hebner counts the pins as slowly as possible, which made me scream ‘HIT EARL, IT’S NO DQ! GET HIM!!!’


AJ Styles can’t beat these numbers (Source – Impact Wrestling)

Bad Influence get involved, but Earl refuses completely now, and heads to the back. He runs into Dixie, who is dragging his son Brian. Brian looks really scared, and obviously can’t overpower a middle aged woman. We see more action, the faces trying to come back, but ultimately being outnumbered.

We see a spot so beautiful; it deserves its own line. Kazarian flings AJ with a monkey flip, AJ lands on his feet and seamlessly clotheslines Daniels. Looked absolutely incredible.

Roode then heads to the ring and nails AJ with three Death Valley Drivers, keeping AJ down long enough for Magnus to pick up the win and become our Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.



Magnus stands tall (Source – Impact Wrestling)

I thought this match was absolutely insane, so much going on at once. I would’ve liked to have seen Magnus actually end the match, but he does look like more of a heel this way. Also I’m not sure if this is AJ’s last match for TNA, you can’t trust dirtsheets/the internet, but it if it was, they should’ve let him actually say goodbye at the end.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.



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