Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #13

kpro7So after missing two weeks of training, I was finally able to rejoin the guys and girl at the Kamikaze Pro Dojo this past Wednesday. It was my first time at the new venue, Budokan Martial Arts Centre. I was unable to make the first two sessions after the day and venue change because my change of availability at work takes some time to come into effect. I was very happy to be back on the horse again.

I was impressed with the new space. It doesn’t have a running track outside which is a downer, but the improvements in other areas make it worthwhile. In the big room where we spent the majority of our time, the entire room is padded. That made it easy for all of us to work on various techniques without having to worry about needing a mat at hand. We still had a crash mat to work on some bumps, but we didn’t depend on it.

We started out in the smaller room next door waiting for a karate class to finish. In there we went through various rolling sequences, which proved a good opportunity for me to shake off some cobwebs and get back into the swing of things. There were a few new people, which is always cool to see. They seemed to really enjoy themselves too so I’m expecting to see them again next time. Considering the change of location, the numbers were high. I don’t think I’ve seen so many people at training before. Since my time away, a couple of the younger lads have really come on leaps and bounds. It’s crazy what a difference two days can make.

After going through the rolls, we moved into the big room and ran through some bumps on the crash mat (flip bumps and running sentons) before breaking off into two groups. This was another big step up for me. Myself and a couple of other inexperienced guys were put together with four of the best in the school to work on some amazing moves. We put together a chain (similarly to how we did with Pete at my last training session two weeks before) and learned some adventurous stuff. I know for those guys this was probably child’s play but for me it was a big challenge.

I stuttered several times while trying to run through the chain wrestling but got more into it when we moved onto the really fun stuff. We all got to practice a crucifix pin and a code red, which was amazingly fun. I am so glad to be doing this kind of stuff. It was probably the best time I’d had in weeks. That may sound sad, but doing a code red makes you feel like a legend, even if the other guy is doing practically all of the work.

It was good to see Ryan and James again, good to see all the other old faces and a few new ones. I think my progress is coming along steadily, and the sessions seem to be getting more fun and productive as the weeks go on. Unfortunately I won’t be there this coming Wednesday as I have a film project I need to attend to but I will be looking forward to getting straight back down to business the week after.

You know the drill. If you want to do some pro wrestling training and you live in or around Birmingham, you really have no excuse not to search Kamikaze Pro on Facebook. The new location is extremely central now and the trainers are top notch. Be sure to check back in two weeks for another update on my journey from mark to money.

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]

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