Lets introduce you to the writing team. In 2013, we published an article every single day for the whole six months between July and December. Going into the new year, we are going to be much more free. All of the guys on the team will contribute on whatever they like, whenever. It will mostly be professional wrestling and mixed martial arts on the agenda, but expect to see some different material coming through.

Editor – Craig: I’m the ecraigditor of the site. You can find out a bit more about me here. I’ll be posting a lot of articles that I write for What Culture. You can see those here. Every time you have a flick through my work there, you will be helping to support a struggling journalist who is trying to make a living. I will also be posting special pieces on pro wrestling and some other stuff. Thanks a lot for supporting the site!


The man they call “Fozzy” was our trusted Ring of Honor Correspondent for some time, and then started producing feature length articles about links between WWE and ROH. He has his own fine blog that you can visit here. From now on, the enigma himself will be posting about whatever he so chooses. Be sure to come and see!


Joseph: Say hello to our reliable, comprehensive source of information when it comes to the world of TNA. He provided weekly reviews of Impact Wrestling throughout the six month barrage. Now that is over, he will be contributing about all things wrestling, and whatever else he is passionate about. As an expert in a variety of different promotions, he should have a lot of great stuff to offer this year.arunpaulsmith

Our resident UFC guy will continue to provide his opinions on the world of the octagon, when the mood strikes. If there has been a newsworthy edition of Fight Night, some new drama on The Ultimate Fighter or an earth-shattering knockout, you’ll read it here!

What is your opinion?

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