FAWF (Pt. 5): Kitchen Madness

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on the triumphant return of the Figure Action Wrestling Federation. It’s been a while, but today I can treat you to some photographs which illustrate the physicality of the latest pay-per-view: Kitchen Madness. With a new theme, seemingly straight from the mind of Vince Russo, things were always going to be interesting. There is also a new member of the roster: Big Show. He was in a very strange match indeed. Let’s take a look!

Big Show v Sin Cara (Kitchen Madness)Big Show v Sin Cara
The Giant attempts to throw Sin Cara outside the pan, and into the water.

John Cena Handicap Toaster

John Cena v Triple H & CM Punk
Cena dunks these two legends into the toaster with ease.

Kofi Kingston v Randy Orton (Kitchen Madness)

Randy Orton v Kofi Kingston
They’ve had many a match together, but never a Refrigerator Match.

So that’s all from the FAWF this time. There is sure to be more to come very soon. Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card. If you’re a weirdo, you may have found this entertaining. See you again soon!

Craig [Editor]

FAWF (Pt. 4): Hell in a Cell #2

It’s time to take a look at the other half of the card for the recent blockbuster pay-per-view from the biggest action figure wrestling promotion on the planet: FAWF-HIAC

Sin Cara v Kofi Kingston (HIAC)Sin Cara v Kofi Kingston
Kofi and the botchamaniac battle it out in a very precarious position

Suicide Cam

Triple H v Randy Orton v CM Punk v John Cena v Umaga v Finlay v Eddie Guerrero v Rey Mysterio v Balls Mahoney v Sin Cara v Triple H (again) v Kofi Kingston
Suicide Cam [Superstars battle it out on the top of the cell]

John Cena v Randy Orton (HIAC)

John Cena v Randy Orton
Two of the most distinguished champions ever battle for ultimate supremacy.

As you may have noticed, I have added four more superstars to the roster. I have some awesome older gentleman on the way too. I’m always on the look out for more. Hopefully there will be some more fresh faces around soon, maybe some title belts and some new different match stipulations. Until next week though, thanks and hit ‘Follow’


FAWF (Pt. 3): Hell in a Cell

Thanks for checking out this week’s athleticism from the Figure Action Wrestling Federation. Let’s see what the Hell in a Cell event had in store!

CM Punk v Triple H (HIAC)CM Punk v Triple H
Triple H tries to send Punk flying down onto the mat, but Punk has none of it

Umaga v Eddie Guerrero (HIAC)

Umaga v Eddie Guerrero
The Samoan Bulldozer tries to send Eddie flying through the hole in the cell

Rey Mysterio v Finlay (HIAC)Rey Mysterio v Finlay
The Irish brawler lays on the mat defenceless

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Figure Actions: Pt2

Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card. Your home of serious and investigative pro wrestling journalism. Now, look at some more photos of wrestling action figures.

Original ChokesterRelentless Chokester
Umaga v Balls Mahoney

Intergender AbuseMixed Gender Handicap Abuse
Triple H & Triple H v Kelly Kelly

Submission WrestlingThe Art of Submission Wrestling
CM Punk v Eddie Guerrero

It’s a shame that these great matches couldn’t happen in real life (bar the last one, which actually did happen in Ring of Honor) because they would be pretty fun to watch. That’s probably why I’m not the booker. I hope you enjoyed my futile attempt at art and wrestling. Check out the categories on your right for some serious articles on the best sport in the world. WWE, TNA, ROH, even UFC. You name it, we got it! Oh hell yeah!


Figure Actions

Hi and welcome to the new addition to the weekly line-up: Figure Actions. Basically, I’m going to be elaborately (or maybe not) setting my wrestling action figures into poses, taking some snaps and uploading them on here as sort of a photo blog. I’ll just add a quick caption for each one and that’s that. It may not be in-depth, investigative journalism, but it should be somewhat interesting or amusing to witness, I hope. I really need to get some more figures to make this work well, because I only have around ten. I’m going to start collecting them again though, so it should be okay. I used to have a tonne of them when I was a kid, but my Mum gave them all away to charity or something. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first edition of Figure Actions, and check back next week (or sooner) for more of this, and some real articles about the world of pro wrestling.

CM Punk v FinlayMy man CM Punk has Finlay up for the devestating GTS

Triple H v Eddie Guerrero

Not a sex act, but Triple H readying Eddie Guerrero for the pedigree

Rey Mysterio v Umaga

Umaga has Rey Mysterio in a rather precarious position

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