Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #14

kpro7Hello to the select number of people who find these tales of wrestling training remotely interesting. Thanks for checking out the fourteenth installment of the Dojo Blog. I believe the school has been in operation for around 18 or 19 weeks now but I have unfortunately had to miss a few sessions over recent months. Finding a job can be a bittersweet achievement. However, my most recent absence had nothing to do with work. I had to miss practice two weeks ago because I was on set shooting a sitcom pilot. That project is around a year old, and I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of stuff on here about it once it comes to fruition towards the end of the year. With that and work I’ve only made it to 3 of the past 6 times which is disappointing, but when I have managed to attend, it’s been brilliant. The sessions seem to get more challenging and more rewarding each time. So lets get down to business.

I’m writing this almost exactly a week ago to the hour since my last training session at the Kamikaze Pro Dojo. It was a very worthwhile evening. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the will to go after working all day and being up since seven but I never regret it. We started off in the smaller room stretching, doing some cardio and then trying out some rolls. We were even challenged to try a handstand – a challenge that I miserably failed.

Once the big room had become available, we moved over and split up into two groups. I’ve become a regular in the advanced group, and I’m relishing the stuff we get to do now. It’s extremely difficult and I feel out of my depth a lot of the time, but you have to learn sometime. When things start heating up, it forces you to go with it and try your absolute best. We worked on another little chain which focused on posting. It involved a vertical suplex, head scissors and some crazy spider grab thing I don’t even know how to describe. The point is it was all pretty difficult and stuff that I didn’t really have a handle on. It took me the whole duration of the class to pull off the head scissors to an almost respectable standard, but I stuck with it and kept trying.

It’s been a bit of a massive step up over the last few sessions to be honest. I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for some of these moves but it’s just so fun! Even if you have to mess up thirty times to get something decent, the trying itself is entertaining. I know I’m still a long, long way off becoming a real wrestler, but I actually feel like I’m on that course now. If I show up as often as I possibly can, listen to my trainers and give everything, I might one day be able to have a match.

We are starting to learn more about psychology and how you go about putting matches together, so that’s a good sign. The more of that information I can get the better. After a very fun but energy sapping hour and a half, we all paired off and worked on our promos as usual. When it came time to shine I think me and the big man did alright. He has it down a lot more than me but my confidence is still improving and that’s a good thing. The trainers didn’t have too much of a problem with it so maybe we are doing okay. I think we need to try to add some more depth and freshen up our tag team a little bit but I can’t say I’m over-flowing with ideas.

As for the rest of the gang, some of the promos were downright awesome. There was a few new guys again and one of them cut this hilarious promo about being the teacher and taking his opponent to school. It was reminiscent of the incredible Matt Striker from a few years ago and had everyone in stitches. Some people just have natural confidence I guess, even on a very first day. He actually teaches in real life I think so I’m sure he is used to nerve-racking and uncomfortable situations. He knocked it out of the park anyway, as did a few other people. I’m still pretty bland with mine but it’s not really my strength.

On the whole, it was another great class. We had Kamikaze Pro star Chris Brookes there also lending a hand with the training side of things. I thought I had almost hurt him a couple of times by botching so bad when he tried to show me moves, but I guess he is all good. Pete and Ryan were great as always. James was always giving tips and trying to help us get to where we need to be. All of the boys worked hard and seemed to have a good time. Hopefully the new guys will come back as the group continues to grow in size. I’m still learning and probably will be for a very long time, but I can’t think of a better place to do so.

Unfortunately the Budokan Martial Arts Centre is closed this week so we won’t be training tonight. Oh well, at least I got to go gym two days in a row because of some rare time off work. Bring on the wrestling next week!

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Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #13

kpro7So after missing two weeks of training, I was finally able to rejoin the guys and girl at the Kamikaze Pro Dojo this past Wednesday. It was my first time at the new venue, Budokan Martial Arts Centre. I was unable to make the first two sessions after the day and venue change because my change of availability at work takes some time to come into effect. I was very happy to be back on the horse again.

I was impressed with the new space. It doesn’t have a running track outside which is a downer, but the improvements in other areas make it worthwhile. In the big room where we spent the majority of our time, the entire room is padded. That made it easy for all of us to work on various techniques without having to worry about needing a mat at hand. We still had a crash mat to work on some bumps, but we didn’t depend on it.

We started out in the smaller room next door waiting for a karate class to finish. In there we went through various rolling sequences, which proved a good opportunity for me to shake off some cobwebs and get back into the swing of things. There were a few new people, which is always cool to see. They seemed to really enjoy themselves too so I’m expecting to see them again next time. Considering the change of location, the numbers were high. I don’t think I’ve seen so many people at training before. Since my time away, a couple of the younger lads have really come on leaps and bounds. It’s crazy what a difference two days can make.

After going through the rolls, we moved into the big room and ran through some bumps on the crash mat (flip bumps and running sentons) before breaking off into two groups. This was another big step up for me. Myself and a couple of other inexperienced guys were put together with four of the best in the school to work on some amazing moves. We put together a chain (similarly to how we did with Pete at my last training session two weeks before) and learned some adventurous stuff. I know for those guys this was probably child’s play but for me it was a big challenge.

I stuttered several times while trying to run through the chain wrestling but got more into it when we moved onto the really fun stuff. We all got to practice a crucifix pin and a code red, which was amazingly fun. I am so glad to be doing this kind of stuff. It was probably the best time I’d had in weeks. That may sound sad, but doing a code red makes you feel like a legend, even if the other guy is doing practically all of the work.

It was good to see Ryan and James again, good to see all the other old faces and a few new ones. I think my progress is coming along steadily, and the sessions seem to be getting more fun and productive as the weeks go on. Unfortunately I won’t be there this coming Wednesday as I have a film project I need to attend to but I will be looking forward to getting straight back down to business the week after.

You know the drill. If you want to do some pro wrestling training and you live in or around Birmingham, you really have no excuse not to search Kamikaze Pro on Facebook. The new location is extremely central now and the trainers are top notch. Be sure to check back in two weeks for another update on my journey from mark to money.

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Craig [Editor]