WWE’s Heartbreaking Tribute to Connor the Crusher


Source: World Wrestling Entertainment


This is my seventh article for Geek Pride. Unlike my usual pay-per-view reviews, this piece is a look at the WWE’s heartbreaking tribute to Connor The Crusher. The video contained within this article is a MUST SEE for anyone who is unsure of the magic of pro wrestling.

Craig [Editor]

WWE: Extreme Rules hits a home run once again!

kanebryanSource: World Wrestling Entertainment


This is my sixth article for Geek Pride, analysing this year’s Extreme Rules special event. The show has consistently been one of the highlights of the WWE calendar. Could this year’s live up to the same standard?

Craig [Editor]

WWE: Was this year’s show the most memorable Wrestlemania! of all time?

austinhulkSource: World Wrestling Entertainment


This is my fifth article for Geek Pride, taking a look at the success, failure and controversy of this year’s Showcase of the Immortals. Take a look and leave a comment!


WWE: An Early Bird Preview of Wrestlemania!

maniaxxxSource: World Wrestling Entertainment


This is my fourth article for Geek Pride, taking a look at the potential of this year’s Wrestlemania card. With the major matches all booked, the show is shaping up to be a success.


WWE: Network launch coincides with entertaining but predictable Elimination Chamber PPV

chamberSource: World Wrestling Entertainment


This is my third article for Geek Pride, examining the success or failure of WWE Elimination Chamber. I hope you enjoy reading.


WWE: Could There Be Hope For Smackdown Yet?


Source: World Wrestling Entertainment


Check out my second article for Geek Pride. It focuses on the possible significance of Smackdown’s recent strong showing. I hope you enjoy reading.


WWE: Royal Rumble 2014 leaves wrestling fans in a furious frenzy


The final two – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment


I know it’s been a while but I’ve been back at it again. I’m now a member of the Geek Pride family, having been kicked to the curb by those kind souls at What Culture. Check out my first article, and give it a share if you like it.