Brighton Beach music video for Sway – Work. Rest. Play coming soon


Check out the final trailer for the tour movie “Work. Rest. Play” coming out next month. We recorded this on the final day in Brighton. We had all been through the races a lot by this point, but it was such a wicked place to be. Andy recorded a little message in the studio a couple of weeks ago, which we added to the start. I hope you like it. The full movie is out in episodic and full form next month, and all parts will be posted here. Hit ‘Follow’ and stay in the loop!

Check out the other trailer on YouTube here, and scroll down to check out all of my written blog entries from the road!



Tour Blog #16: Walsall – The Homecoming

IMG_0617So, I’m sitting on my sofa in my lounge writing this final blog on the Brains For Breakfast ‘Work. Rest. Play’ Tour. Before I go into last night, the ride back and today, I’d just like to thank a few people. I’d like to thank Andy (Brains For Breakfast) and MoJoe (Chameleon Recordings) for working with me to make this tour a success on every front. We had a lot of fun together, did a lot of work and helped get the very best out of the tour. We will now begin editing the huge amount of footage we captured into the tour video, which will be released episodically on YouTube. I’d also like to thank everyone who has given this blog a read over the last couple of weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the posts and found them mildly interest. It really means a lot to get the kind of views I’ve been getting. I will also be releasing a photo blog of the tour over the next couple of days, so check back for that and follow the blog if you’re on WordPress.

Now for this final post business. The show at The Pull And Pump in Brighton last night was absolutely great! The perfect way to end the tour. Everything about the show was positive. The venue was a quaint pub made up almost entirely of wood, with lovely staff and an absolutely brilliant couple of promoters. The room was packed out with an audience of people who actually paid attention, made a lot of noise and showed a lot of respect and love to every artist on the night. The place had that sweaty, bar blues feel to it.

The show had a genuine character about it. I would put it in the top three shows of the tour. As I mentioned, the crowd were enthusiastic and encouraging. We even did a whip round for petrol and they gave extremely generously. The artists were all tremendous, easily one of the best bills of the two weeks. The promoters (along with Leeds and Nottingham) were a league above all those others we encountered. They were supportive, generous and beyond helpful. I can’t give them enough credit for the way they handled the whole show, and the way they treated the talent. Most importantly, Andy played a very good set and was greeted warmly by the local crowd.

After shaking a lot hands and saying a lot of goodbyes to all the great people we encountered, it was time to hit the road. We made the long walk back to the car with the merch and instruments through the city centre. The bright, vibrant city of Brighton does seem to suffer from one epidemic which plagues most great cities: homelessness and poverty. We were confronted with a slightly depressing sight as we made our way through the centre. There were many beggars, buskers and folks sleeping rough on the streets. It was a sad thing to see, but I can’t really hold that against Brighton. I’ve been to Barcelona, Venice, New York, Dublin, you name it and I have always seen this.

We got to the car and headed for Uxbridge, London to drop Dan off. It was great for us all to hang out with such an old and good friend, but now we were on our way alone down to Walsall, home. We finally got back about 3.30am and I didn’t get to sleep until about 5.30am. There was some kind of tornado going on in our area last night. The wind was so loud that you heard it over the TV. I woke up today at about 4pm. I was supposed to be at my Birmingham 2022 workshop tonight at 5pm, but there was no way I would have made it. I had to cancel, and now I’m worried that I may not be allowed back, but I hope I will be.

IMG_0625The tour was pretty incredible, but it’s cost me a lot and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot. I’m very broke right now, as you can imagine. This means (for the first time in five years) I will have to miss the annual Leeds Zombie Film Festival, a tradition I carry out every April. I missed Wrestlemania!, I missed two of my magazine workshops, and may possibly have lost the project. All of that stuff is pretty annoying but it was worth it to see all the things I saw, meet all the people I meet and go to all the places I’ve been. I wouldn’t take it back, but I do think I’d do it differently in the future. But, you live and learn. I’m thinking of doing my own free zombie film festival at our place, so I’ll be sure to post about that if it happens.

I’ve loved the last two weeks but I’m happy to be home for many reasons. I feel clean and fresh, comfortable and relaxed, happy and content. It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride, but now  it’s time to get back to focusing on all the things I need and want to achieve for the rest of this year. I’d like to once again thank everyone for their support. If you like what you read, create an account and follow this blog. Be sure to check back for more posts upcoming (including the tour photo blog) and share this site to your friends if you think they might like it.

Thanks a lot for reading.



Tour Blog #8: Sheffield – Real Ale

IMG_0521So last night the Milo show was a total success. Leeds was easily our favourite city of the tour so far. Being my home away from home, I expected it to be good, but I didn’t think it would be that good. We made more money at that show on merch, than an average three days of touring. The crowd were awesome. We got to see a bunch of old friends, and even went out and got smashed after the show.

We were gonna go check out Brewdog, because I’ve been meaning to go for so long, but that’s gonna have to wait until Nottingham now. We left the venue and headed straight for the Dry Dock, one of my favourite drinking spots in the whole city, and there are a whole lot of them. £1 drinks could only mean one thing. We were all absolutely off our faces by the end of the night. We ended up dancing like idiots in Fab Café until the not so early hours.

I think I got to sleep about six this morning after finally watching the last bit of Monday Night RAW. I’m very tired right now. I feel a bit surreal. Andy just played a great set. We are in The Hop in Sheffield at the moment. We only got here an hour before the show, and we are heading to Nottingham straight after to stay with Faye, so I can’t really tell you a lot about the city. I’ve never been here before, but the small part I’ve seen this evening is beautiful. The Hop is a really cool venue. Real ale, good quality live music and some of the friendliest staff we’ve encountered so far on the tour.

IMG_0517I’m sitting on my laptop at the merch stand struggling to stay awake so I can’t make this post too long. The second band is on now. They are okay. Not really my kind of thing, but they are really tight. Today feels like it’s gone by in a second. From waking up extremely late on the floor of Lauren’s lounge to driving over to Sheffield, washing in the toilets of the venue and now waiting to go and hit the road to bed, it’s been a bit of a blur. Andy is playing Alley Café tomorrow in Nottingham. It’s a really cool vegan café, with a very good vibe and atmosphere by all accounts. We are all really looking forward to it. If you’re from the area, please stop by and check it out. We’d all love to meet you!

Until tomorrow’s update from Nottingham, it’s goodbye from Brains for Breakfast and co. Peace, love and follow the blog!

TOUR BLOG #1: Manchester – On The Road

Unfortunately I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected my blogging duties a fair bit over the last week. I’m currently in the car squinting to see my laptop over a huge amount of glare from the sunlight. It’s giving my screen a bit of a 3D glasses tint kind of thing. I have to say it’s pretty trippy. The car radio is out so I’m banging some Gnarls Barkley on here. I’m embedded in a sleeping bag, a multi-coloured woollen throw my Mum knitted for me a few years back, and a couple of awesome pillows. There are plenty of snacks and multimedia in the bags next to me. We are all set to hit the road!

We are gonna be shooting as much stuff as we possibly can each day on three different video cameras (sounds more impressive than it is, bearing in mind that I bought one of them from an online Japanese knock off company about eight years ago) – We are hoping to edit this into some kind of tour video thing. We aren’t entirely sure on the format, but it seems cool to document as much stuff as we can. The places we go, the people we meet, the things we see and do. Obviously I’ll upload anything that comes of that onto here. Joe’s camera is currently blu-tacked to the dashboard recording our drive.

I’m going to try and blog as much as I can and keep to the things I would normally do wherever possible. This obviously goes for wrestling. I saw Raw on Monday, which I absolutely loved. I almost feel guilty that I haven’t uploaded a real attempt at critiquing that. Maybe I will get a chance at some point soon, but for now let’s just say that I’m dying from anticipation for this Sunday. I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to watch it but I have a few ideas and I’m hopeful I will at least see the event live as it happens. It may end up being a stream, but that’s better than nothing.

But that isn’t the only thing I’m excited about obviously. I’ve dreamed of touring since I was like fourteen. The three of us are gonna be exploring the nation, partying a lot and meeting loads of new people. That’s pretty amazing. There are definitely gonna be the lows (not too much access to showers, a lot of driving and probably a bit of stress) Nonetheless, the pros completely outweigh the cons. I am fully in excitement mode. April is going to be a pretty amazing month. We will be riding this tour thing until April 18th and then three days later it’s time for my favourite annual ritual: The Leeds Annual Zombie Film Festival. I’m going to blog more on this closer to the time.

Obviously I don’t have access to Wi-Fi in this moving vehicle, and I can’t write anything lengthy on the iPhone app. This will have to be uploaded later on tonight when I get to somewhere. I drew up a whole tour schedule which we have printed out. One of the details on it is the places we are staying (addresses, post codes, contact name and numbers) Except for the show in Stoke on the 6th, we have a place to stay every night. I hope the guy we are with tonight has good Wi-Fi. I want to download Season One of Prison Break. That’s unrelated, although this post doesn’t have much that is related to anything.

Expect more ramblings and needless info from my next post. We are almost in Manchester. I can’t wait for tonight’s show. I can’t wait for every show, for Wrestlemania, for Zombie Fest. April is going to be a great month!

This was uploaded at 04.13 or a couple of minutes later than that by a guy who was fucking wasted in a house with absolutely sick Wi-Fi.

Work. Rest. Play


Work. Rest. Play

Work. Rest. Play – Released 31/03/13 on Chameleon Recordings & iTunes

From the first listen, you’re just hooked. That’s the magic of this EP. It’s catchy, but it has a kick. Young, ambitious songsmith Brains For Breakfast has been a solo recording artist now for around five years. He has recorded several demos and EPs, and has played shows extensively in the Midlands area and elsewhere in places like London, Manchester, Stoke, Derby, Essex and Leeds. His experience is for all to hear in this piece of work. It’s finely crafted, fine tuned and full of talent. It also explicitly represents the passion and dedication of the artist to his chosen profession. The stories that are thinly veiled in these tracks are those of youth and experience, hope and loss, stability and unfamiliarity. It’s a group of songs that could speak so easily to the young and slightly lost masses.

As I mentioned before, the tracks are insanely catchy. It’s just so hard not to recite every word after two or three listens. Everything from the chord structures to the melodies has an unavoidable pull to it. I’m hearing Frank Turner and Get. Cape. Wear. Cape. Fly influences at particular junctions. However, despite the inspiration drawn from others over the years, you can now hear a definitive shift into a more independent territory with this record. The EP sounds like Brains For Breakfast, more than it does any past idols. If you go back and listen to his earlier work, you will notice this progression. This is a well orchestrated selection of songs, to typify a new chapter in what should be a long journey for an experienced but still emerging artist, with a lot to offer.

Aside from the bare bones of the music, there is a great deal to be said of the lyrical content. Some of the material is inherently personal, but this EP features a lot of socio-political backdrops and messages which are very easy to spot. It may be catchy, but it has a bite. Topics like unemployment, drug abuse and debt are discussed candidly. Work. Rest. Play speaks to your average person. Whether that is the struggling working class adult or the unemployed and mislead adolescent. It takes away the glitz and the glamour, and bears the reality of a nation. You may tap your feet, and nod your head, and this music is not going to make you depressed. But it does still have messages, and many of them. It speaks to a whole generation of young people in a place with practically zero opportunities.

After many years of hard work, and a lifelong obsession with music, it’s time for Brains For Breakfast to embark on a new journey. This EP is a bite-sized culmination of all the hard work and the determination, the ups and the downs, the inspiration and the independence. It is a sign of things to come. It’s the start of a brighter future. It’s the songs of a young man from a grey town, telling you what he sees, what he thinks and what he feels. It’s damn near impossible not to relate to most of this material. Don’t miss out on something good, and don’t forget the name Brains For Breakfast.

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