Kamikaze Pro: Sky’s The Limit

elligeroKamikaze Pro – Sky’s The Limit
Hadley Stadium, Smethwick
Sunday 27th April 2014

If you read my article about the last Kamikaze Pro event Over The Top, you will know that I’m a big fan of the promotion. I’ve been lucky enough to take in three or four of their shows now and the quality just keeps improving. As I mentioned in a previous post, my memory is not really my best attribute so the order in which I get to these matches may not be the order in which they occurred, my apologies for that. Nonetheless, it was a stacked card and lived up to the moniker of being arguably the biggest independent wrestling show in Birmingham ever. With the already great roster being joined by Steve Corino, Petey Williams and AR Fox, there was some serious star power on display – but enough about Ryan Smile. Let’s get down to business.

The Hunter Brothers(c) v The Banghra Knights
(for the Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship)

I’m pretty sure this was the opening match. The whole show was a pretty balls-to-the-wall affair so it’s hard to put the pieces together. I remember how hard these guys went, that’s for sure. It must have been close to a 30 minute match, full of ebbs-and-flows, beatdowns and comebacks, non-stop action. It’s good to see real tag team wrestling, with actual teamwork and team manoeuvres. I’d already thoroughly enjoyed seeing these two respective teams in action, but it was a treat to see them face off against each other. At the end of a gruelling, competitive encounter, The Hunters walked out still Champions after graciously shaking hands and embracing their opponents – a touch of class that every fan likes to see.

El Ligero v Chris Brookes v Marshall X v Dan Moloney
(Winner becomes #1 Contender for the Relentless Division Championship)

This was an entertaining Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match full of different characters. With a chance to fight for the Relentless Division title at stake, these four went out there and caused mayhem. Not for the last time at this show, an elderly lady at ringside got heavily involved in the action. At one point, she was chasing Moloney around the building with her walking stick. El Ligero was the clear fan favourite and I have to say, I was marking out for him myself. When the fighting had been restored to the ring itself, the Mexican superstar ended the match as the last man standing and picked up the victory. The elderly lady seemed to be more than content with this result.

Petey Williams v Damian Dunne

For the end of the first half, we were treated to one of the three marquee names on the show, in former TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams. He came out looking better than ever and with a confident swagger. I was therefore surprised to see him dominated for the majority of his match. Dunne did a great job of keeping him grounded for the most part, all the while teasing the crowd. Eventually, Williams rallied with the encouragement of the fans and hit his famous Canadian Destroyer finisher to get the win, almost out of nowhere. He was then kind enough to pose for some pictures with fans in the ring, including the now legendary “Super Gran”.

grannyRobbie X(c) v AR Fox
(for the Relentless Division Championship)

This was easily the match of the night. I mean, this was absolutely insane! I didn’t know much more about AR Fox, than what I’d heard from the Kamikaze Pro news feeds before the show. I could never have expected a performance like this. The guy has to be one of the best high flyers I’ve ever seen. Some of the moves he was pulling off from the top rope, and to the outside were just ridiculous. To make this truly special, we needed someone equally capable to make this a great match. That is exactly what we had in Robbie X. I’ve seen the guy wrestle a few times now, and this was the best I’ve seen from him.

Every time I thought this match was over, and that these guys were done, it was a long two count and the action continued. When it was finally all said and done, Robbie retained the title and AR Fox grabbed the microphone to congratulate him and put him over as an equal. If you are planning on getting the DVD for this show, this match is reason enough on it’s own. Do it!

Ryan Smile(c) v Eddie Dennis
(for the Kamikaze Pro Championship)

Ryan Smile came out at the very start of the show and had an altercation with the acting GM about getting more main event matches. He was told to first concern himself with defending the Kamikaze Pro Championship against “The Pride of Wales” before worrying about getting matches with overseas talent. When the match came around, the two competitors were greeted by boos. The two bad guys had a rough and tough, no thrills match for the gold. Eddie Dennis – who is one of my favourite guys on the roster – took the Champ to the limit. They brawled inside and outside the ring, but when it came down to it, The All Day Star came out on top and continued his reign of over 300 days as Champion. He then stuck a poster featuring his future opponent Juventud Guerrera down his trunks. The Champ meets the former WWE/WCW Cruiserweight Champion at Broken Down City on May 25th.

corinoSteve Corino v Pete Dunne

“The King of Old School” started out cagey against “Dynamite” Pete Dunne, not wanting to succumb to his opponent’s superior speed and agility. He did take a second to admire Pete’s skills, wishing he could dive and tangle himself in the ropes, like his younger counterpart. “Maybe next time” he said. When they really got into it, things got messy. The two brawled all over ringside and threw each other through sets of chairs numerous times. People in the crowd scrambled to get out of the way. For probably the tenth time, a “This is awesome” chant took over the building. When things accelerated back into the ring itself, Corino and Dunne both tried to get the upper hand but neither one could keep the other down for long. However, eventually it was Pete Dunne who came out on top with a hard fought victory.

The legendary former ECW Heavyweight Champion Corino congratulated his opponent and cut a heartfelt promo about his love of the business, and his connection to England and it’s people. This was a real great way to end the night.

Overall, it was another evening well spent. The next Kamikaze Pro event Broken Down City can’t come soon enough. You can get all the details on everything K-Pro here. If you live in or around the Birmingham area, and you aren’t checking these guys out, you’re just foolish. Don’t miss out on some of the best professional wrestling in the country, right on your very doorstep.

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]