UFC: A look back at the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter

wallclimbRousey flipping the infamous bird – Source: jerseygirlsports.com

The most recent episode of TUF was said to have a shocking result. The previews showed Britain’s own Grant crying, which got me thinking that for some reason he could not continue. It was the coaches challenge, that challenge being a wall climb. The two were toe-to-toe for the most part but Rousey put a spurt on towards the end to claim the victory and the cash for herself and her team. Another interesting part of the show was seeing Rousey grapple with one of her fellow female coaches. She basically had her mate in a position where her ass was up the air. The camera appeared to be dead focused on said ass. The clothing covering it was a little bit see through. That was nice.

The rest of the episode was basically building up to a non-event. In actual fact it was Grant’s opponent that could not make weight. The frustrating thing being that he himself got a pass because his own opponent could not make weight. He gets kicked off the show and we have a Brit in the finale. Next week we have the semi-final for the ladies. This fight actually does appear to happen and I believe that the winner of this fight determines the winner of the whole season for the ladies. As tough as Pena is, I just think that these two ladies are a whole load tougher. This fight should be very entertaining.

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UFC: The Ultimate Fighter – BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar to coach Season 19

frankieedgarFrankie Edgar laying the smack down – Source: Jayne Kamin-Oncea

There was no UFC this week, apart from The Ultimate Fighter, so let’s take a look at this week’s episode.

As you may or may not know, “Roudy” Ronda Rousey won the coin toss in the season premier. She elected to pick the first fight. In quite a ballsy move, and as a pretty obvious middle finger to Meisha “Cupcake” Tate, she picked the Number 1 female pick from each team. It would appear that this fight is basically one of the most experienced fighters in the whole season from team Rousey in Baszler, facing off against a very green training partner of Tate in Pena. I know nothing about Pena but I know about Baszler. So my pick is inevitably obvious. Team Rousey will keep control and attempt to scalp one of Tate’s male baking brawlers.

One thing I need to mention. The coaches for TUF 19 have been announced. I was shocked when I read that it’s BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar. They will once again face off at the end of the season for a third time but this time at featherweight. Wow. Penn was a killer at Lightweight. His reign was beautiful bloody and scary. If he can make the weight and gets the fire up his Hilo ass like he did at Lightweight, I fear for the division. Call me what you like but I never had Edgar beating Penn in there fights, especially not that first time. I’m a firm believer in the credo “to be the champ, you got to beat the champ”That did not happen.

I’m a huge Penn fan. But I don’t think he can be Featherweight champ. I might be wrong and I hope I am. He doesn’t have that explosion or that snap to beat everyone else in the top five. I think he has a good chance at beating Edgar but I reserve final judgement until I see the season of TUF and more importantly the weigh-ins. I think with Penn the thing that makes him dangerous is hunger. When he beat Sherk, Florian, Stevenson, and Sanchez, there was this bloody minded determination in his eyes, a look I can’t say I have seen in anyone else. The question mark is over his determination. I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.

The thing that helps Penn going into this fight is he already has 50 minutes of fighting with Edgar under his belt. At the time of writing this, I just think that Penn can shock the world. This man was jumping out of swimming pools during his lightweight reign. If he can sprint with Usain Bolt, speed and cardio will no longer be an issue. Penn should always have that power. Time will tell and I can’t wait.

So back to TUF Episode Two, eight ladies in a hot tub in the first 5 minutes.The episode was actually quite good we already got an injury replacement. Let’s talk about the fight. Wow. Pena is tough. Baszler looked good in round one. Then in round 2 she came out noticeable tired. Then Pena came out throwing with bad intentions and rocked Baszler. S scramble on the ground ensued and Baszler tapped to a rear naked choke. Maybe Baszler overlooked Pena. It wouldn’t surprise me if in her mind she was the next contender to the belt. This is MMA. Anything can happen.

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