UFC: What did the Ultimate Fighter season finale have in store?


Diaz and Maynard headlined the show – Source: Scott Petersen(MMA Weekly)

So, another season of TUF comes to an end. With that comes the finale. We have Rakoczy v Pena for the women’s contract, and Holdsworth v Grant for the men’s. I haven’t seen the fights yet but I had a sneaky peak at the results for this write up. Let me start by saying that if I had done picks for this, I would have done horrendously. The event was headlined by the third and deciding rubber match between Maynard and Diaz. The latter put a beatdown on his TUF rival, en route to a TKO victory. Diaz pasted him from the opening until Yves waived the fight off, with Maynard collapsing to the canvas shortly afterwards.

Pena got the win by TKO after grounding and pounding her victim until the ref had stop the fight with seconds to spare. I thought Rakoczy could use her boxing to keep Pena at bay, similarly to how she did Pennington. Obviously this was not the case. I’m still not sold on Pena as a contender yet though. Holdsworth submitted Grant early. I felt that grant would be good enough everywhere to be able to keep the fight where he wanted it, wearing down Holdsworth. Oh well, better luck next time Grant. Duke v Morgan had a battle of two tall hotties. Duke battered Morgan to get the unanimous decision. Pennington took on the nerd. This was as close to a gimme for Pennington as can be, but it appears that Modiferi made her work for a decision win.

The one fight I did see was a flyweight bout between Sampo and Benoit. Sampo weighed in 2─║bs over. The fight was basically the bigger Sampo bashing on the tough sob Benoit, until he was able to lock a sub and force him to tap. I felt straight away that this had the potential to be the fight of the night, and it was named so. Benoit may not have won the battle but he certainly won the war. As Sampo failed to make weight, his share of the bonus was given to Benoit who netted himself 100k and a percentage of Sampo’s purse, plus his own salary. Happy Christmas to you sir. What a jammy bastard!

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