Sandwell Street Dubz: Vol 2

sandwelltingzFront cover – Source: Chameleon Recordings

In just over two weeks, the latest release from Chameleon Recordings will be available for all to enjoy. The second edition of Sandwell Street Dubz is just as good as the first. The album showcases just some of the studio’s most talented and loyal clients. Expect to see music videos released in the near future for some of the best tracks on this record. When they are online, you can see them at the Chameleon Recordings YouTube page. All tracks were recorded at Chameleon Studios.

The mix has been put together as something to give back to the local music community and the loyal customers of the Chameleon. It has a celebratory feel to it. Despite the often gritty and raw nature of the lyrical content, a lot of the tracks are quite uplifting. There are three particular songs that really caught my attention from Big Dog Yogo, E Blessed and Flawzz, Blacka Blacks & AD. All three of these artists are set to have their own releases on Chameleon Recordings in 2014. Watch out for those!

Big Dog Yogo’s offering is a perfect example of this balance. The lyrics on the track talk a lot about the challenge of just trying to live your life for yourself. However, with it’s mellow relaxed beat, it’s rather therapeutic. E Blessed spits on trying to make it in the music business and balance everyday problems. This is probably the most poignant track. Flawzz, Blacka Blacks and AD produced the best song on the whole thing, in my opinion. It has tight delivery, a catchy chorus and captivating lyrics. It’s definitely one you will want to listen to over and over

You won’t be disappointed when you hear these tracks, and the others on the CD. You can expect many more volumes of Sandwell Street Dubz to come out, as long as Chameleon Studios is still the epicentre for urban music in the community. Be sure to check out Volume Two on February 23.

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Work. Rest. Play (Pt. 4)

Thanks for checking out the fourth and final part of the tour film, Work. Rest. Play. I made this with my two buddies (Brains for Breakfast and MoJoe) to chronicle our experiences on the road for fun. On this episode, we drop in on a very unique folk night in Bristol, check out the Clifton Suspension Bridge, do a few verbal drive-bys on the streets of London and shoot a music video on the final day in the amazing Brighton! If you like any of the artists, and want any info to check them out, give me a shout. Share this video with your friends, and be sure to check back for more real soon. Also, subscribe to the Chameleon Recordings channel on YouTube to see the other episodes.

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Work. Rest. Play (Pt. 1)


Thanks for checking out the first part of the tour film, Work. Rest. Play – there will be three other parts uploaded in the coming weeks. I made this with my two buddies (Brains for Breakfast and MoJoe) to chronicle our experiences for fun. On this episode, we start with the launch show at our then home, before moving on to dates in Manchester, Bolton, Derby and Stoke. If you like any of the artists, and want any info to check them out, give me a shout. Share this video with your friends, and be sure to check back for more real soon. Thanks for reading!

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Chameleon Recordings: Brum Town Bad Boyz


@bigdogyogo – Source: Twitter

This is the pre-release review for Big Dog Yogo’s upcoming single ‘Brum Town Bad Boyz’ released on Chameleon Recordings – If you like what you read here, get it on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, etc on 20th September 2013.

Brum Town Bad Boyz

Fresh out of the thriving Rap scene emerging in the second city, Big Dog Yogo is ready to unleash his latest track on you. Taking clear influences from hip hop, grime and trap, and with an unmistakably UK feel, Brum Town Bad Boyz is set to be the new soundtrack to the city. While extensively sharp and polished, it retains a raw and violent atmosphere. But when it comes right down to it, this tune is about Brum pride.

Big Dog’s not alone on this one. Fellow Smethwick native Bomma B adds more of a grime orientated twist to this progressive UK trap sound with his distinctive flow. Yogo’s trademark catchy style and pitch perfect delivery blend well with that grime approach. The pair of them spit menacing and violent venom, while still managing to create a feel good vibe for the streets.

The beat has a certain intensity that is hard to describe. It gets you amped up, but it has a slightly haunting edge. The production is slick and tight. The bars are gritty and dark, but not it’s not a comedown tune. It’s the finished article, a big sound gangster rap anthem with identifiably UK genetics. It’s a tune to be proud of, a sign of things to come from the buzzing UK scene, and it’s a unique symbol.

Also watch out for Big Dog’s final free mixtape dropping on Grime Blog, along with the official Brum Town Bad Boyz music video on P110 on the same day, September 20th.

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This is a short review of the new ‘Spacewave’ EP  coming out from my good friends SSS on Chameleon Recordings. You should check it out sometime. Thanks for reading

SSS space waveFront cover of the Spacewave EP by SSS – Source: Chameleon Recordings

From beneath the smog filled skies of the West Midlands music scene, a new sound has emerged to take control of your mental faculties: SSS. Bringing together the creative talents of producers MoJoe and Only One, SSS is a partnership with real promise. It’s a collaboration so diverse in nature that it’s product can only be described as unique and exciting. With years of experience, both sides of the coin bring a lot to the table.

The end product is a dark and haunting series of tracks, with an undeniable groove. Bedded in heavily by catchy and addictive bass and hard hitting snares, the tunes are seasoned with chilling and atmospheric sounds. They breathe the futuristic, but have a certain element of horror about them. Listening to this shit could really get your imagination going. Yet something about it also makes you want to move. I’d say it’s best suited to a night alone with some inspiration, or a packed basement party with very dim lights.

The sounds you will hear on this EP are influenced by the rapid takeover of trap, and generally UK bass music. It has the ultimate vibration to make your heart move up a gear. Despite most of the driving force coming from the growing trap movement, you can also hear the mark of dub, grime and dubstep in there. The tunes come out August 4th on Chameleon Recordings, so be sure to stay locked to their links for any news or updates, and get your copy!

As well as this EP, these two will be putting out more content in the way of singles, music videos and collaborations. They have tracks recorded with big name local MCs Slick Don and Big Dog Yogo, have a video (one of several) in the pipeline for the track “Smoke Treez” which is on the Concrete Collective LP, and have plans to release tracks from this as singles. Check the Spacewave EP,  and stay up to date on the moves being made by this most exciting of duos: SSS. These links should help you to do that.

Spacewave EP: August 4th on Chameleon Recordings
Top Track:


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Sandwell Street Dubz Vol. 1

Sandwell Street Dubz mixtape cover FRONT FINALChameleon Recordings is proud to bring to you the brand new mix-tape Sandwell Street Dubz Vol. 1. Recorded and mixed by MoJoe at Chameleon Studios, it features the very best in emerging and established rappers and MCs from all across the West Midlands. Its content is strikingly varied. Made up of many interesting takes on hip hop, grime and trap, it features big names like Sox, Slick Don, Big Dog Yogo, Zimbo, Flawzz, Jae Sosa, Chucky and even Roachee from London’s world famous Roll Deep crew. Most of these bold and fresh tunes are previously unreleased and unheard. They are bold, fresh and exciting. A couple of older tunes are thrown in there, helping to maintain a balance between the experience and the youth.

Sandwell Street Dubz mixtape cover BACK FINALThis is just the start. There is a lot more to come from Chameleon Recordings. Expect regular releases showcasing the hottest names in a thriving underground urban music scene. A lot of the tracks on the mix-tape feature regular clients of the studio at Chameleon HQ. This is the culmination and integration of a lot of different music made by different artists from similar environments. The lyrical content is very street orientated and although it deals with many different concepts and subjects, it has a common source. It touches on a lot of real life experiences of different kinds, that the majority of people living in modern day urban Britain can relate to. Get it on Saturday 4th May completely free through Chameleon Recordings.

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Tour Blog #16: Walsall – The Homecoming

IMG_0617So, I’m sitting on my sofa in my lounge writing this final blog on the Brains For Breakfast ‘Work. Rest. Play’ Tour. Before I go into last night, the ride back and today, I’d just like to thank a few people. I’d like to thank Andy (Brains For Breakfast) and MoJoe (Chameleon Recordings) for working with me to make this tour a success on every front. We had a lot of fun together, did a lot of work and helped get the very best out of the tour. We will now begin editing the huge amount of footage we captured into the tour video, which will be released episodically on YouTube. I’d also like to thank everyone who has given this blog a read over the last couple of weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the posts and found them mildly interest. It really means a lot to get the kind of views I’ve been getting. I will also be releasing a photo blog of the tour over the next couple of days, so check back for that and follow the blog if you’re on WordPress.

Now for this final post business. The show at The Pull And Pump in Brighton last night was absolutely great! The perfect way to end the tour. Everything about the show was positive. The venue was a quaint pub made up almost entirely of wood, with lovely staff and an absolutely brilliant couple of promoters. The room was packed out with an audience of people who actually paid attention, made a lot of noise and showed a lot of respect and love to every artist on the night. The place had that sweaty, bar blues feel to it.

The show had a genuine character about it. I would put it in the top three shows of the tour. As I mentioned, the crowd were enthusiastic and encouraging. We even did a whip round for petrol and they gave extremely generously. The artists were all tremendous, easily one of the best bills of the two weeks. The promoters (along with Leeds and Nottingham) were a league above all those others we encountered. They were supportive, generous and beyond helpful. I can’t give them enough credit for the way they handled the whole show, and the way they treated the talent. Most importantly, Andy played a very good set and was greeted warmly by the local crowd.

After shaking a lot hands and saying a lot of goodbyes to all the great people we encountered, it was time to hit the road. We made the long walk back to the car with the merch and instruments through the city centre. The bright, vibrant city of Brighton does seem to suffer from one epidemic which plagues most great cities: homelessness and poverty. We were confronted with a slightly depressing sight as we made our way through the centre. There were many beggars, buskers and folks sleeping rough on the streets. It was a sad thing to see, but I can’t really hold that against Brighton. I’ve been to Barcelona, Venice, New York, Dublin, you name it and I have always seen this.

We got to the car and headed for Uxbridge, London to drop Dan off. It was great for us all to hang out with such an old and good friend, but now we were on our way alone down to Walsall, home. We finally got back about 3.30am and I didn’t get to sleep until about 5.30am. There was some kind of tornado going on in our area last night. The wind was so loud that you heard it over the TV. I woke up today at about 4pm. I was supposed to be at my Birmingham 2022 workshop tonight at 5pm, but there was no way I would have made it. I had to cancel, and now I’m worried that I may not be allowed back, but I hope I will be.

IMG_0625The tour was pretty incredible, but it’s cost me a lot and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot. I’m very broke right now, as you can imagine. This means (for the first time in five years) I will have to miss the annual Leeds Zombie Film Festival, a tradition I carry out every April. I missed Wrestlemania!, I missed two of my magazine workshops, and may possibly have lost the project. All of that stuff is pretty annoying but it was worth it to see all the things I saw, meet all the people I meet and go to all the places I’ve been. I wouldn’t take it back, but I do think I’d do it differently in the future. But, you live and learn. I’m thinking of doing my own free zombie film festival at our place, so I’ll be sure to post about that if it happens.

I’ve loved the last two weeks but I’m happy to be home for many reasons. I feel clean and fresh, comfortable and relaxed, happy and content. It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride, but now  it’s time to get back to focusing on all the things I need and want to achieve for the rest of this year. I’d like to once again thank everyone for their support. If you like what you read, create an account and follow this blog. Be sure to check back for more posts upcoming (including the tour photo blog) and share this site to your friends if you think they might like it.

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