Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #7


Kamikaze Dojo trainers Pete Dunne and Ryan Smile

Just a quick update this week. I’m scaling down my writing across the board, in order to focus all of my time and energy on finding paid work. I don’t want to become a rent boy, but that is looking increasingly likely. Nonetheless, here is what went down this Tuesday!

Ryan and Pete were on hand to help provide a great training session for us all once again. The warm-up was pretty standard, but we didn’t do any stretching before hand. I’m a bit of a stretching enthusiast so I wasn’t big on that, but I didn’t pull any muscles or anything, so it’s no big deal.

After that we did a lot of drills, much more than usual. We practised rolls, bumps, lock-ups, headlocks, and other bits and pieces. But unlike before, we did them all as part of a drill. One drill, then a break, then another drill – I found this really beneficial. It felt like a real good workout, so that’s like a free gym day that I wasn’t going to get. It was awesome working on the technique but also busting a fat ass sweat. When you’re circling around the mats and doing high knees for ages, it really takes it out of you!

Another cool thing was that we did the promo stuff in the middle of the two hour class. Me and Johnny worked on a two person thing beforehand and tried it out. It wasn’t executed perfectly and left me with a few regrets to be honest. However, it was good to try something different and the trainers are thinking of perhaps doing tag team promos next week, so maybe we will get another shot. Either way, I’m trying to keep on top of my own stuff and making notes, so that if needed I can perform a solo promo. Some of the other guys did a really, really good. Everybody is coming along great.

After going a bit cold for that 25 minutes or so, it was gruelling to get back into the drills for the rest of the class. But as I said before, I was grateful for the chance to work myself. I managed to keep up throughout the session and – without tooting my own horn – I feel like my cardio work is starting to pay off. I’m nowhere near the level I want to be, but I am improving. It’s an absolute fact that three months ago I would have been slacking on the high knees, stopping and getting drinks throughout the drill, and/or throwing up outside afterwards. It feels good to know that my body is becoming a better engine.

At the end of the session, we got to watch the advanced guys perform some practice matches. This was very good to watch and analyse, and actually pretty fun. I’m looking forward to one day being able to do that stuff.

We got out on time for probably the first time since we started, so the geezers who come to lock up the gym seemed happy. I managed to get the bus outside for the first time in ages, and got home at a respectable time after the long journey from Hadley Stadium. On the whole, it was a success.

I can’t wait for next week, but before then, I’ll be doing a seminar on Friday at MAC Birmingham. Independent sensation Uhaa Nation is coming over and it will be simply amazing to get to be in the ring with him and learn some stuff. Beyond excited!

Roll on Friday, and roll on next week.

Craig [Editor]


3 thoughts on “Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #7

  1. Who’s the guy with the bald head? I think he’s impressive,so impressive the the W.W.E. needs to sign him to a contract!

    • Do you mean the guy in the video at the bottom? The black guy with the bald head? If so he is Uhaa Nation, and I agree, he’s incredible. I’ve literally never seen anyone like him. He’s only 26. If he isn’t on RAW in my lifetime, there is something wrong with the world!

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