Kamikaze Pro: Broken Down City

broken4Kamikaze Pro – Broken Down City
The Cadbury Club, Bournville
Sunday 25th May 2014

Yesterday was a great day. I had the pleasure of taking in yet another Kamikaze Pro event. This time, I even got to jump in the ring for a training session before the show. I’ve been documenting my experiences at the promotion’s dojo learning to become a pro wrestler. If you’re interested, they won’t be hard to find in the Kamikaze section of this site. Myself and a few of the other trainees got to run the ropes, work on some rolls and even Irish whips. This wasn’t the first time I’d tasted in-ring training, but it was really fun and far less brutal than the first time. I’m extremely excited to do the same thing at Pro Wrestling Kingdom on June 6th. I’ve signed up for a seminar with Uhaa Nation, so that should be pretty amazing. For more info on that, go here. I’m expecting that to be a bit more gruelling, but I’m chuffed nonetheless!

After the fun in the ring and helping to set up some of the stuff before the event, we took our seats like all the other marks and got ready for a great show. My good friend Dan came to check it out too, which was cool. Everybody was excited to see “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera in the main event. But if you ask me, all of the matches leading up were good.

Damian Dunne & Princess Nadia v Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell
(Mixed Tag Team Match)

The opening match featured the debut of the first two female competitors in Kamikaze Pro, and in my opinion, they really impressed! Nadia was perhaps the best heel on the show. As I heard people nearby murmur “Aghhh! She is so annoying” I reflected on what a great job she was doing. Her opposite number Nixon Newell brought an impressive physical element to the match. Of course, Damian and Chris were as good as ever, but I think most people were focused on the newcomers. The whole match was entertaining, and the two image-obsessed heels picked up the win – a great way to kick-off the show!

Van Damage v JD Knight

Next up was a battle of heavyweights. The newest member of Marshall X’s crew Van Damage brought his innovative offence to the party, but that wasn’t initially enough to keep down the babyface Knight, who was making his debut with the promotion. The crowd was firmly behind the newcomer as “JD rocks!” chants took over the room. Unfortunately for him though, the dastardly big guy secured the W and continued to build momentum.

Pete Dunne v James Mason

This match was the match that I was most excited for going in. James Mason is a British legend, with a victory over MVP on WWE Smackdown to his name. Pete is my favourite performer from Kamikaze Pro. It was set to be a great encounter. The action did not disappoint as these two battled in the centre of the ring, on the mat, for most of the match. Some fans may be bored with this style, but I loved watching this human game of chess play out.

It wasn’t all just about technical mat wrestling. James Mason in particular, played with the crowd really well. He often had the whole place laughing one minute, and then enthralled the next. As the pace quickened, the older man did not wilt under the lights. He brought a speed and intensity that really shocked me. These two ended up in a back-and-forth war which came to a close when “Dynamite” Pete Dunne beat the old lion and cemented his place as one of the top players in the British wrestling game.

broken1Robbie X(c) v El Ligero
(for the Relentless Division Championship)

This was the match of the night, in my humble opinion. Despite some disrespectful and out-of-order heckles from some members of the audience towards Robbie X, these two terrific high-flyers rose to the occasion and put together a thrill ride that was impossible to look away from, and almost impossible to bring down. Some moronic fans tried. I actually heard some “You can’t wrestle” chants after the match was over. The people chanting that – whoever you are – clearly can’t even watch wrestling, et alone wrestle yourselves.

Moving onto the positive. As “Mexico’s Own” El Ligero stepped up to try and take away Robbie X’s crown, the stage was set for an exhibition in entertainment. The vast majority of fans – including myself – were not disappointed. There were high spots, bridges, flying strikes and everything in between. The title hung in the balance on multiple occasions, and it was hard to predict a winner. However – despite seeming vulnerable after appearing to injure his knee half way through the match – Robbie X dug down deep and defeated the most talented of challengers to retain his precious Championship.

broken2Marshall X v Morgan Webster

This match appeared on paper to be just a buffer between the two title matches, but it actually proved to be much more than that. My friend Fonzo (who I actually knew before even becoming aware of Kamikaze Pro) took up his usual role as the manager of Marshall X. He hopped off the commentary table and stood outside the ring to cheer on his boy. Sadly for him, he ended up taking a huge bump for his trouble.

As for the action in-ring, it was great. I’d never actually seen Morgan wrestle before, and I was very impressed. Marshall is solid, capable and always puts on a good match. However, Morgan was an entirely unknown entity to me. I was blown away by his ability, tenacity and aerial endeavour. I also loved his gimmick. He came to the ring looking like something from the film “Quadrophenia” – in a good way! – and was announced as being from “A Town Called Malice”. I loved his whole package. Sadly that couldn’t save him when Van Dam ran in and got involved behind the referee’s back.

Marshall X and his crew continue to run roughshod over Kamikaze Pro, using underhanded tactics and blatant cheating. I’d love to see another match between him and Morgan though. Perhaps a feud could be on the cards?

broken3Ryan Smile(c) v Juventud Guerrera
(for the Kamikaze Pro Championship)

The main event carried a lot of expectation, and in some ways it delivered. In others, it was a little bit disappointing. On the whole, I’d have to say it was a good match. There were a lot of things that I did NOT expect to see, and that’s always a good thing. One of those was the beautiful lady accompanying “The Juice” to the ring. I’m not sure if they are a couple, or she is a valet, or whatever. Regardless she did a great job of getting the crowd pumped from start to finish, parading outside the ring and leading the chants. She was awesome!

When the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion came to the ringside area, everybody went wild. That reaction quickly turned sour when the All Day Star came out to face him. He continuously refused to get in the ring, like a true cowardly heel. This got the whole place riled up and the atmosphere reached fever pitch as the two finally collided in between the ropes. However, they didn’t stay there for too long.

broken5The two battled outside for several minutes, bounding across the room and striking each other with whatever was around. After brawling by the bar, the former leader of the Mexicools took a big gulp of lager and spat it straight in the face of Ryan Smile. He then bounced the Champ’s face off of a table, and led him back to the ring.

After the two of them were back between the ropes, the action continued, but not really for as long as everyone expected. I think a lot of people hoped for a longer match, but in my opinion, the shorter length was justified by the overall entertainment of the spectacle – the lady, the classic heel tactics, the brawling outside. However, sadly for the fans and for Juve, Damian Dunne came out and helped Ryan to cheat and win, thus keeping his title and lengthy reign in tact.

After the bell, the two heels began to beat-down the Mexico City superstar. As all looked doomed, Pete Dunne came running out and helped Guerrera clear the ring. As the two good guys celebrated together to bring the show to an end, I pondered whether or not this may lead to a monumental title match between Pete and Ryan, perhaps at the anniversary show. That is something I would love to see!

Overall, this show was a blinding success! Combined with my chance to jump inside the ring and practice some stuff, I’d say I got a pretty awesome day and evening, all for a tenner – I really can’t complain. If you’re living in the West Midlands and still aren’t catching these Kamikaze Pro shows, you really are missing out!

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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