Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #5

peteydunne“Dynamite” Pete Dunne

So week five at the dojo is done, and I think I’m one of the only people to have made it to every single session. I need to keep that up (and probably add to it) if I have any hope of becoming a professional wrestler. Every practice has been fun, daunting and challenging at the same time, but this week’s was one of my favourites. Under the tutelage of Marshall X, Pete Dunne and Ryan Smile, we in the beginners group ventured into new territory and brushed up on some of the stuff we learned before. Here’s how it all went down.

The warm-up segment seemed a little more manageable this week. I think maybe my cardio is slightly improving, despite my neglecting it for weight training in the gym every time. Nonetheless, I was still gasping and sweating like a pig after the sprinting part was over. After a quick water break, we all lined up to practice giving and taking clotheslines and shoulder tackles. I am still nowhere close to having these down, so it was good to spend some time on them.

Then we were separated into the two groups: experienced and beginner. Me and the rest of the novices got to work on a scoop slam for the first ever time. This was the most fun I’ve had yet – even better than the vertical suplex! If I ever make it, I want this in my move set. It was so enjoyable. We faced issues with different sizes and weights, but the challenge made it all the more fun. I loved the feeling of actually getting someone on my shoulder, tucking their head and slamming them on the mat. It was awesome! I think everybody in the group enjoyed this. Even taking them was exhilarating!

But not everything you do can be fun, and we had to move on to some other stuff. Ryan came over and worked with us on strikes. Other than clotheslines and tackles, I’d never tried anything like this. It was very tricky to pull off a kick to the torso, without hitting the other guy, while making it look real. It goes without saying that I still need a lot of work on this, but it was cool to get started. The forearms were even trickier. My lower arms are notoriously bone-dominated. Trying to use the “meaty” part of my arm and not hurt my opposite number Karl proved extremely difficult. With enough work in the gym, hopefully I can get those arms to be a little more forgiving. As with pretty much everything we learn, we were encouraged to sell and make noise from the start, which is good practice.

Then came the dreaded promo section at the end. When we get told to grab a water and sit on the mats to do promos, I always feel like “Woah! We only just got here” – time really flies when you’re having fun! However, despite my debilitating nerves and lack of ability to cut a promo, I gave it the best I could. I’m really not making progress though. At the time, I was pretty distraught about the whole thing.

However, over the last week I have been making notes, practising and really putting a lot of thought into this thing, so I’m way more optimistic about next week. Ryan said they are bringing the cameras in – that terrifies me! But I know I need to get better and make progress, and I’m determined to do so. I’m not just gonna roll my eyes and try and get through it. I really want to give the trainers what they want, and get better each week. I’m hoping that starting Tuesday I’ll have something tangible to build on.

Tomorrow is Kamikaze Pro’s awesome event Broken Down City in Bournville. It features former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera. If you’re in Birmingham or the surrounding area, check out this link and come down to see the show! Why do I bring this up? Because not only will I be there tomorrow in person taking notes (come here for a review of the show next week) but I’m also taking part in an in-ring training session before the show starts. That should be really cool! It should be painful but fun to take some bumps in the ring and run the ropes. Maybe I’ll even get a cheeky picture with Juve!

That’s not the only taste of in-ring work I have lined up. On June 6th, before Pro Wrestling Kingdom’s show Consurgo 2014 (check it out here), I’ll also be attending an official wrestling seminar with indy sensation Uhaa Nation! That’s very exciting indeed. It only cost me £10 to get the session and the show afterwards (on which he features) so I’m chuffed and uber excited about that.

Lots of practice to be done over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully by the summer I can be making some noticeable strides on my journey to go from super mark to professional wrestler.

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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