Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #3

dynamiteOkay so today is Thursday, and it’s been around a day and a half since my latest wrestling session. This week’s practice was just as good as the last. It was cool to have Ryan back. With the two trainers switching between the experienced and beginner groups, we got to learn some really great stuff from each of them.

A couple of my buddies who had been there last week couldn’t make it. Luckily for them, we mostly tried to go over things that we had already been working on. We spent quite a lot of time going through clotheslines and shoulder tackles, which I enjoyed. Pete encouraged us to hit harder, louder and with more venom. I don’t think I can do too much of anything right now. I just want to learn. If it means I get to take a hundred more bumps and hopefully get a little bit better at doing so, that’s a positive for me.

We did however still venture into some new territory. We began learning how to take our lock-up technique (which we started in the first session) into a full nelson and a snapmare. This part of the class was really fun. I struggled to get the hang of how to roll through it, but it always takes me 10x the amount of time it would for a regular person to take something in. Ryan was patient with us, and I think I was starting to get it at the end.

To finish off what had been another really awesome evening, we had the dreaded promo part. All of us had to pair off and come up with a few things to use when cutting a promo on each other. As long as we put in the key promotional material (date of the show, venue and name), we were on the right track. I forgot the show name, or the venue. I can’t remember. Either way, mine seemed so terrible. It’s really gonna take me a while to get the confidence to do this well. Some of the other dudes came with some hilarious, witty shit. I enjoyed that part of the class for that, but wish I could get better myself. Maybe that will come with time, or maybe not. We shall see.

Anyway, I had a great time once again. I really, really can’t wait for next week.

Craig [Editor]


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