Kamikaze Pro: Project K

IMG_0284The Cadbury Club in Bournville, Birmingham

Kamikaze Pro – Project K
The Cadbury Club, Bournville
Saturday 8th March 2014

Stop crying about WWE and support the top quality wrestling on your own doorstep

I’m not a big expert on British wrestling, past or present. I’m one of those guys who loved WWE as a kid, did so as a teen and still do as an adult. When it comes to independent wrestling, watching Ring of Honor online very occasionally is about as deep as I go. However, I started checking out a few shows in my local area for the first time around a year ago. What I saw was entertaining in that sort of “not bad for a fiver” type of way. I can’t say that my first impression was good.

On Saturday, my outlook was completely changed. After being invited to cover a Kamikaze Pro event in Birmingham, I realised what is available practically around the corner – a legitimate wresting product. It was a small distance for me to travel and tremendously worth it. The quality of wrestling on show truly was eye-opening. The effort put in by everyone involved seemed to really pay off because every single person there seemed to have a good time. It would be hard not to recommend this promotion to any wrestling fan. If you live in the Midlands area, make the trip to one of their shows. You can find out more about what’s on offer from Kamikaze Pro here. Now, down to the review. I loved every match on the card. I thought the performances were exhilarating from start to finish. Everybody in the crowd (including me and my buddy) laughed, cheered and gasped throughout. The night had everything I’d ask for from a wrestling show. Let’s take a look at the line-up.

T-Bone v Justin Sysum

Despite not having all the glitz of a “big time” WWE show, it didn’t take long for this to feel like the real deal. These two guys really set the tone of the evening with a great opening match. The crowd were hot and it really felt like an intimate experience that we in the audience were lucky to be a part of. T-Bone and Justin aren’t vanilla midgets, yet they still managed to bounce around that ring like it was Mexico City in 1995. T-Bone left after his hard fought victory, allowing Marshall X to jump Sysum at his weakest. The GM came out and there will now be a match between the two at the next Kamikaze Pro event on March 30th. It was a great way to get the crowd going, and they didn’t shut up for the rest of the night.

Battle Squad:Awesome v The Bhangra Knights

These two teams had probably the most entertaining match of the night. I didn’t know anything about either of them going in, and I was still more engaged with them than I am with most teams on the WWE roster. I loved the fact that they both had clear gimmicks and cool matching ring gear, and the in-ring work was top notch. It was fast paced and frantic, but also incredibly comedic at times. The four guys worked hard and pulled out some incredible solo and tag team manoeuvres. At the same time, they seemed to have a whole lot of fun entertaining the crowd. We were all cracking up, and they were all smiling. It was just a great match to be around for. The Bhangra Nights picked up the win in this competitive face-versus-face battle. I especially hope to see these guys again!


International star Ciampa dissing Wales and Eddie Dennis

Tommaso Ciampa(c) v Eddie Dennis (for the ROH Television Championship)

This was an incredible experience! I will admit that the main reason I wanted to attend the show was to see Ciampa. I did not expect his opponent (whom I didn’t know of going in) to be so amazing! He played the heel so well, and made the whole match so entertaining for us in the crowd. He played off of the chants and the shouts. He reacted with flawless timing and execution. When it came to the in-ring activity itself, both guys delivered a high class encounter. It was made all the more special when the General Manager of the promotion came out to announce – prior to the action – that the title belt would be on the line. That added a nice bit of prestige to what was an excellent match. Ciampa retained the title, but he worked hard to make his Welsh counter-part look good. The two of them had a great chemistry and made some big laughs before the physicality kicked off. When it did, they both had us all on the edge of our seats throughout.

Stixx v Van Damage

I can’t honestly say that I remember a lot about this match. I was on such a high after seeing a fantastic first half of action. After a short cigarette and hot dog interval, it was back coming thick and fast. With the anticipation building for Trent Barreta, this one kind of passed me by. That shouldn’t reflect on the guys themselves because they did both do a good job. I was just not overly engaged with what they were doing – an unfortunate position to be in perhaps. Stixx picked up the win over the hometown guy and drew some good heat.

Ryan Smile(c) v Robbie X (for the Kamikaze Pro Championship)

This was my first time seeing Ryan Smile live, but I had encountered him once before. He was one of two guys on the card (along with Pete Dunne) who ran a training session I attended a while ago. It goes without saying that after the ordeal I couldn’t walk – I literally hobbled around the office – for a week and decided that I probably belong on this side of the barricade. I saw enough in that three hours to know that he was going to be entertaining, and he really was.

These two guys put on a high-octane thrill ride of a match. Smile picked up some real heat for his intense reactions to the crowd’s chanting and towards his opponent. He really did look the part of Champion. Despite Robbie looking every bit a credible contender, he was eventually beaten by Smile. The victorious high-flyer was then greeted by the General Manager and told that he will defend his title at the next event against the powerhouse Valkabious – he subsequently cut an intense and defiant promo. I was impressed with everything he did.


The impressive former WWE Superstar Trent Barreta

Trent Barreta v Pete Dunne

In a non-stop main event, former WWE superstar Trent Barreta clashed with ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne. Dynamite is big on the British scene and has wrestled internationally to a lot of success. He is well respected and it was easy to see why. It was cool to see him compete live. I thought he was a sound guy when he trained at that session, so I was pleased to see him put on such a good performance. It was even cooler to see him get the win. That was a nice touch by Trent and the promoters. It made for a pleasing end to a brilliant night’s entertainment.

If you’re in the UK and you hate the “PG era” you should take a look around you and see what great wrestling you might find at a local level. If you’re from Birmingham or the surrounding areas, you should definitely look at Kamikaze Pro. They have a roster of tremendous British talent and regularly bring over some of the best stars from the international scene. If you want real top quality wrestling for a worthy price, you can have it. Stop crying out for the Attitude Era to return, and get into something you can enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and take a look at Kamikaze Pro on Facebook!



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