Sandwell Street Dubz: Vol 2

sandwelltingzFront cover – Source: Chameleon Recordings

In just over two weeks, the latest release from Chameleon Recordings will be available for all to enjoy. The second edition of Sandwell Street Dubz is just as good as the first. The album showcases just some of the studio’s most talented and loyal clients. Expect to see music videos released in the near future for some of the best tracks on this record. When they are online, you can see them at the Chameleon Recordings YouTube page. All tracks were recorded at Chameleon Studios.

The mix has been put together as something to give back to the local music community and the loyal customers of the Chameleon. It has a celebratory feel to it. Despite the often gritty and raw nature of the lyrical content, a lot of the tracks are quite uplifting. There are three particular songs that really caught my attention from Big Dog Yogo, E Blessed and Flawzz, Blacka Blacks & AD. All three of these artists are set to have their own releases on Chameleon Recordings in 2014. Watch out for those!

Big Dog Yogo’s offering is a perfect example of this balance. The lyrics on the track talk a lot about the challenge of just trying to live your life for yourself. However, with it’s mellow relaxed beat, it’s rather therapeutic. E Blessed spits on trying to make it in the music business and balance everyday problems. This is probably the most poignant track. Flawzz, Blacka Blacks and AD produced the best song on the whole thing, in my opinion. It has tight delivery, a catchy chorus and captivating lyrics. It’s definitely one you will want to listen to over and over

You won’t be disappointed when you hear these tracks, and the others on the CD. You can expect many more volumes of Sandwell Street Dubz to come out, as long as Chameleon Studios is still the epicentre for urban music in the community. Be sure to check out Volume Two on February 23.

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