Our recap video shows Magnus & friends screwing AJ Styles in the main event last week. I’m not sure if that means he’s actually left TNA or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

Rockstar Spud starts us off looking completely confused about the boo’s he’s receiving, but then smiles and brushes it off. Dixie heads out and introduces Magnus. He doesn’t say much, but he does say wearing two Title Belts is ‘obnoxious’ (shots fired at Randy Orton).


 Magnus doing an ‘Orton’ – Source: Impact Wrestling

Dixie thanks all her allies for their actions last week, then invites her nephew Ethan Carter III to the ring. The lights go out, and we see Sting in the crowd pointing his baseball bat at the ring. Absolutely huge pop, which continues until Sting introduces the rest of the lockeroom out to fight Dixies troops. Spud makes a 12 man tag match, which will be next.


The match starts with everyone brawling around the outside. They then take turns to get into the ring, do a couple of moves and then back to the outside. The faces stay in control for the majority, which included Joseph Park going for a Suicide Dive but getting stopped at the last minute, I thought it was actually going to happen. As he was running the ropes, Kazarian caught him with a heel kick. Park then bled from the mouth (glad he didn’t blade again). He sees the blood and attacks anyone, including Storm and Gunner. Joe caught Daniels in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap out win as Park left. Good opener, lots of action.

Backstage Austin Aries is talking to Velvet Sky, who is confused to as what to do. He reassures her, but leaves quickly as Sabin arrives. He’s pissed off at what he just saw, and tells her to follow him, clicking his fingers.

Sabin and Velvet are in the ring as we come back from commercial. He basically puts her down until he gets interrupted by A Double. Aries says she should do whatever she likes, and challenges Chris to an X-Division Title match next week, without Sky’s interference. Ironically AA then suggests that they put Velvet in a cage next week, way to respect her mate! She then agrees to the suggestion, and says if Sabin doesn’t win next week, she might start looking elsewhere.  I hope she turns heel next week, I want a heel couple.


Is their upcoming fight for the title, or for Velvet?- Source: Impact Wrestling

Backstage Simon Diamond (from ECW, now road agent) runs into Samuel Shaw and tells him he’s impressed. He goes on to say he should stop being distracted by Hemme, which Shaw takes offence to. He jumps Diamond, and then sniffs a trainer. Creepy chap.


Standard no DQ match, swinging chairs and the like. Anderson brought in piece of guard rail, which I’m sure he’s done in all of their matches. Bully missed a splash onto it, which looked horrendous, then Anderson upstaged him by missing a Swanton from the top onto it. Ken slams Bully through a table for a close nearfall.


 Kennedy slams Bully through a table, doesn’t look fun for either man in this shot – Source: Impact Wrestling

In a way I felt like they were hitting spots that should end the match, next time Bully gets hit with a finisher and loses it won’t really make sense.  After both men tease the crowd with Lighter Fluid, Bully nails Anderson with a low blow and a hard Piledriver for the victory.

Kurt Angle storms out to the ring and starts screaming for Dixie to explain what happened last week. She tells him it was for the best. Angle pretty much changes the subject and starts to talk about his match with Roode later tonight. Dixie punishes him by postponing the match to next week (the crowd boo, not realising that they will still see it tonight). She asks security to escort Kurt from the building, but he gets jumped by Roode before that can happen.


 Bobby Roode stands tall over Kurt Angle yet again – Source: Impact Wrestling


We’re shown Gail and Tapa attacking Rayne backstage prior to this match, which she sold excellently as she walked down the ramp. Lots of rest holds and submissions, and a weird spot where Tapa got caught choking Madison at ringside, and got sent to the back, surely Gail should’ve been disqualified on the spot? After both women got back in the ring, Rayne avoided a kick in the corner and hit her weird finisher for the 3 count and her 5th Knockouts Title.

Backstage THE AMERICAN WOLVES; DAVEY RICHARDS AND EDDIE EDWARDS, (yes, that had to be in caps) are talking to Dixie. She says she’s booked them a tryout match next week, to which they reply they’ve already signed with an ‘investor’. So happy to see them in TNA, should lead to some great matches.


Two chants break out in the first few minutes of this match, ‘you’re a douchebag’ and ‘you can’t wrestle’. The former lead to Taz asking Mike Tenay if he’s allowed to repeat it like a child talking to a parent, and the latter just infuriated me. I wish Sting would stop wearing a t-shirt, it just looks so stupid. Either get down the gym or accept that you have a middle-aged body now.


EC3 looks to be in a bit of pain – Source: Impact Wrestling

Sting attempted to job EC3 out, hitting a Scorpion Deathdrop like it was nothing. Spud refused to count, until Sting grabbed his arm and forced him to. Magnus appeared out of nowhere and pulled him out, the crowd didn’t notice either and were completely silent. The end came with Magnus revealing his own referee shirt, and counting three fast as possible as EC3 rolled Sting up.

Sting screams that he wants a title shot, but Magnus will only accept if Stings career is on the line. Sting accepts, and Magnus says ‘I can’t wait to rip up your contract, right in front of your stupid, painted, face.’ Best thing he’s ever said.

Right, is Sting going to WWE? It’s Wrestlemania season…let’s see.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.



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