TNA: Did Jeff Hardy really retire on Impact?

hardydixieHardy and Dixie have a strained relationship – Source: Impact Wrestling


Tonight’s recap video shows us Magnus’ surprising heel turn and World Title win. I’m all for it, putting the title on someone new and different (and British).

Rockstar Spud heads to the ring getting quite a lot of heat, seemingly a Jeff Hardy loving crowd. He introduces Dixie, who is followed by Hardy. On the way to the ring, he reaches over the barrier to say hello to some kids, one of which is in a wheelchair. Always nice to see stuff like that, but surely he should be furious/focused about getting screwed last week? Jeff begins to air his grievances, until Spud starts screaming at him. After squaring up to Spud, Jeff gets thrown out of the ring by Ethan Carter III, who appeared out of nowhere. Sting walks to the ring, and the two young men sprint away from the t-shirt wearing 54 year old. Sting asks for a tag match against Spud and EC3 tonight, and Dixie confidently accepts.

As we come back from commercial, Dixie is still in the ring. Again she’s interrupted by Gunner and his Money in the…Feast briefcase. He asks for a match tonight, but Magnus is away, promoting the upcoming TNA tour. I felt this was bad scheduling, this should’ve been the show where Magnus makes a statement. James Storm heads to the ring to shout about his issues, and Dixie decides they will fight next, with the briefcase on the line.


Pretty standard match, which came to an end quickly when both men were counted out. They continued to fight up the ramp, hitting each other with stiff punches whilst referees tried to pull them apart. To be continued.

Backstage Bully Ray is sitting with his sunglasses on in a dark room. Brooke Tessmacher appears and says she is going to air all his dirty secrets in the ring for binning her off. Bully says that isn’t a good idea, and she walks away. No idea where they’re going with this quiet character, I don’t like it. They’re taking away everything that’s good about Bully.

We see a video of Magnus (should be there live, not pre-recorded!) talking about he’s been booked…seriously. This drove me insane, he was going in and out of kayfabe, making no sense at all. What an awful start to this title reign.

Brooke T heads to the ring and asks Bully to join her. He heads out to no music, looking like a moody bouncer on a rainy night. She cusses him out, and goes to leave. Bully stops her and destroys her by subtly insulting her abilities in ‘the bedroom’. He then says he wants her to spread his word, how sadistic he can be. This was actually pretty creepy, but TNA decided to pipe in ominous music over the top and made it cheesy. I wanted to see a powerbomb through a table but you know.


Daniels and Kazarian beat Park with weapons for the first 10 minutes. Kaz teases a chair shot, but Daniels stops him saying ‘we don’t want him to bleed!’ ABOUT TIME. They work the back and stomach instead, lovely bit of logic. Park gets the upper hand for a bit, choosing a Boston Crab instead of using a weapon for a quick 3 count. Daniels takes him out with a crutch and he rolls out of the ring. EY heads down to encourage him, but receives a beating too. Park eventually gets hit with a kendo stick that was meant for Eric, and blades. A LOT. His face, chest and hands are completely covered in blood as he annihilates both opponents and picks up the win.

Never happy to see BI lose, and I’m sure ‘Abyss’ wouldn’t have been able to beat them alone anyway!


This was a decent match, your standard ‘big v not as big’. ODB trying repeatedly to gain control but getting shut down. Lei’D picked up the win after Gail distracted the referee. Gail then grabbed the mic and said it was a message to her former friend, Madison Rayne. I think people are way more interested in the two women that just fought.

Backstage Chris Sabin is talking to Velvet Sky about losing his X-Divison Title. She calmly says it wasn’t her fault, and Sabin responds by saying he needs a woman who will stand by him. Velvet pleads for him to come round, but he walks away. What the hell is going on in this storyline!


Dixie appears on the screen, and finally gets to finish her announcement. She adds the Bro-Mans to the match, making it 4 on 2. Jeff continued to sell his injuries from last weeks match the whole time, which is something I think is important in Wrestling. You need to believe that someone could lose, to make their comeback/hot tag/etc feel so much more rewarding. John Cena’s recent elbow comes to mind, even whilst legitimately injured he doesn’t sell it. The four heels use quick tags to wear Hardy down, but look weak in doing so. When Sting finally gets the tag, the crowd go insane. He takes out everyone, and then again by swinging Spud around. Out of nowhere, EC3 rolls up Sting with a handful of tights and gets the win. Pretty huge deal on paper.

As Dixie’s lads celebrate on the ramp, Jeff grabs a mic. He says he wanted to become a ‘professional wrestling’ (Botchamania) because of his partner, Sting. He says he wants to fight, but he has no fight left, and retires. Sting implores him to reconsider as Jeff dumps his shirt and those arm things in the ring, and leaves.

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