WWE: Raw Christmas had a very surprise return gift for everyone!

xmasfireSandow gets put out – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

It’s Christmas time and last night I sat down to watch the penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw for 2013. From Austin, Texas WWE presented Raw Christmas. Let’s get into it.

– The Authority came to the ring to the open the show, each wearing red Santa hats, even Kane. Randy Orton came to the ring and awarded himself the night off, which they didn’t seem to mind.

12 Divas Jingle Bells Match: This match included some very hot Christmas outfits, some pretty impressive moves and even the disturbing presence of Vickie Guerrero. Natalya, Alicia Fox and The Bellas did a good job, to be fair to them. Natalya got the win with the Sharpshooter.

Sin Cara v Curtis Axel: The Mexican continued to build momentum with a tremendous performance and a good win over the former Paul Heyman guy. JBL kept dropping massive hints that the guy under the mask could be a different person. Now that I know it’s Hunico, I found that really ironic. There was no Jerry Lawler all night for some reason, which I noticed during this match. Cara got the win after a senton bomb from the top rope, which was just one of the acrobatic delights he pulled off.

– The next thing I saw really shocked me, in a good way. A vignette told of Batista’s return on the January 20th episode of Raw. I thought this announcement was a bit nonchalant for such huge news.

The Wyatt Family v The Rhodes Brothers & Daniel Bryan: This was a great match and a great win for the family. They all have their characters down so much and do the little things so well, like facial expressions.

– The Christmas carol contest involving Santino Marella, The Great Khali, 3MB, Xavier Woods and R-Truth was actually entertaining somehow.

Dolph Ziggler v Fandango (in a Christmas Present on a Pole Match): This is not a joke. This actually happened. I guess Vince Russo is back working for WWE. The dancing supremo won again and continues to build momentum. He will challenge Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship on Raw New Year next week.

xmasgiftWhenever I see a pole, I sigh – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Prime Time Players v The Usos: The Prime Time Players cut a really funny promo, in which Darren Young accidentally said Houston instead of Austin. I don’t know if he did this on purpose, but it was entertaining either way. During their match with The Usos immediately after, the crowd were chanting “This is Austin” and “Houston sucks” constantly. The Usos picked up the win, and all of them did the million dollar dance together. I enjoyed this whole thing.

Mark “Good Santa” Henry v Damien “Bad Santa” Sandow: These two guys brought out all the weapons and went at each other with kendo sticks, fire extinguishers and a toilet. At the end of this brutal battle, Good Santa got the win and saved Christmas for everyone. I should have hated this, but I just couldn’t.

– CM Punk, John Cena and Big E Langston cut an awesome old school “brother” type of promo and did The Shield pose at the end.

Los Matadores v The Real Americans: The luchadores pulled off some really cool high flying moves and got the win here. Zeb’s boys are far too over to be doing so many jobs. They are long overdue for a title run!

Ryback v Kofi Kingston: Ryback got the win. I have nothing else to add.

The Shield v John Cena, CM Punk & Big E Langston: The jackals used great tag team work to isolate Punk, who after a while, eventually clawed his way to a fresh Langston for the hot tag. An exhilarating spotfest followed until The Shield beat Langston down for the DQ. Cena and Punk rescued their partner and hit a tandem Attitude Adjustment/GTS.


Some will see this show as an indictment of the PG era. I just thought it was really entertaining, Christmas fun. Maybe I’m getting old, but I remember when this kind of episode would have had my seething. I didn’t see it that way at all yesterday.

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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