TNA: Jeff Hardy and Magnus go to Dixieland at Final Resolution


Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy – Source: Impact Wrestling


Tonight’s show starts with Magnus cutting an inspirational and slightly cliché promo about ‘loving the business’. He brings up the footage of Jeff Hardy meeting Dixie Carter after last weeks show, trying to turn the crowd against him. Jeff comes out, and doesn’t really deny it, which leads Magnus to bring up Jeff joining Immortal in 2010. Jeff says that was ‘a different person’ and scarpers off. The crowd don’t really care and cheer Hardy anyway.


This must be their 3rd match this month? I don’t mind seeing the two of them fight, but it just seems too often. The first pinfall comes early, with Roode hitting a TKO type move after a low blow. Angle recovered and fired back with a lot of suplex’s, and nailed an Angle Slam for the second fall. Both men changed their game to submissions after this, trying to wear their opponent down. Roode kicked out of an Angle Slam, even though he didn’t kick out of one earlier in the match, when he was fresh…The Ending came with Roode rolling up Angle whilst grabbing the rope, cheap ending, this storyline isn’t over.

Backstage we see James Storm and Gunner arguing like an old married couple.

Video package for Madison Rayne’s return last week.

Ethan Carter III is with Jeremy Borash, saying that he’s sure his case from last week will be something good. His phone rings, and his ring tone is his theme, excellent. Dixie tells him she has no idea what’s in his case, and is powerless to alter it.

Eric Young is in the ring with some Christmas presents, which he says will remind Joseph Park of his past. He invites JP out, and straight up tells him that he is Abyss. Park is still denying it, so EY tells him to start unwrapping. He reveals a chair, a bag of tacks, barbed wire, and finally the nail board thing Abyss used to have. Park then accepts EY’s idea of a Monsters Ball match against Bad Influence next week. Looks like the end is soon for this one!


Zema Ion starts us off saying ‘I’m almost certain I’m going home tonight…WITH GOLD AROUND MY WAIST’ and then did loads of air horn noises, I absolutely lost it. He then opened his case to find an X Division Title shot, good for him. Still no mention of his medical problems, waste of a good story.

Gunner says even though they’ve been having problems, he will team with Storm if it’s a tag match. He then opens his case to find a World Heavyweight Title shot, and starts shouting about deserving it. Storm looks on, completely jealous.

Sting enters the room to shout at EC3 a bit, whilst Chavo says that he’s had to fight his way into the business…not like his entire family were Wrestling before he was born or anything. I hate Chavo. So when he opened his case and got FIRED I was very pleased. That leaves EC3 with the Tag Title shot, and he celebrates with Dixie as Sting looks frustrated.


The match was basically a build towards Madison’s hot tag, who looks in insanely good shape considering she’s had a kid recently. Madison gets the win over Gail with a quick roll up. They’re really giving all the matches enough time tonight. Crazy that TNA have a tiny female roster, but have two storylines running simultaneously.


First off, I’ll explain what a Dixieland match is. You have to escape the cage, head up the ramp, climb a ladder and grab the title.

The match started pretty average, Hardy sticking to his high flying style, getting the better of Magnus and his inexperience (in comparison). Interesting spot where Jeff tried to escape via the hole in the cage the camera shoots through, never seen that before. After some back and forth action, Jeff hit a Whisper in the Wind from the top of the cage, insane that he still does stuff like that. Both men climb out the cage, on opposite sides. EC3 stops Magnus from reaching the floor, but ends up on the receiving end of a Twist of Fate.

Jeff then took out Magnus and makes his way up the ramp. He throws his shirt in Dixie’s face, and climbs up the ladder. This causes Rockstar Spud to come out and push the ladder over, which resulted in Hardy taking one of the most disgusting bumps I’ve seen in a long time. Jeff flipped sideways onto the solid ramp (worth checking out). Magnus then climbed the ladder and grabbed the title, and celebrated with Dixie and Spud. EC3 looked a bit miffed, which I honestly cannot tell if it’s part of the angle or not.

I really liked tonight’s show, seemed to fly by, and concluded with something interesting to pull you back in.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.


Joseph Holberry


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