WWE: Great main event saves an otherwise forgettable episode of Smackdown

punkdamanPunk launching himself at Seth Rollins – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I know. My title really drew you in. Sarcasm aside, I didn’t know how to big up this show, because it didn’t have a whole lot to shout about. Nonetheless, some decent stuff happened. Let’s take a look at what went down on Friday Night Smackdown!

Big E Langston v Jack Swagger: The show opened with a short but okay match which Langston won. Zeb Colter was at the announce desk entertaining and showing off his “Santa is an illegal immigrant” sign which Cole found offensive and I found brilliant. Henry was at ringside to offer moral support. I’m liking this new Big E and Mark Henry friendship.

Randy Orton cut a typical promo in the ring and was confronted by John Cena. who was then joined by Daniel Bryan. The Shield came through the crowd as Orton slithered out of the ring, to make an attack. CM Punk ran down to even up the numbers, and Vickie Guerrero came out to create the predictable six man tag main event. It may be predictable, but you know with all of those guys, it’s going to be a great contest.

Brie Bella v Tamina Snuka: The Bella got the shock win after a sharp counter, which left AJ Lee looking furious outside the ring. The Divas Champion had been at the announce table too. This is becoming real overkill on Smackdown in my opinion, the constant guest announcing that is.

Sin Cara v Drew McIntyre: The Mexican continued to build momentum with this squash of the Scot, but I’m sad to see that his run with Alberto Del Rio seems to be over. For Drew, this was just another day at the office.

Damien Sandow v The Miz: The series of throw-away matches continued with this impromptu affair. Damien Sandow was cutting some stupid promo about cancelling Christmas and The Miz showed up to challenge him. Seriously, is this guy face again now? I can’t keep up. Sandow won this non-match with a roll-up.

The Rhodes Brothers v The Wyatt Family: This was the first real good match on the card. Rowan and Harper went into this family affair with their distinctively dirty offensive style. The babyfaces tried continuously to work from underneath, but they couldn’t overcome. Cody got the comeback tag and delivered some fast paced offence midway through the match but it eventually boiled down into tornado mayhem.

The moment of the match (in my opinion) saw Goldust execute a running senton from the apron onto Rowan on the outside. At his age, I don’t even know how that’s possible. I was even more surprised that the geniuses in the truck chose not to replay it. Nonetheless, with everyone else down on the outside, Harper secured the win with a mean clothesline to Cody. The former moustache maestro escaped a creepy Bray Wyatt post-match sacrifice when a marauding Daniel Bryan interfered and saved the day. I guess that feud is still going on – not a fan.

Brodus Clay v Tensai: I don’t know whether he should be called Lord Tensai, Sweet Tea or what. I’ll just go with Tensai. Anyway, he was dominated for the most part in his fat man brawl, until Xavier Woods danced with The Funkadactyls on the stage to distract black tights Brodus. That was enough for Tensai to get the win with the roll-up. This only encouraged his former tag partner to beat him down some more, until Woods ran to the ring and the two babyfaces sent the “main event player” packing. I guess that’s your new dancing, jiving tag team.

woodstensaiXavier Woods making an impact, sort of – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Kofi Kingston v Fandango: The demise of Kofi continues as he was beaten by Fandango, who seems to be receiving somewhat of a mini-push as of late. He got the victory with that big leg drop from the top rope. This was short, but decent.

Then we saw a chilling backstage attack from The Wyatts on Daniel Bryan. They appeared to throw him off some kind of ledge or down a shaft or something, as Bray knelt down and did something weird. That would rule him out of the main event match.

John Cena & CM Punk v The Shield (3-on-2 Handicap Match): As their partner Bryan got medical treatment on the concrete in the back, arguably the two biggest stars in the company took on the best faction in a decade. We may have seen these kind of matches many times, but they never disappoint. As the two babyfaces came out ready to fight, Vickie made her to way to the stage to announce the obvious: this would now be a 3-on-2 handicap match. What would we do without you, Vickie?

This really was a great main event and all five of these guys worked so, so well as always. My favourite moment in particular though, was seeing Roman Reigns hit that insane Superman punch on John Cena. The former World Heavyweight Champion and CM Punk did both execute a crazy DDT each, with Punk’s involving two of his opponents. As the match became increasingly chaotic, the referee called for the bell when Punk was defencelessly beaten by the jackals on the ground. Big E Langston came down to help them even the odds and stood in the ring defiant as the show went off the air. A really good match to end an okay show.


I’m in the mood to try and be a bit more critical this week, because my ratings are usually very lenient at all times. This show was fairly average. The main event saved it. The best thing about that closing twenty minutes was that it really put over Roman Reigns and also Big E Langston. WWE was once again showing TNA how it’s done when it comes to building and marketing your own original stars. The tag team encounter involving the Rhodes boys was also very well done, but the rest of the card was mostly boring and/or irrelevant.

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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