TNA: Bully Ray blindsides Mr. Anderson before Feast or Fired match

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Tonight’s recap is solely about AJ Styles and his disappearance with the TNA World Title belt. This then takes us to a shot of Rockstar Spud in his car, telling Dixie that he is in Georgia, looking for AJ.

In the ring, Jeremy Borash is stood with the Feast or Fired briefcases (I’ll explain that later) and the wheel of Dixie. Before he can explain why, Kurt Angle flies to the ring, and throws everything about. He calls out Bobby Roode for screwing him last week, and he comes straight out. Kurt says he could beat Roode twice in one night, and they two men brawl. Roode sucker-punches Kurt when his arms were held, and makes a 2 out of 3 falls match next week.

We see a montage of Bad Influence bullying Joseph Park, but they don’t really dwell on the fact he got found out as a liar last week.


BI use every tag team heel tactic I can think of in this match. They kept Park in their corner for the majority of the match and use double team moves to build towards EY’s hot tag. After throwing both members of BI out of the ring, EY confused the entire crowd by screaming at Park, getting him in a headlock and legitimately punching him in the forehead. He then BLADED ON A STANDARD TV TAPING and turned into Abyss. He annihilated both of their opponents and got the 3 count.

After the bell EY got on the mic and revealed that Park is in fact, Abyss. Park denied it as they crowd shouted their disagreement. Is the end in sight? Also, stop blading every week!


I KNOW I KNOW. Before the bloodbath can commence, Sting heads to the ring. He sarcasms all over the place, and says Ethan doesn’t deserve the spot he has. Sting mentions the FOF match, and then demands a match with EC3. He responds by saying you’re on, but he was actually referring to the FOF! SWERVE!

Rockstar Spud is still looking for AJ, including using a paper map, do people still use them?


This started as a Gail Kim challenge, into ODB challenging Tapa, then broke down into all three women fighting. ODB was then saved by returning knockout Madison Rayne. TNA desperately need more knockouts, so I’m all for it. The faces clothesline Tapa over the top, and hug like they don’t have a huge history.

Spud is in a redneck bar asking for info on AJ. He asks the barmaid for a ‘ladyboy chaser’, and then attempts to sing ‘God Save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols with the bar band. He ends up tangled in fairy lights and thrown out, which I couldn’t help but laugh at. He then drives to AJ’s house, don’t know how he knows where that is.

Jeff Hardy and Magnus face each other in the ring before their World Title final match next week. Jeff started a ‘HARDY’ chant again, urgh. Magnus plays the heel by default. Dixie basically says she’s open to bribes, and the two chaps look confused.

Spud breaks into AJ’s house, talks to a taxidermy moosehead, but eventually finds the Title Belt. AJ turns the lights on, and scares Spud to death, mentioning calling some friends, ‘pulp fiction style’. Spud runs away, probably because AJ was threatening to rape him.


This match seems to have come out of nowhere, it should have been hyped more considering it’s a title match. With TNA being so shoddy, I have no idea if you can cash in the X title for a World Title shot anymore…hmm. Now I think about it, more people should be trying to win this belt, it’s basically a way of jumping the rankings. Anyway, this match was as great as you’d expect, both men are veterans, and are in their element. Saying that, I wasn’t a fan of the result/shenanigans. AA won clean after a brainbuster, and didn’t seem to have worked hard for the victory. I don’t like the way Sabin loses week after week. AA doesn’t need the win or the title.

Velvet Sky continues to stay face, taking Sabin’s abuse and doing nothing about it, just turn her heel! Edge and Lita style. Male fans will still fancy her, and that’s pretty much her only worry.

Backstage Sabin blames AA for putting his Mrs. in harms way, even though it was all him. They both put themselves forward for FOF tonight.

We have 4 briefcases on poles, in each corner of the ring. 3 of the briefcases contain a shot at each of TNA’s titles; World Title, X Division and Tag Team. The forth, however, contains a pink slip, meaning the winner will be fired.

As Mr. Anderson makes his entrance, he gets blind-sided by Bully Ray, who piledrives him on the stage and then recites a poem. Lose the poem, it doesn’t suit you. The majority of the competitors take turns diving to the outside, ending with Samoa Joe hitting a Suicide Dive that destroyed everyone, must’ve been like a bus flying through the air. As everyone is recovering, EC3 grabs case 3.

The commentators make no reference to this being Zema Ions first match since his return, which pissed me off, especially when he grabs case number 2! AA shows absolutely no fatige in his second match of the night, as he nails 5 running dropkicks, and hits two men with a 450 splash. Hernandez assists his partner Chavo Guerrero in grabbing case 4, even though they have no idea what’s inside. After a Tower of Doom spot, Gunner crotched his own partner (James Storm) to take down case 1.

We see Jeff Hardy meeting Dixie Carter at a resturant as we go off air, and that’s it for tonight!

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.


Joseph Holberry


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