UFC: Hunt and Bigfoot Silva put on a real clinic at Fight Night 33


“Bigfoot” Silva heading to the ring – Source: MMA Junkie

This weekend UFC held another fight night, this time in Australia. The night started off with decent fights from relative unknowns. The best fight from the undercard would later be shown on the main event broadcast, but more on that in a bit. The first fight of the night was a female fight between Jackson product Julia Kedzie and Pitball brothers product Bethe Corriera. This fight was basically a sloppy kick boxing match. To be honest I don’t even know what planet Kedzie was on. I’ll give Corriera a pass as it’s her UFC debut. I do struggle to see what Kedzie was doing fighting though. If Kedzie is on another planet, then her mentor Greg Jackson is smoking crack, and was meowing between rounds and telling Kedzie that she was winning. Alas Kedzie lost and has since announced her retirement from the sport altogether.

Next up we get Hester v Andrews. This fight was turning into a great scrap. Dylan took the first round and Hester took the second. Unfortunately for Andrews, in the dying seconds of Round Two, he threw a crazy haymaker that got blocked and resulted in his shoulder popping out. Hester wins by TKO after the doctor stoppage. That was a great fight with an unfortunate ending.

Next up we see a heavyweight bout featuring the people’s champ Pat Berry and big boy Soa Peleli. I had Berry down as being the victor in this fight. I felt that Soa’s appalling cardio would be the death of him and that Berry would KO him. Berry looked a lot smaller than I remember him ever being and Soa had to cut to the limit. Soa looked enormous in comparison. Barry looked liked a small light heavyweight. After some swinging, Soa used his immense bulk to take Berry down and eventually got the full mount, preceding to Donkey Kong or even Hulk smash on Berry’s face until he got the KO and the fight was stopped.

Berry has been KO’d viciously in a lot of fights now, even when he is winning. Berry is just not big enough for the weight class. He should retire or take a year off and get down to 205. I like berry at 205. I think he would have power and speed. He wouldn’t have as much as Jon Jones but he would have more power and the best striking of anyone in the division. What happens next for Berry is between him and Dana White. I urge you Dana, to please give Berry one more chance at 205.

Then the next two fights are an absolute must see. Perosh v Bader: This fight was basically Bader having target practice against the oldest man still competing in the UFC. Perosh is tough and that much is obvious, but the man got battered for fifteen minutes and had no route to beat the younger man. Occasionally, there were moments when he would tee off on Bader and may have even rocked him but it was a cruel thing to watch. Neither the ref or the corner were willing to have mercy on the poor man. I kind of feel that Bader is at fault. He could have easily set up positions where stoppage would have been necessary but instead he coasted to a decision.

Shogun v Aussie Te Huna: For the record I can not trust Hua. His knees and cardio left the building a long time ago. He follows stellar brutal efforts with horrible sluggish nightmares. Let’s not forget that he just lost to Sonnen by a guillotine choke. Nobody in the world predicted that and nobody in the world believes that it actually happened. Everyone thought Chael would win but not like that. Strangely Chael predicted that Rua would win while Evans went for Te Huna. I never saw the weigh-ins but damn I wish I had. The result of this fight was a KO that was so epic, so unexpected and so beautiful. I can’t remember another KO that happened this year at all. I can’t even remember the fight, only the end. Te Huna comes in throwing a big shot with every fibre of his being, and then Hua counters with an uppercut so pin point and so on the button.

The strike literally sent Te Huna buckling to the canvas, completely losing his legs from underneath him in the process. Thank fucking god that Rua’s following strike missed because otherwise we may have witnessed our first UFC in-fight death. Now here is where me not seeing the weigh-ins is of huge importance. Rua looked amazing, I mean he looked a chiselled specimen – The most stud looking Hua ever, with no belly and no softness. Is he the next TRT recipient? I could care less.

I would like to see him fight Evans next. People say he should fight Rich Franklin, but I say no. Franklin hasn’t fought for so long. If franklin should have one more fight, I think it should be Perosh – A final fight for them both. If you put Franklin in there with Hua, he either wins because he fights a jacked up injured/no cardio Hua, or he gets annihilated. I don’t want that ever for franklin. Perosh makes perfect sense.

Now for the main event of the evening. If you thought that the night couldn’t get any better, and If you thought you couldn’t have your mind blown more, and if you thought that the next fight would end in a KO, well guess what…..wrong! Mark Hunt came in the best shape of possible his life. Silva came in with his head looking bigger than ever before. I felt that Silva would come in and try to take this fight to the ground on a submission or TKO hunt. What these two juggernauts gave us was five rounds of back and forth mixed martial arts.

Rounds 1 and 2 were slow burners with the two trying to find their range. Then something switched and the next three rounds were just full of crazy awesomeness. I spent most of the rounds screaming. I felt that Hunt did enough to win the fight. Had it not been for the ref, I truly believe that he could have finished the fight. I hope I’m remembering this right. As I recall, Hunt was throwing shots continuously. Silva was on the defensive looking knackered, with blood all over his face. The ref pause the action and got Silva looked at by the doctor.

The doctor let the fight continue. Guess what? He’s got some new found energy, throwing shots. Thankfully Hunt kept composed and carried on his business. The round ends and the scores were read. Hunt wins on the first score card. Immediately I’m thinking that it’s going to be a split decision. The next two judges score it an even 47 a piece. The fight is declared a majority draw. The ref looks bemused. The crowd is going nuts and the teams are holding up their fighters hands and the fighters hold each others hands up. Everyone claps and is happy with the result. I just witnessed one hell of a fight. The fight is declared fight of the night. Mark Hunt has broken hands but he’s still happy as shit. Amazing!

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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