The Weekly Editorial: When will CM Punk start properly rebelling against The Authority?

punkpondersPunk ponders – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Please note: This editorial was written after last week’s episode of Raw. Since then, Punk has kicked the COO in the head, and my wish may be gradually coming true. Nonetheless, do read on.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m not best pleased with the way my hero CM Punk is currently being booked in WWE. No offence to The Wyatt Family, and definitely no offence to The Shield, but I think Punk should be frying bigger fish right now. I mean, he was the longest reigning champion of the modern era and the last man to take The Undertaker to the limit at Wrestlemania. Within six months, he is involving in tag team or handicap matches with upper mid-card level teams on pay-per-view. He isn’t involved in the any title picture, and he has been conveniently ignored during the whole authority storyline. When Daniel Bryan was competing for the title every month, it was easy to forgive. That is no longer the case.

They are beginning to hint at a shift in gears, after Punk did that segment with Stephanie and Kane on Raw, but they need to get a move on. It’s long overdue! He did an amazing job raging against the machine with Vince McMahon and Triple H after the “pipebomb”. It seems only logical that he be the guy to do that again. Perhaps it’s a little repetitive, but in my mind, it’s a worthwhile repetition – unlike another John Cena and Randy Orton match, that’s a bad repetition. For this lack of direction that is being given to one of the company’s most valuable assets and best workers, I demand that they apologize! Yes, that end part is a Punk reference.

They just seem determined to bury him and Bryan at the moment. Call me an over-exaggerating, paranoid mark but it does get me hot under the collar. They are two of the most over guys on the roster. They get the biggest reactions. They are by far the best workers. Yet guys like Alberto Del Rio and Big Show are occupying title match spots. It doesn’t add up. Bryan did get his few months in the key storyline, but has since been kicked to the curb. Punk hasn’t really been given a mention, as he has been locked up in feuds with Paul Heyman, The Wyatt Family and now The Shield. I think that slot could be taken by someone else. The position of the locker room leader standing up to Triple H is one that fits Punk perfectly, in character and in reality. His presence as the focal point would bring a lot of legitimacy to the angle.

If my favourite wrestler isn’t going to be in a title match at Wrestlemania, and I’d say there is a very strong chance of that, then he should at least be involved in a big feud. This ongoing Management v Roster storyline is the perfect vessel for Punk’s talents. I just hope something good comes along for him soon, whether it be involving this or not. He is too big a talent to be languishing in the middle of the card. The company needs to put him in a marquee singles match at the biggest show of the year. It’s best for business.

Thanks for reading.

Craig [Editor]


3 thoughts on “The Weekly Editorial: When will CM Punk start properly rebelling against The Authority?

  1. The WWE seems to be setting up for a Triple H/Punk feud. In your opinion, what must be done to set this feud apart from their program from 2011? Also please check out my blog The Abdominal Stretch (sorry for the shameless plug after a serious question)

    • Haha no problem my friend, I spend all of my time at work endlessly reading through wrestling blogs and I often run dry of options, so shameless plugs are always welcome!

      As for your question, I really don’t know. I loved the way that ending through up so many possible matches, but as you’ve said I expect HHH/Punk and Bryan/HBK to feud, and possibly compete at Wrestlemania. How they will make it fresh between the two of them is anybody’s guess. I think the difference here is that Triple H is a clear cut heel Authority figure now, with a team of heels behind him (Kane, Steph, Shield, etc) so Punk will have a real mountain to climb. That should make for a good build. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them revisit the kind of shoot promos they were cutting on each other, and this would give Punk a chance to bring up some of the things going on right now that are disgruntling fans, and probably him (e.g. the use of Bryan)

      Hope you enjoy the site, and I am about to look at yours!

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