Work. Rest. Play (Pt. 3)

Thanks for checking out the third part of the tour film, Work. Rest. Play – there will be one final instalment uploaded in the coming weeks. I made this with my two buddies (Brains for Breakfast and MoJoe) to chronicle our experiences on the road for fun. On this episode, we shot a music video on a farm and frequented a vegan cafe in Nottingham, saw some old friends in Worcester, took a night closer to home in Birmingham, and ended up locked in a bedroom in Leicester. If you like any of the artists, and want any info to check them out, give me a shout. Share this video with your friends, and be sure to check back for more real soon. Also, subscribe to the Chameleon Recordings channel on YouTube to see the other episodes.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the show.

Craig [Editor]


2 thoughts on “Work. Rest. Play (Pt. 3)

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