The Weekly Editorial: 5 candidates to win the next Royal Rumble match

lesnarrumbleA rookie Brock Lesnar won the rumble match – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

This week I’ve been thinking about the Royal Rumble, my favourite pay-per-view of the year, bar none. It occurred to me that those thoughts may translate well into a piece of writing, and here it is. I sat down to try and put together five potential winners of the most exciting match of the year. It was infinitely more difficult than I expected. When you look at what WWE wants, and what they like, it’s slim pickings.

You can see how they like to book guys like Daniel Bryan, so I see little hope there. Will they push an emerging guy who fits the mould, or go for a big name again? It’s head scratching stuff. With Cena and Orton as champions, and all this talk of unification, I find it even harder to pick who the company would put in there at Wrestlemania with these guys for a “big money match”. I came up with the five. Let me know how convinced you are by my assessments, or not so much.

Brock Lesnar: He won the 2003 Royal Rumble, but being a previous winner never stopped Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin or John Cena. If they are looking for a big name to face Cena or Orton, you couldn’t ask for much more. I myself would like to see him in there with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but I wouldn’t rule Lesnar out when the battle royal comes around. I expect him to at least be a part of the match. They haven’t utilized him in it since he returned, as far as I remember. Bringing back Brock as a babyface (what a tongue-twister) and having him win the rumble, and go on to face Orton, would surely mean big money and great drama.

Roman Reigns: This may be a bit premature, but I think we can all see now that Roman Reigns has (not surprisingly) been picked out as the first Shield member to be catapulted to the moon. His excellent Survivor Series performance had “that moment” quality, and should be the launching pad for a very successful WWE career. The rumble has been used on many an occasion to elevate an up-and-coming guy with vast potential. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the guy emulate The Rock and win the golden ticket to Wrestlemania. He has the family heritage on his side, coming from the world famous dynasty which includes The Rock, Yokozuna, Umaga and The Usos. Unlike Curtis Axel, I expect his trip to the top to be a swift one. Perhaps the rumble could be the start of that.

langstonchampA jubilant new champion celebrates with the fans – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Big E Langston: If my last suggestion was premature, I am surely getting carried away now. This guy is definitely a dark horse, but with guys like Bryan, Ziggler and the like deemed undesirable for a top spot, he could have an outside chance of getting an instant push. He has been around for a little while now, but hardly earned his stripes. He has power, charisma and his work is solid. I would have no problem with him getting a big push and a real opportunity. When he captured the Intercontinental Title, it really felt like the start of something. Since turning babyface, he has got over with the crowd and is looking more dominant every week. I wouldn’t bet your mortgage on this, but stranger things have happened.

CM Punk: One superstar who completely deserves to have a rumble victory on his CV is this man. He had the longest WWE title reign in modern history, and that can’t be taken lightly. Despite then though, his fire has been slightly petering out. He and Daniel Bryan are now in a tag team, rather than competing for championships, and that’s a worry. He hasn’t won the rumble before, but I think this would be a great time to do it. He was against Taker last year, and put on the match of the night, so it’s not like he can’t be trusted on the big stage. He has also had famous battles with both of the current champions. I would be very happy to see him revisit either of those feuds. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Wade Barrett: My own personal bias may have affected this one. With the recent visa issues keeping him out of the ring, the barrage has been put on hold. The guy hasn’t had the best of luck with injuries and complications stunting his push, but he has all the potential in the world. At a point in his career in which he has become established as a member of the roster, won various titles and had some memorable moments, Wade could definitely be considered an outside chance for the rumble. He is another young guy with a big upside, just waiting for a legit push. He and Langston are probably the least likely, but as I said previously, stranger things have happened.

Thanks for reading, and leave a comment with your suggestions.

Craig [Editor]


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