The Weekly Editorial: Is 3MB a good thing for Slater, Mahal and McIntyre?

3mbThe three man band, baby – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

3MB are every smart marks favourite team. They have that loveable underdog factor, even as a supposed heel team. The problem with the faction is that they do jobs every single week without fail, and have been doing so for a very long time. They are constantly buried by everyone in the ring, and on the mic. Even the announcers like to get involved. JBL regularly makes comparisons with the Mean Street Posse, Brooklyn Brawler, etc. The only love they do seem to get comes from the stands. That love is usually emanating from a group of 30 year old dudes being ironic. I’m not hating or “slating”, I do the exact same thing whenever I go to a show and they come out.

I think they are an entertaining bunch of guys. It’s completely random that these three totally different characters would be hanging out in this fictitious rock band. It’s great! I get why it’s so hilarious and enjoyable. My only concern is with the big picture. Can any of these guys now launch a credible singles career off the back of this? It’s like the effect of The Shield, only in complete opposite mode. The Wyatt Family are another three piece which may well sprout a couple of World Champions. The three man band just don’t look like ending up that way.

It’s great that these guys are getting paid a lot of money to do what they love. I mean, you could let Great Khali destroy me every week for ten minutes. I would do that for free, just to be a part of the show. I’m sure these guys feel the same way to an extent. They could be marched off to developmental, or just languishing in the locker room, but no they are on TV every week and have been in the ring with some great workers and big stars. If any of the three were childhood wrestling fans, they are now living the dream.

Nonetheless, these guys have grown to become men, and professional athletes at that. I’m sure they want to be given an opportunity to show what they can do, achieve things and earn real respect, to have a legacy. After biting that apple, you would surely want to invade more of the fruit basket. Drew McIntyre is the only guy I see with some remaining potential. Despite the unforgettable toll this charade will have taken on his character, I think he still has enough upside to possibly make a go of it in the future. That’s still a very slim chance. I don’t think the other two could even get to Kofi Kingston’s established mid-card status. That’s a bit sad, but a bit true. Which Headbanger or Mean Street Posse member went on to win the big one again? I thought so.

I think the idea has done a lot of good for the three guys, and for the fans. In the long term though, it’s a worrying burden to carry for Slater, Mahal and McIntyre. We will have to see if any of them are capable of shaking it off. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading.

Craig [Editor]


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Editorial: Is 3MB a good thing for Slater, Mahal and McIntyre?

  1. 3MB has lasted longer than any recent stable. Longer than Nexus, The Corre, The Shield, Wyatt Family,… They started great, with victories in every shows, backstage videos, fake interviews… they are even those behind the WWE App backstage videos during the shows: when they started TOUTing during Raws, and people would rather watch their video stories instead of watching the official shows. This showed to the WWE guys a new potential to exploit.

    But 3MB has been used pretty badly these past months (I used “pretty badly”, just to remain PG ;) ). Even I – big Slater fan – have stopped watching every single 3MB matches, watching sometimes but reading the summary online for those I had missed. 3MB had potential, but Creative made an Epic Fail out of it. They tried to make 3MB turn face in front of The Shield and Brock Lesnar, but it was badly built. After seeing 3MB being destroyed by everyone, the fans didn’t see 3MB like victims they should support against the Beast. In fact, they encouraged Lesnar to F5 Slater through the barricade “one more time”.

    The only two I see able to make an impact afterwards are Slater and McIntyre. Both have been champions several times, and on WWE developmental branch, Heath Slater has been twice Heavyweight champion, the sign WWE believes in him. He was also the one who got the longest victory streak on NXT season 1, defeating rookies or their mentors.

    But so that those two (McIntyre & Slater) can have the chance for a brighter future, they need to make an impact the moment 3MB breaks. And the one who turns his back on the others (or is kicked out of the group) will have more chance to mark people’s mind, and succeed later.

    Heath Slater has that possibility if Creative build something specific for his return. If he comes back, saying that he had the time to realize the wrong path the band was taking, or see that his seat has been taken by someone else (Ricardoooo?), this might be his occasion to spread his wings and fly.

    I know I’m one of the rare persons on Earth who believe in Heath Slater as a main-eventer, but when this happens, I hope that all the skeptic ones will have the honesty to say “Wow! He does have talent after all!” instead of the hypocritical “I alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaays believed in hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!!! He’s da beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!!”.

    • As much as I like McIntyre and I think Slater is entertaining at times, I’d bet my house that the latter will definitely not win a World Title in WWE. With only one main belt now, and guys like Batista coming back, seeing Slater be even near that main event picture would feel like being on acid. I hope you’re right though, for the comedy of it.

  2. Short term this has gotten them on TV and jobbing in matches. Like you have point out its the long term careers of these guys. Once the group breaks up it will take time for each one to build up serious characters again. I think the longer it goes the worst it is for all their career’s

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