TNA: Would Turning Point 2013 be the end for Aces & Eights?

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Today’s show is one of TNA’s ‘PPVS’. As their monthly shows didn’t make enough money, they cut down to 4 a year, One Night Only specials, and straight to TV shows like this one.

The show starts with Mike Tenay welcoming us to the show (they’ve gone back to Orlando, boooo) and showing us footage of Bobby Roode attacking James Storm in a nearby bar from the night before. I love it when rivalries end but there’s always tension between the men involved.

Backstage – Dixie Carter runs into Samoa Joe and basically tells him off for standing up to her last week.

Dixie heads to the ring and we get our first view of the new home of Impact Wrestling. Looks at least double the size of the last place, and obviously a much higher attendance. Dixie rips into AJ Styles and his world tour defending the TNA Heavyweight belt elsewhere. James Storm interrupts her, and says he wants to upgrade tonight’s Bull-rope match, to a ‘Florida Deathmatch’ that the crowd erupt for. I actually liked Storms promo tonight, he put in a lot of energy and used logic when he politely asked Dixie to change the stipulation.


Magnus comes out to the ring, but we then see Joe on the big screen, challenging Maggo to join him backstage. With probably the worst timing I’ve ever seen, we then cut to commercial. When we come back, we see tables and the like scattered around and then two men wandering back towards the ring…great. They show us replays but it’s just not the same. The ending came when Joe ran into a chair that was lodged between the ropes in the corner. The commentators said that Joe pretty much beat himself, not putting over Magnus at all.

Bad Influence are dancing at ringside as we come back from the ad break. Turns out they’re just here to see what happens in the next match…


Christy Hemme announces Abyss two times, but obviously he doesn’t come out. After waiting a few minutes, Bad Influence enter the ring and tell Joseph he is a ‘water-bed’ and ‘a sack of mayonnaise with a law degree’. They then say he’s letting down his grandfather ‘Jurassic…Park’. These two are so weird, it’s great. Daniels say he would hit Park, but he knows that blood would set him off. This then cues Kazarian to throw a bucket of blood over Joseph, Carrie/The Brood style. They throw mean jokes at Park until he leaves, I genuinely felt bad for him!


No idea who this lass is, she looked very bland. Gail squashed her easily, Lei’D didn’t do ANYTHING! Why is she employed?! Have Gail nearly lose, then cheat with Tapa every week to get heat and actually use your roster.

We see footage of AJ Styles defending his Title in Japan, really cool to see stuff like that.

Backstage – Mr. Anderson says he’s taking out Bully Ray tonight.

Really nice video package of Storm vs Roode from the past few years, awesome stuff, but all I could do was laugh at Roodes old hair.


Standard Street Fight style stuff, loads of weapons. Storm ended up bleeding first even though he was controlling the match. I miss blood in Wrestling. After some cool back and forth, Roode pulled a barbed wire board from under the ring. He pulled Storm onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver, which caused Storms teammate Gunner to head to the ring and throw in the towel. Roode wins, but everyone wanted to see that last move! Obviously Storm wasn’t happy and shoved Gunner around.

We go to a video of Christy Hemme at small time wrestler Sam Shaws house, but he wants her to call him ‘Samuel’. He shows Christy some artwork he’s made, and then she calls cut. The cameras stop filming the bit, but catch Shaw asking Hemme to go out for dinner with him. She says yes and writes down her number. As she leaves, Shaws face completely dropped and he straightened out everything on the table, OCD style…I’m intrigued.

Backstage – Bully Ray and the remaining Aces & 8’s look hard backstage, and say they will retire Anderson tonight. Ethan Carter III tells the jobbers he’s been fighting recently that he’s fighting someone above their league tonight.


He actually pulled off a proper squash this time! Sharkboy might have gotten a couple of punches in, but EC3 was all over him. This means that the lads he’s been facing recently are actually better than Sharkboy. Ouch!

Backstage – Dixie tells Kurt Angle and Roode that she has booked a 5 on 5 tag match for next weeks Impact, with either man as captain. Same week as Survivor Series though?


As was decided last week, if Bully loses, Aces split up. If Anderson loses, he must retire. Anderson has new attire, he’s in full length tights and a sleeveless shirt, must be feeling a bit insecure. Some of the roster walk out to watch the match from the ramp, not all of them, just a few. Decent match so far, but seemed a little tame after the ‘deathmatch’ earlier. Most of the match comprised of Anderson trying to get the upper hand but coming short through numbers/underhand tactics. Anderson hit his Rolling Samoan Drop(?) onto Bullys chain, Tenay didn’t notice. Bully pretty much no sold that and hit one of the slowest spears through a table I’ve ever seen. Brooke then tried to throw a hammer to Bully, only for Anderson to catch it and connect with a big swing and the 3 count.

So that’s Aces & 8’s finished! TNA followed the broadcast with a package hyping up next weeks show, including Anderson’s plans for an Aces Funeral, Bully only lost a few seconds ago!

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.

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Joseph Holberry


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