WWE: Was Survivor Series the dud that most expected it to be?

ouchortonOrton after taking a stinging chop – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for checking out the review of WWE Survivor Series 2013, right here on The Real Mid Card. I’m going to take a look at each match specifically, and mention any relevant segments or packages. After a whirlwind two shows going into the pay-per-view, I had serious doubts over the card’s ability to not be overshadowed. Let’s have a look how it all went down, and see how successful it was.

WWE Survivor Series

I was watching the Kick-Off show on the app before it began, and noticed the dinstinguished guest panel featuring Mick Foley, Booker T and none other than Mr. 4/10 Bret “The Hitman” Hart. I wonder how that happens. It just seems insane for Triple H to put in a call and invite Bret on the show. It seems crazy to me!

Well Triple H and his wife were out first, to a big pop. They announced that there would be no physical interference of any kind, in any match. The crowd booed this. I don’t know if the booking has been crazy, or if this crowd was.

Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes & The Usos v The Shield & The Real Americans (5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match)
What a way to start the show! I knew this would be a very tough act follow. Ricardo Rodriguez had joined the Spanish announce team, which was awesome. Zeb Colter twerked, and so did Cody Rhodes. It was great before it even started. Dean Ambrose was eliminated pretty much instantly by Rhodes, after talking trash to the referee and not paying attention. This has not been a strong week for him. The match then broke down into pure bedlam and Uso-mania. Huge “We the people” chants were met with Jack Swagger’s elimination and the odds looked anything but even.

Cesaro performed his swing on both Usos consecutively, to the fans utter glee. He needs a face turn soon! He was another to fall victim to Cody’s roll-up, making it 5-on-3. Reigns got one of the Usos and Rollins got the other, to even it up. A couple of eliminations later, it was down to Roman Reigns against Mysterio and Goldust, with a proverbial mountain to climb. It was the two ring veterans against the young Minotaur. Reigns speared Goldust to make it one-on-one. Mysterio quickly took advantage and set him up for the 619. As he came back off the rope, the camera couldn’t even react quick enough to catch Reigns plough through him with the spear, and pick up the win as the sole survivor. This is how you push someone! A career defining moment for Reigns. The highlight of the night by far.

reignsvictoryA dominant mixture of warrior and animal – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

After a great start like that, I wondered how the rest of the show could keep up.

Big E Langston(c) v Curtis Axel (for the Intercontinental Championship)
The big man retained his title in this hard fought, well executed match. There wasn’t a whole lot of crowd heat, but I put that down to them being completely worn out from the first match. Langston showed charisma and brought them back with a festival of cheap pops on the mic after the match.

Team Total Divas: Natalya, Eva Marie, Jojo, The Funkadactyls & The Bellas v Team True Divas: AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendez & Kaitlyn (7-on-7 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match)
AJ gave an unorthodox rallying cry to her team backstage before the match, like only she can. This promo really told the story and set up the match well. It created intrigue, suspense, tension. I have to say the match was pretty good too, by diva standards. It had good storytelling, psychology and some interesting moves. Some of the pinfall finishes from dropkicks, leg sweeps, etc were very tame. Besides that, it was a decent contest. Natalya was the sole survivor after submitting AJ Lee with the Sharpshooter. Although, I think one of the Bellas was still in the match but knocked out at ringside.

Ryback came to the ring and called out the legends on the panel, for cheap heat. He declared an open challenge to anyone in the back again. Here I was expecting another pointless squash in-keeping with the lazy attempt to book Ryback as a credible opponent for Goldberg. Then Mark Henry came out, sporting the amazing new look that has been my Facebook cover photo for the last month. Ryback did the job on pay-per-view again. That must be a record. Surely any chance of him even being on the Wrestlemania card, let alone against Goldberg, has ultimately gone now.

John Cena(c) v Alberto Del Rio (for the World Heavyweight Championship)
It was another mixed reaction for Cena as usual, even in his home state. There was an awesome “Fire Lawler” sign in the front row. I thought that was great. Del Rio went after the arm for the whole match. No surprise there, but I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. An age old story like that is always good to bring out. Cena obviously overcame this barbaric abuse and retained his title. Yippee.

cenasucksA loving welcome home for John Cena – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Then there was a ridiculous segment with all the mid-carders who couldn’t get on the show playing with action figures in the locker room. This sparked Fandango-ing, which could be heard over the arena microphone, and a surprise appearance from John Laurinitis. I would love to see him involved in this authority storyline somehow.

Daniel Bryan & CM Punk v The Wyatt Family
The pre-match vignette was excellent for this, and really built up a sense of anticipation. There was a huge crowd reaction for all of the entrances and pretty much the whole match. I noticed that four of the five guys in or around the ring had huge beards. I love modern day WWE. The Wyatts slowed the pace and took dominant control. Punk took everyone out with some amazing athleticism. The rapturous crowd chanted “This is awesome!” The two of them combined to polish off the face win. In the words of JBL: “What a match!” Bray Wyatt teased like he was actually going to go in there and fight the two of them up front. Of course, he backed away.

Randy Orton(c) v Big Show (for the WWE Championship)
I knew that regardless of how good this match was, the show was easily above average. That kind of helped me get through this monotony. Looking at the marquee, you knew it wasn’t going to be Savage and Steamboat, and it didn’t disappoint in that regard. There seemed to be more dissension between Orton and the authority in the office before the match, and John Cena was also in there. The two of them had a little stare-down to tease the much rumoured unification match between them. Before the action got under way, we saw another top quality preview vignette.

The early going in the match was deservedly greeted with “Boring” and “We want Bryan!” chants. It was always going to be tough to follow the earlier matches, but this was a real borefest as expected, for the most part. It got a bit more interesting when the authority showed up on the ramp, helping Orton take advantage of the distraction and connect with the RKO. There were more “Daniel Bryan” chants. Randy then punted the giant to get the win. This was a slightly more inventive ending than expected, but an overall anti-climax. John Cena came out at the end to do a little Champion v Champion pose. I guess this could be the main event at the Royal Rumble?

champtingLooks like they’re going with the unification idea – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

8/10: This would have gotten a nine if the main event were better. That kinda killed it. Overall though, the show was very good. I give credit where it’s due, and I have to say that WWE over-achieved on this one, given the card they had booked. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you thought of the show by leaving a comment.

Craig [Editor]


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