TNA: Aries and Angle go head-to-head on an eventful Impact!

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Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card, and we hope you enjoy this look at the latest episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Tonight’s show starts by recapping last weeks underwhelming Full Metal Mayhem match between Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin, and showing us Sabin’s brutal welts on his legs. They also hype up Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries in a submission match in the World Title Tournament.

Aces & 8’s head to the ring, which feels pretty meaningless now Bully Ray isn’t World Champion, they don’t have anything going for them anymore. Best part of this segment was Bully calling Mikey Tenay an ‘oooold bahstard’ and doing a huge fake laugh. Bully speaks about fooling Mr. Anderson last week with their fake Aces breakup, until he is interrupted by Anderson himself. The two men plan out their match next week, if Bully loses, Aces disband, if Anderson loses, he retires. Anderson used the imminent birth of twin children as his reason to quit, saying he can go be a proper dad. Bully retorted with ‘I’d love to pile-drive your pregnant wife’ which is so ridiculous I burst out laughing. Anderson attacked upon hearing that, eventually getting the upper hand, chasing them off and challenging one of the members to a match.


This was a decent pretty quick match, with Anderson fighting in his street clothes. Always annoys me in WWE when people come to the ring in their gear but don’t expect to fight…you’re in your underpants mate. Anderson won with a Mic Check, then announced his own victory. He sold the beating by sounding like his batteries were running out.

Backstage – Joseph Park challenges Christopher Daniels to a match, and Daniels agrees in his own segment. They mention Abyss being the TV Champ, which I thought TNA were ignoring as it hasn’t been mentioned since it last changed hands.


Park uses his size advantage at first, but Daniels experience takes over. Daniels eventually won with a low blow, in a surprisingly long match. Storyline is completely stagnant by this point.


I initially laughed when the two jobbers came out, but after a few minutes I realised the two of them have had more TV time than the likes of Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, etc. I understand they’re building EC3, but the matches aren’t even quick/dominating. Taz spent most of this match laughing, insulting the jobbers and wondering what’s on their attire. EC3 wins after hitting the Headlock Driver (that’s its name apparently) on both men and pinning both.

AJ Styles mates get him a video package again, showing his TNA title defence in AAA Mexico. Good package actually, I’m impressed that TNA have taken it so far, it’ll make AJ’s return a huge deal. This is followed by Dixie Carter kicking off backstage about it, completely logical, I’m impressed.

Backstage – Jeff Hardy shows the cameraman his facial injuries from a chair assisted dropkick to the face last week. He talks about doing it for the fans, which I thought was cool, because he definitely takes a lot of risks.

Dixie heads to the ring and runs down AJ to loud boos. She goes on to say Spike TV will be showing Turning Point live and for free, which the fans still boo. She then invites Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus to the ring, as they will be fighting on said event. Storm-Roode will be a bull-rope match, Joe-Magnus a falls count anywhere. Storm screamed about beer, Joe called out Dixie for not handling AJ correctly, and Magnus looked directly at the camera and said he’ll win. He never actually looks at his opponent, kind of lacks emotion.

Backstage – Anderson beats up poor old Garett and handcuffs him to a metal frame thing.


I should have really seen this coming, she’s been in OVW since competing in TNA’s show British Boot Camp. She got signed along with her twin sister, and now would be the perfect time to bring them onto the main roster. Hannah basically gets jobbed out, but does her part perfectly well. Gail looked absolutely ruthless, and honestly more dominating than EC3.

Joseph Park comes to the ring, and challenges…his brother, Abyss. Well that’s not happening!

Backstage – Mr. Anderson uncuffs Garett and carries him away, bit sinister.


This match started with your standard technical moves, Angle attempting his Greco-Roman stuff, whereas Aries sticks to strikes. Logically either man attacks the area that their respective submission targets. Continuing the theme of his last two matches, Kurt couldn’t quite get to grips with Aries, especially when Roode came out to watch from the stage. After being held in the Ankle Lock a few times, Aries attempted a 450 Splash from the top. After his beautiful selling of the leg made him miss, Kurt jumped on him and got a Crossface victory to send a message to Roode.

As Kurt celebrates, we see Mr. Anderson drag out Garett, and pile-drive him, Terry Funk style on the stage. We see Roode and Angle just looking confused, surely they should either look happy since they’ve both dealt with Aces? Pretty good show tonight, with Anderson and Bully’s storyline running nicely through the whole thing

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Joseph Holberry


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