UFC: Georges St-Pierre beats Johny Hendricks and hints at retirement!

stpierrehendricksA friendly handshake – Source: Stephen R. Sylvanie (USA TODAY)

Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card. We hope you enjoy this blow-by-blow account of UFC 167: St-Pierre v Hendricks. Let’s see how our MMA man found the show, as it happened.

Decisions, lots of decisions. The first fight of the night ended by TKO, but we have had a steady diet of decisions recently. The most surprising of the decisions so far is in the Ebersole v Story fight. Story won but I felt that he was going to have problems with Ebersole’s unorthodox striking. Ebersole decided to be rather unimaginative. He didn’t even start with his crazy roll kick. He seemed flat and slow. Maybe fatherhood and 60 plus fights is catching up with him.

Cerrone v Dunham: This is bound to be a decision but I see Dunham getting the nod. Cerrone is on fire right now. I was saying to a friend the other day that sometimes Cerrone looks like a world beater, and other times he looks shit. Right now he looks great. Cerrone took Round One by 10-9, and is playing target practice in Round Two. Dunham is bleeding from the eyebrow now. Cerrone gets a sweet takedown and assumes the position. Cerrone gets the triangle choke – nice. It looks like he might get the sub of the night. I love Cerrone but is he really back? Time will tell.

The main card is starting next. I love hearing Rogan and White try to out-shout each other. White clearly has a man-crush on Lawler. Bagautinov v Elliot: The latter comes out looking like a mad bum. Bagautinov seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges. It was 10 to 9 Bagautinov in the first. There are some cool scrambles in Round Two, with Elliot on top with constant patter. There are strikes being  thrown but none connecting significantly. Id score the round 10 even. In Round Three, Bagutinov appears to land more strikes and gets the decision.

Woodley v Koscheck are both guys throwing big punches. Woodley is huge and clearly has the most power. It’s sweet dreams for Koscheck. Lawler v MacDonald: I’m excite for this fight, and I won’t be blinking! In Round One, Lawler was the more aggressive, attacking with leg kicks, it went 10-9 in his favour. The second round was basically a non-event. MacDonald got it by virtue of a take down. I make that one round even. In Round Three, aside from a late takedown by MacDonald, the round was all Lawler. Lawler very nearly got the finish, but did get the win by split decision. God knows what fight the other judge watched. Next up is Sonnen v Evans: Evans makes his money with an easy TKO stoppage over Sonnen.

Its time for the Main Event of the evening. Hendricks arguably got Round One, St-Pierre won the second and third. Hendricks picked up Round Four to even it up for me. It’s all to play for! I believe GSP won the fifth and should win the fight. He does, by split decision. The great man now seems to have retired. I’m not surprised about that, and I think I mentioned this in a previous post. His legacy is undeniable. If he retires and that was the last time we see him in the Octagon, he leaves at the top of his game. I wish him all the best for the future and thank him for all his fights. I enjoyed them all.

Thanks for reading,

Arun Paul Smith

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