A statistical update

smileyFeeling positive – Source: http://www.picpulp.com

So the last time I tried to do one of these things, I wrote a little something entitled Bad State of Views. It’s been quite a while and I thought it was a good time to do a bit more reflection. The Real Mid Card has made a lot of pleasing progress since that day, so maybe there is a God, or maybe my winging paid off. I’ve been keeping up with the one post a day, in spite of plans and complications, for over four months. I intend to continue until New Years Day. Then the site will be scaling down a little bit. I should still be putting out at least five articles a week, but I want it to make it more free-form, and bring in some more writers.

From a stats point of view, there has been a really positive upswing. Obviously it’s no big ting, but for me it’s very nice to see that more people are checking out the work. We now have 114 followers. For WordPress, that’s like 10,000. Early on, I found getting people to follow so hard. If people aren’t members of the site and bloggers themselves, they can’t follow without some kind of email address thing. I think that makes it tough sometimes. I’m happy to see that in spite of this, there has been a fairly dramatic increase.

Back in August, when I was disappointed with the state of things, the site was attracting an average of 31 views a day over the month. In October, it had reached 51 a day and growing. The averages are on the increase. The recommendations are all coming from search engines now. I still get a lot from Facebook and Twitter, but are by no means relying on those sources. That was a really worrying trend early on, that has now been rectified.

Last month, we broke our record views for a month with 1,568. Overall, the site is now on 7,689. I’ve even got a few more random countries in “Palestine Occupied”, Brunei Darussalam (I think) and United Republic of Tanzania. The United Kingdom (3,358) and United States (2,240) are still the front runners, with Germany, Canada, India, France, and Australia also over one hundred views. Again, it’s not wwe.com, but it makes me feel like all the hard work is worth it.

So yeah, a much more positive review this time. Hopefully by the new year we can reach my target of 10,000. That’s what I wanted to do from day one in January when I started this. It took a long time to seem possible, but now I think it might be achieved.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all of your support.

Craig [Editor]


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