The Weekly Editorial: Can The Wyatt Family be the modern day Corporate Ministry?

wyattfireFrom the fires of hell – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Wyatt Family have made a big impact since upgrading from NXT to the big leagues. They were always over in Florida, and why not? They have a truly amazing gimmick. It’s fascinating, it’s unique, it’s interesting. That’s something that just doesn’t come along that often in modern WWE. The eerie entrance is so cool, and to think I was worried they might drop that before their Raw debut. These three big physical guys can work too, and the leader Bray Wyatt has a lineage in the business. There is a lot of potential there, and I have to say that creative have done a decent job with the transition so far. It’s not quite what they did with The Shield, but everything can’t always be that perfect.

Speaking of The Shield, it seems that they will be breaking up rather soon. As this begins to happen, they will be less influential in the power struggle storyline. It seems to me, given the attacks they carried out on super babyfaces Daniel Bryan and CM Punk on Raw, that The Wyatt Family may be set to take their place as the muscle for the Triple H regime. Now that Kane is back and has turned heel, perhaps he could be aligned with them (it lacks logic, but I’ve seen worse) and the three of them could become a real force.

It might be my wacky mind, but I see a bit of a Corporate Ministry thing coming on. Now that was an amazing faction! I loved seeing Undertaker and his many minions doing the dirty work for the powers that be. There were so many different characters, dynamics and variables in that group, but never a dull moment. With The Shield occupied by their own internal issues right now, maybe Kane and the Wyatt’s could emerge as a dark heel faction with a real purpose and a main event spot. With the company already revisiting Attitude Era themes of corruption and tyranny, I think this would would fit right in.

corpminVince McMahon revealed as the higher power – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I’d love to see them go down this route, but as long as the group stay relevant and gradually gain momentum, I’ll be happy with whatever they do. I’d hate to see another brilliant group of guys with great potential get let down by bad booking and no vision. I support the decision to keep Bray out of the ring as much as possible though. It goes with his character, but more importantly, he gets zero reaction from the crowd when he does compete. The entrance gets a lot of attention, but then things die down badly. I don’t get why. I love his old school, rough neck style. Nonetheless, it’s not good for business to draw attention to how not-over he is during matches. Keep him on the outside as the cowardly evil mastermind leading the group, and build things gradually.

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Craig [Editor]


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