TNA: Kurt Angle takes another knock on this week’s Impact


Angle and Roode at Bound for Glory – Source: Impact Wrestling


Dixie Carter walks out to the ring as the show starts. For the third week running, the crowd are all over her, none stop booing. She gets right to business and strips AJ Styles of the World Title. Since last weeks Impact, I’ve read a lot of rumours about AJ defending the title at other companies, such as AAA and Wrestle-1. I think that was the thing WWE missed out on doing when CM Punk left as champ in 2011.

Dixie goes on to announce an 8 man tournament to crown a new champ. These men are; James Storm, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy (biggest face reaction), Austin Aries (biggest MALE reaction), Bobby Roode (biggest heel reaction) and Chris Sabin. Surely Sabin now has two chances, as he could cash in his newly won X-Division title. She says we will have a gauntlet match later on to fill the 8th spot. Bully Ray demanding to be the 8th, but Dixie shoots him down. Mr Anderson runs to the ring and they brawl as we go to commercial. When we come back, we see that they were brawling the whole time, until Anderson was taken away by security. Bully attacks him backstage and whips him with a chain whilst handcuffed.

Backstage – Garret Bischoff gets really mad at the cameraman, doing his best mean face.


The Bro-Mans come out to new, boring music, immediately ruining the match for me. In this match, Taz secured his place as my favourite commentator by saying Storm irritates him, love you mate. Pretty solid match, with Jesse and Robbie winning cheaply with the Rick Rude-Ultimate Warrior suplex spot (Google it).

Backstage – Dixie tries to talk Sting into being her stooge, as he currently cannot challenge for the title. She also has a ‘Wheel of Dixie’ for the stipulations in the tournament.

Backstage – Bad Influence are dressed like Sherlock Holmes, looking for clues on Abyss’s whereabouts.


I thought this was gonna be your usual squash match, but it went on way too long, and Norv actually got some offence in. Best bit of this is when Taz and Mike Tenay excitedly touted this as a Bound For Glory rematch. Obviously EC3 won, but he still doesn’t look strong enough.

Backstage – Bobby Roode tries convincing the TNA doctor to not clear Kurt Angle for action tonight.

Backstage – ODB hypes her title match tonight until interupted by BI. Daniels says ‘I think I know what ODB stands for, overly developed bosoms’ which is my line of the night. Eric Young chases them off teasing Abyss appearing later on.


Every single week I’m impressed with the reception Sting gets. I think because I didn’t see WCW much as a kid in Britain he doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me. He starts the match with Kazarian, until they are joined by Knux, EY, Daniels (who got ‘fallen angel’ chants and has to try make the crowd boo him), Manik, and Magnus. The ending came with Magnus eliminating Daniels, and then both Sting and Kaz as the former was throwing out the latter. Sting looked dejected as Magnus celebrated, I predict a heel turn.

Backstage – Kurt tells us he’s cleared tonight, and is gonna get to Roode.


Even though I like both women, I’m really feeling how shallow the Knockouts Division is. The ladies has a good competitive match, pretty technical but included a nice Fallaway Slam on the outside. After a distraction by Lei’D, Gail got a Schoolboy for the win. I think Lei’D should be getting involved physically, she’s enormous.

Backstage – Bad Influence change back into their ‘official detective clothing’ whilst Kaz does the worst English accent ever.

Bi are in the ring as we come back from commercial. They tell us they have solved the case, and that Abyss is currently living under the ring. Daniels goes under the ring and finds a huge pumpkin, which he says ‘is a talentless vegetable, just like Abyss’. They laugh until EY comes out dressed like Joseph Park. He talks about being a scientist until BI attack him, drawing Abyss out to make the save. This storyline has been going on for way too long, it got boring ages ago.

Backstage – Dixie spins the wheel for Hardy and Sabin’s match match next week. It lands on ‘full metal madness’ (TLC) and Sabin looks worried.


I saw an article yesterday about Kurt wrestling with an injury, which seems to be happening more often than not nowadays. I think Kurt is one of the best ever, I really hope he doesn’t run himself into the ground. This was your basic heel-attacking-injury match, Roode only allowing Kurt bits of offence before shutting him down again and again. This match went on longer than I thought it would, and that is in no way a bad thing. It had that Main Event feeling, like it really mattered to both men, which I think is lacking in WWE. The main event always involves players within a storyline, but they save the ‘important’ matches for PPV. After Kurt nailed a Top Rope Belly-To-Belly, Kurt collapsed and basically looked like he was having a seizure. Even though I knew it was storyline, it wasn’t nice to watch at all, he looked genuinely messed up. Taz sold it for me perfectly, breaking character to show his concern. Referee Brian Hebner called an end to the match and awarded the win to Roode, who was walking up the ramp, looking a bit confused.

Really liked this episode, wasn’t any time wasting, and the matches got at least enough time. The least Bully Ray I’ve seen for about a year, and Hulk is completely gone now. People insult TNA a lot, but they’re doing a lot of good stuff at the moment, and with Jeff Jarrett apparently being involved with creative, it should get even better.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.


Joseph Holberry


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