UFC: Moras taps out Morgan with wicked armbar on The Ultimate Fighter

morasA victorious Sarah Moras – Source: (Al Powers/Zuffa LLC)

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on the UFC, and in particular this week, the latest edition of The Ultimate Fighter.

The most recent episode of TUF was supposed to have two fights – the final quarter final fights for the men and the women. Unfortunately we found out early on that there was only going to be one. Miesha Tate’s top pick reckoned he couldn’t make weight so he bailed out and got booted off the show by a pissed off Dana White. Seriously, this has happened in almost every season. I’m beginning to think that they script this into the show. His opponent got the option to cut weight again in a couple of days and fight another guy or go straight to the semis. You can guess what he did? He went straight to semi central.

The girls gave us a short but great scrap. In fact, in my opinion the girls have given us the best fights this season, although it is clear that there is a vast gap between the elite and the not so good. I have to say though, the two fights that we have coming up, to produce the finalists are quite intriguing. Guttierez fights UK native Grant, while the other UK fighter Wootten takes on Holdsworth. For the women, Pena fights Moras and Pennington takes on Rakoczy. Obviously, in terms of the men, my money is on the Brits. I truly believe that they can win their fights. With the ladies, it’s not so clear. If Moras gets it to the ground, she’s taking Pena’s arm home.  Her sub is the nastiest arm bar since Rousey nearly broke off Tate’s arm. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Thanks for reading.

Arun Paul Smith


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