WWE: Will John Cena help to elevate Smackdown to it’s once loftier status?

cenadonThe new face of Friday Night – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for checking out my recap of this week’s Smackdown here on The Real Mid Card. Let’s see if WWE could continue to build some positive momentum after a very eventful episode of Monday Night Raw this past week.

The Shield opened up the show with another promo which heavily hinted at the tension that is starting to simmer within the group. I predicted a few weeks ago that it would be panning out this way soon, and for once, it seems that I was right. Roman Reigns clearly looks like the one to be turning babyface, and I think that’s a good call. Ambrose is far too good a heel to turn. Rollins could do either for me, but he is best to keep doing what he is doing. They have had a good match on Raw practically every week for the last year as a unit, so it’s sad to see them part. It’s coming to an end, but who’s to say that the matches they have against each other won’t be even better?

Ambrose and Rollins faced off against The Usos in the opening match, with Reigns playing ringside enforcer. Big E Langston came down to even the odds on the outside. The offspring of Rikishi picked up the clean win. Roman Reigns wanted to charge across the ring and face all three of those guys face-to-face, like a true Super Cena babyface. His fellow jackals had to hold him back. This was done very well – subtle but effective.

cenakingZeb and co weren’t impressed with Cena’s jokes – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

John Cena came to the ring to cut a rare Smackdown promo, something we will be seeing a lot more of now that he is World Heavyweight Champion. Zeb Colter, along with his Americans, came out to try and recruit Cena. That was awesome. He refused and proceeded to tear them to shreds individually, like the old rapper character of ’02. He pointed out the resemblance which Jack Swagger bears for Back to the Future legend Biff Tannen. He made fun of Cesaro’s huge nipples. He even went in on Colter’s beard – too far! Damien Sandow came out to threaten Cena, and they all combined to surround him. The Rhodes Brothers came to make the save. Vickie predictably booked the six man tag for the main event.

The world tour report was awesome. I can’t wait to go see Raw live in nine days! The Wyatt Family squashed the Prime Time Players after a really cool entrance. They popped up in the ring instantly after a promo on the screen. I hope they do that at the show I go to. Miz TV was so funny. He claimed that Shawn Michaels was supposed to be on the show but he hadn’t showed up. Randy Orton came out and just completely buried the guy, called him irrelevant and hit him with the RKO mid way through his retort. If I cared about The Miz anymore, if anybody did, this would have been sad.

ortonmizThe Miz just can’t catch a break – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Natalya pinned AJ Lee in a six diva tag team match. Her and Tamina Snuka were a class above the rest in this one, pulling off a couple of well executed vertical suplexes. For women’s wrestling in the modern WWE, it was the equivalent of a Bryan/Punk iron man match. Cena got Swagger with the Attitude Adjustment to win the main event tag match for his team, after a flurry of finishing moves from everyone. This was a really good match, with Goldust yet again looking particularly impressive.


As always, I will explain my rating. There is one simple reason that I’ve put it so high. For a Smackdown, this show literally flew by!. That’s a really good sign. It says a lot, it really does! Good matches, big names, entertaining promos. What more do you want? Having Cena on the regular roster can only improve the credibility of the show. It’s still a long way behind Raw, but this is definitely a positive move for balance. Smackdown is on the up people!

Craig [Editor]


2 thoughts on “WWE: Will John Cena help to elevate Smackdown to it’s once loftier status?

  1. I think Cena can do good things as WHC. However I really hope that he will help put over younger talent. Cena being WHC and defending against big show or Del Rio doesnt do anything, I also think having him and Orton on smackdown is good for ratings! I remember the days where Smackdown was on par with RAW (pre the brand extension)

    • Yeah I totally agree. Having those guys on the show and holding belts definitely helps matters, but they need to be putting over future guys. Put Cena in a program against an up and coming heel with real potential like Dean Ambrose and it’s a win-win for both guys, the company, the title belt, the lot.

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