My Live Ultimo Dragon Experience

ultimodragonUltimo Dragon shaking hands after his victory – Source: My mate’s phone

Ultimo Dragon is an international superstar, who has conquered Japan, Mexico, Europe and even the bright lights of the United States. He is famous throughout the globe for his high-flying luchadore style. Most of you may remember him for his time among the giants of WCW and WWE. I was always a big fan of him as a teenager, but hadn’t heard a lot about him since those days. That’s until I noticed him on the flyer for a local show, run by the promotion that I often go to see in my hometown.

I went along to the show on Friday with a few friends. A couple of them were long time wrestling fans, the rest were “normal guys”. We had an absolute blast and really got into the spirit of things. My buddy Ash filmed some of the Ultimo Dragon main event match. I’ve attached it below, so check it out! The show was entertaining from top to bottom, and had us feeling and acting like big kids. Can’t complain about that for a fiver.

I’m going to start going to more local shows, and some a bit further afield. There are always some big names of the past floating around the independent scene. You can see them in a much more intimate setting than before, and for a much cheaper price. The rest of the card is usually filled with good workers. They may not all be chiselled behemoths, but those capable wrestlers are out there.  I would recommend that you check your local listings, especially if you’re in the UK. There is a lot of good stuff going on lately.

I had my worries going in that we were perhaps going to witness a Scott Hall style meltdown in the ring. The reality that a lot of ageing stars go on to battle demons, abuse problems and just keep wrestling to stay alive financially gave me a few nightmares. That’s something you never want to see happen to a great wrestler, but it seems to be a pitfall of the business. I was so pleasantly surprised to see a guy who was in just as good shape as he was ten years ago, pulling off some of the same exciting moves, and entertaining the crowd like a true showmen. Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!

Thanks for reading,

Craig [Editor]


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