The Weekly Editorial: Can The Rhodes Brothers be the next superteam?

rhodesbrosThe future looks bright for the Rhodes family – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I’m here today to analyse the future of the Rhodes Brothers. I’ve been absolutely in love with their recent run, and want to see it continue. That doesn’t stop me from envisaging what may lie ahead for them though.

The return of Goldust has been a revelation. He looks in better shape than he did in his prime. His experience has proved valuable in big matches and his return to action has really elevated his younger brother. Cody was already getting there after his spectacular performance at Money in the Bank and subsequent feud with Damien Sandow. I expect that to be revisited in the future, after he cashes in. But for now, Cody has gold of his own, and has been really galvanised by this run with his brother.

I don’t see them shaking off the title belts too soon either. I could very well see them having a long reign, in the same way that Team Hell No did. They are the perfect candidates for weekly main event matches in the struggle against authority. That big storyline which is dominating proceedings right now has a spot free for the Rhodes brothers for sure.

In the long run, I see them eventually breaking up rather unceremoniously. You could go about this a number of ways, but the age old technique of having one of them mess up in a big match would do just fine. Whichever way around it occurs, I expect Goldust to turn heel and get a lot of heat. This could give Cody the intense, personal feud he needs to really elevate himself into the main event picture. It would be hard for any fan to not get invested in a story like that, especially involving brothers. It would be a very emotional affair.

For now, I just hope they remain engaging and entertaining. If booked well, their run and eventual demise could make for some memorable moments and incredible matches. Long live Goldust and Cody!

Thanks for reading, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment cursing me out!

Craig [Editor]


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