RAW: Could Damien Sandow successfully cash in on John Cena?

sandowizedThe uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

After a dramatic and turbulent Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, all eyes were on WWE last night to see how the company would start it’s build toward Survivor Series. Let’s take a look at what went down hour-by-hour on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Hour One: Damien Sandow made a statement with a vicious and brutal attack on the new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, after his triumphant promo had opened the show. He decided to cash in his briefcase for a title match, but after a long and well fought contest, he came up short and ended up jobbing out to the Attitude Adjustment. John Cena was visibly hurt, but where does this leave internet darling Damien Sandow? I knew the IWC were not going to be happy with this move. I don’t quite know what to make of it myself.

Dissension began to become visible in the ranks of The Shield, as I had already predicted, with Dean Ambrose pointing out in their promo that he was the only one that still had gold. His match with Big E Langston was called off early when the others got involved. The Usos came down to save the big man, and Brad Maddox shocked the world by booking a six man tag match. The crowd were absolutely dead for this, but I’m not sure why. It was (as always with The Shield) a good match, which Reigns won with an emphatic spear. He then used his facials to perfection to imply the deep resentment that is brewing. This breakup is imminent, trust me.

bryanshawnShawn Michaels offers his hand – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Hour Two: Shawn Michaels’ in-ring apology to Daniel Bryan turned sour when the latter refused to shake his hand. HBK was not in jovial mood last night, and gnarled “I’m Shawn Michaels! Now shake it!” He did a really fantastic job here. Bryan didn’t respond well and stuck the LeBell lock on him, much to JBL’s fury at ringside. He was then randomly ambushed backstage moments later by The Wyatt Family. As the night went on, it started to look more and more like these guys are Triple H’s new Corporate Ministry.

3MB and Los Matadores had a match again. This is getting beyond a joke! I’m starting to feel like I’m on the road with these guys watching them have house shows every single night. AJ Lee and Tamina beat The Bella Twins. The Miz jobbed to Kane real quick. Then things took another strange turn. Kane called out Stephanie McMahon, only to bizarrely offer her his services, give her his mask on the stage and head to the back. The authority is growing! This has late 90s written all over it, and I like that! As the hour drew to a close, Prime Time Players did a hilarious merch drive and David Otunga gave his opinion on the legitimacy of Big Show’s lawsuit against the WWE.

Hour Three: Punk tried his best with a promo to make another match with Ryback seem important. The fans on the app chose a street fight for these to. The cell match last night clearly wasn’t enough. The only good thing about this was the ending: another elbow drop through a table, straight into the Anaconda Vice. After Ryback had tapped, The Wyatt’s came down and beat up Punk. He tried to battle back after being (accidentally I assume) busted open, but ended up being another victim for Sister Abigail. It seems that the weird trio have taken The Shield’s place as the enforcers for Triple H and Stephanie.

The Real Americans got a big win over The Rhodes Brothers. The match was good, and Goldust was so over with the crowd again. Jack Swagger got the job done with the Ankle Lock and I see these guys having a good feud for the title. Alberto Del Rio waved his Mexican flag again and cut a short promo threatening to hurt Cena more and get his title back in their rematch. I hope that takes place at the UK taping a week on Monday, because I’ll be there.

Natalya and Summer Rae had a pretty decent submission match, and that turned out to be the main event. Of course, the real ending to the show was much more significant: The Randy Orton coronation. The Shield were present in the ring with the authority, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing that for too much longer. Triple H cut a promo about the journey of Randy Orton, before welcoming him to the ring for a group hug. Stephanie called on the other superstars, ordered to stand on the stage, to show the new Champion the respect that he deserves.

authorityThe Authority gather for a joyous coronation – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Big Show came out and was attacked by The Shield. The Usos and Rhodes Brothers thwarted that though and took them out of the equation. When confronted, Show knocked Randy Orton out and goaded the COO to get back in the ring. Triple H was too scared, and the show went off the air.


I will explain my rating. You should know by now that I am an optimist when it comes to pro wrestling. I’m easily pleased. This may mean my rating is significantly higher than what you may think is right. Leave a comment and let me know what you would give it out of ten. I thought that there was big drama, especially at the beginning and the end, the most important and most memorable segments of the show. There was a lot of huge development in terms of character and direction, involving The Wyatts, The Shield, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc. The wrestling product itself was solid as always.

There is a lot to look forward to as we head towards Survivor Series, and I felt this show had all the intrigue to propel us there.

Thanks for reading. I’m sorry about Damien Sandow. He is a good talent.

Craig [Editor]


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