WWE Hell in a Cell: A great show overshadowed by a bad ending

hbkrefsShawn Michaels preparing to award the belt – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for checking out my summary of Hell in a Cell 2013.

I watched the show last night, and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m sure the internet is exploding with negativity over some of the stuff that went down, but I don’t really know about that. There were some excellent matches, some really cool moments and I really can’t wait for Raw later – that’s a big positive! I would have done a few things differently though, and the one major issue is with the main event. I’ll get into that later. Let’s take a look at how it all went down in my summary of the show.

The opening match was fantastic! A triple threat for the tag title, it was always going to be exciting. Boy, did these guys deliver. For some bizarre reason, Rey Mysterio was at the Spanish announce desk all night, after being nonchalantly introduced by Michael Cole. That’s his big surprise return! He got to see a great match nonetheless, because these guys stole the show. A lot of people are calling this the match of the night, and I’d struggle to disagree. The Rhodes Brothers retained, good times.

The Miz came to the ring to call out The Wyatt Family. When they showed up, Kane made his surprise return to save him, then chokeslam him. Confusing, but it can never be too bad for the roster to bring back someone of his stature, and it takes Bray Wyatt out of limbo. Fandango and Khali dance contests have no place on pay-per-view, but Summer Rae looked more spectacular than I’ve ever seen her. Dean Ambrose stepped in to replace Curtis Axel for some reason (suspension? failed drug test? who knows) and defend his United States Championship against Big E Langston. The two of them had a great match. The bloody challenger put up one hell of a fight, and despite losing, hit his finishing move after the bell rang to a huge crowd reaction. This was a positive match.

I know there are probably mixed feelings about it among wrestling fans, but I thought the Punk and Ryback cell match was great. It was a bit embarrassing when the guy operating the lift with Heyman took ages manoeuvring it up to the ring. Nonetheless, when he raised Paul up to the top of the cell to safety, I thought it was genius. Ryback looked strong but inevitably jobbed on pay-per-view for the trillionth time. When Punk was done with him, he climbed the cell, with a kendo stick protruding from the back of his trunks like a ninja’s sword. He put a brutal beating on Heyman and finally got his revenge. The crowd loved it. The camera angles were really cool when those two were up there too.

champshereThe champ is here – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

John Cena returned and brought relevance back to the World Heavyweight Championship after a really, really good match with Alberto Del Rio. It wasn’t suicide dives and moonsaults, but it was really great. They sold the injured arm, worked a traditional battle and told a compelling story. ADR actually deserves credit for his part in proceedings. He was also another guy to accidentally bleed. Both guys looked good, but the real story here is that the World Title is now around the waist of a legit top guy. That won’t do it’s prestige any bad at all. Another prospect to look forward to is Sandow cashing in and going over on one of the biggest stars of all time. That’s a pretty good platform to jump from.

AJ Lee and Brie Bella had as good a match as you could expect from them, with Lee retaining the title with her trademark Black Widow submission move.

Now for the controversial main event. Like Punk and Ryback, these guys made almost no use of the cell. That’s something I’ve come to accept over recent years. The most brutal moment was probably a superplex from Orton onto a huge pile of steel chairs in the centre of the ring. Nonetheless, these two did as well as they could, considering how many times they have faced off now. I don’t think this lived up to Cena’s return, the opening match or Punk and Heyman though.

But it’s not the match that is getting so much attention, it’s the ending. After a chaotic series of events which concluded with Triple H in the ring checking on a ref-bumped Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan hit his boss with the Busaiku high knee. Michaels saw this, and reacted by hitting him with the Sweet Chin Music, and counting the three for Randy Orton. Judging by his facial expressions and the circumstances involved, I don’t believe this was a heel turn. It definitely is however, something that needs to be explained further. In that sense, it’s definitely a success because I will be watching Raw later with baited breath. In the moment though, I have to admit the evening ended on a slight downer. It was a mixture of sadness and confusion.


I will explain my rating. Four of the matches were at least pay-per-view quality, and two of those were more than very good. I’d say the opener was the match of the night. There was some filler there, but on the whole, the in-ring product was of a high quality. There were a couple of surprise returns, one a lot more significant than the other. The show did the job of getting me to really want to watch Raw, so I have to hold my hands up on that one. The final outcome of the WWE Championship match was very disappointing though, and that’s my only real gripe.

Thanks for reading, and leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the show.

Craig [Editor]


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