TNA: Anderson returns and makes a big Impact on Bully and Styles rematch!

bullyandersonBully and Anderson come to blows – Source: Impact Wrestling


Thanks for checking out this week’s review of TNA Impact.

We get a Bound For Glory recap package, Kurt Angles difficult night and AJ Styles winning the title. Dixie Carter comes to the ring grinning, and we see a banner in the ring stating ‘Welcome Back AJ Styles!’ along with a table with all his merch on, and some large pictures of him on either side. The crowd boo her out of the building, literally not stopping through her whole promo. She asks AJ to come to the ring, and he gets a big reaction.

AJ takes his weirdo hood down and he’s had his haircut, thank god. Dixie basically says she’s the reason AJ won the title by firing him up, and offers him a lot of incentives to stay, ending with a new sports car. She thinks this is what AJ meant by ‘she’s gonna pay’, and AJ isn’t happy. Dixie says she’ll cancel the World Title rematch tonight, and is interrupted by Bully Ray. He says he didn’t lose and blames Earl Hebner for missing his kickout – YEAH FUCK EARL! AJ fires back until Bully sucker-punches him, hits him with the pictures, and teases a Powerbomb through the table until he’s distracted by the return of…MR ANDERSON! He sprints to the ring and takes out Bully, as the crowd go mental.

We come back from commercial to see Anderson on the mic. This surprised me because TNA don’t do long promos. He says he’s been sat at home watching, and didn’t like what he saw. Dixie comes out with security guards, and they take him away after a brief fight.


I’ve only just noticed that they’ve gotten rid of the ramp up to the ring, looks a bit more professional now. Also, why is Brooke teaming with the woman who cheated to beat her? If it was something like a cheap roll up you could probably let it go, but she got powerbombed so hard. Even if it was a couple of subtle facials, but we got nothing. Gail does the old ‘Eddie Guerrero chair distraction’ so Lei’d can boot Velvet for her mate to pick up the win. Wasn’t a bad match, the best Velvet’s looked for a long time.

Backstage Segment – The Bro-Mans say they’re ready for their ‘celBROtion’ tonight, which is awful but fits their gimmick. Robbie E screams ‘BOOOOM’ whilst spraying hairspray for about 30 seconds straight.


Standard squash match. Ethan repeats the ‘We are the Carters, and the world needs us’ line. Into it.

ethancarterThe pride of the Carter family – Source: Impact Wrestling

Backstage Segment – After footage of their match, we see Magnus and Sting talking backstage. Magnus apologises for not shaking his hand on the night, and they shake now.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring looking pretty sombre, and grabs a mic. He repeats his thoughts on the Hall of Fame, and says he will be there eventually. Bobby Roode interupts him and says Kurt is just making excuses for his loss at BFG. Kurt wants a rematch right now, and Roode teases accepting but backtracks to tell the crowd that Kurt isn’t cleared to work tonight. The two men brawl until they’re separated by security.

Backstage Segment – Bully tells the two remaining Aces & 8’s to make sure Anderson doesn’t make his way back to the show. Surely he should be mad at them for not helping him keep the title? End this storyline please.

The Bro-Mans come to the ring to loud house music being played by a live DJ in the ring who Taz calls ‘DJ Salami’. Taz is mental, I think he just says whatever he wants. The Bros eat protein bars whilst the crowd chant ‘YOU CAN’T WRESTLE’ at Jesse. He responds by kissing his title belt and holding it up to the crowd, just to piss them off more, actually really smart. James Storm and Gunner come to the ring, shout about their rematch and steal the champagne. Bad Influence come to the ring to save this segment for me. Kaz says they’re petitioning for a title match, whilst Daniels runs down their choice of beverages. Storm steals his appletini and throws it in his face, and all 6 men brawl. Eric Young and Joseph Park run out and join in, until Daniels nails Park with a champagne bottle. He BLADES and does his whole monster thing, hitting Jesse with a chokeslam and surprisingly pushing EY out of the way. Everyone knows I love BI, but them seeing the blood and immediately running away made me so happy, it’s about time someone noticed.


AJ spent most of this match selling his ribs that Bully supposedly injured. At the 6 minute mark there was an absolutely terrifying spot, with AJ getting pushed into the air for a flapjack, but almost rotating like it was a back body drop, and landing on his shoulder/head/face. Ignoring that last botch, these two are so reliable, probably TNAs best all-rounders. AJ took some big bumps in this match, he really didn’t need to. He must have the Mick Foley attitude of giving the fans their moneys worth. After a ref bump, AJ made Bully tap to a Calf-Killer but obviously didn’t get the win. Bully followed that by using his chain and hitting a big Cutter, but only got a two count (Earl was still selling). Bully grabbed the chain again, but was stopped by Anderson, who distracted him enough for AJ to get him into a crucifix pin and retain the title.

Bully and Anderson brawl to the ring, and Dixie brings out a contract for AJ to sign. She says it’s full of everything AJ wants, and ‘more 0s than he’s ever seen’. AJ literally wipes his arse with the title, and says he’s taking the title to the fans. I’ve read recently that AJ might be defending the title at indie shows and the like, that would be cool. AJ takes the car keys Dixie offered him and drives away holding his title belt as the show ends.

To be frank, this show was better than BFG, ouch.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter. Thanks!

Joseph Holberry


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