UFC: Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez steal the show at UFC 166!

melendezsanchezSerious candidate for Fight of the Year from these two – Source: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Welcome back. UFC 166 is tonight, at the time of writing, featuring possible the most epic of heavyweight rivalries. This is the rubber match. Dos Santos took the first fight with a quick KO. Valasquez took the second with a brutal 5 round beating to regain the title that Dos Santos took from him. The winner of this fight rightfully becomes the greatest heavyweight of all time. This card is pretty stacked. I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up.

Predictions: I predict Horaguchi, Fili, Ferguson, Waldburger, Noons and Eye to win their respective fights. Next up Lombard in his welterweight debut against Marquart. Both are extremely talented but both have had serious UFC brainfarts. I’m minded to sway towards Marquart because he has experience in the weight class, but Lombard has outstanding judo and heavy hands. He should be able to dictate where this fight happens. So with that in mind, I’m going to change my mind and go with Lombard. Hopefully this is his coming out party.

Boetsch v Dollaway: Look, Boetsch by red neck judo on route to a big KO. Next I’m picking Dodson. The other guy has a tough fight for a UFC debut. If the other guy does win, which I doubt, expect him to be fast tracked to a title shot. Unfortunately he will have to wait. Gonzaga v Jordan: If BJJ Gonzaga turns up, it’s a wrap. If suicide mission Gonz turns up, he’s getting KO’d. He got a great porn star tash at the weigh-in, so for that alone I’m picking Gonzaga.

Next up Melendez is going to play bongos all over Sanchez’s head, or we are going to get a boring Bro fight. Sanchez is the last man standing from TUF1 but I can’t see him standing much longer. Next up, Cormier v Nelson: Cormier is going to make Nelson look like an amateur. He might do something that JDS could not and do actually KO him.

Finally, it’s time for the main event of the evening. Anything can happen. That being said, the beating that Cain put on JDS was almost career destroying battery. Going into this fight, Cain should have the more confidence. What we don’t know yet is where JDS’ head is at. I think I’m going to play it safe and go with my head and pick Cain to take this by decision.

Results: The first four fights on the card were great and all finished early. My predictions were all good until the beast we now know as Amagov destroyed Waldburger. Then the pace had to slow down. It certainly did for the fifth fight with Noons v G Sot. The fight was boring, especially when compared to the previous fights. Noon’s earning the decision.

Up next Kaufman v Eye: What a great fight, and  incredibly close. It could be argued that Eye got round 1 and 2. There is no question that Kaufman got round 3. Eye won the split decision so I assume 2 judges agree with me. Had there been two more rounds, I see Kaufman possibly finishing but obviously this wasn’t a title fight. Eye needs to work on tucking her chin. Looking forward to seeing them both fight again.

Next up, Lombard v Marquart: Lombard destroys Marquart and in quick time. Short but very sweet. Boetsch v dollaway: I expected Boetsch to win easy, but it was close, so close that Boetsch wins by split decision, maybe even with a little help from the point deduction due to two inadvertent eye pokes.

On to the main card now, and Dodson v Montague. Wow what a Fucking great fight. Dodson caught Montague and rocked him bad. Montague recovered only to be rocked again then suffered a delayed face plant KO. Wow. Next up heavies Gonzaga v Jordan. Battle of great entry tunes. The Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails was amazing, and “Mother” by Danzig. Jordan wins hands down, but boy do I love “Mother” As for the fight, wow it was great! Gonzaga takes a knuckle sandwich, then cracks Jordan with a ten ton hammer. They called it a TKO, but man I’ve always been a Gonzaga fan since seeing him KO Cro Cop live. I would love to see this man fight for a title.

Next we got Melendez v Sanchez. Fuck me I think that this was fight of the year! 3 rounds of craziness. These two may be friends but they killed each other for 3 rounds for our entertainment and I love them for it. Joe Rogan called it the best fight he had ever seen. Right now, I find it hard to disagree. The crowd were going ape shit. These two need a 5 round main event.

I’m buzzing and there is two fights to go, two heavyweight fights. Oh my god, I might have an accident. Cormier v Nelson: This was a big fat sweaty gas filled horrible fight. Cormier getting a decision. Roy Nelson is tough, we know that, but he has zero gas tank. Cormier didn’t have much more in his tank either. He would need to make his mark at 205 but I cant see him beating Jones. Jones is just way too athletic.

Now it’s time for the main event of the evening. Dos Santos v Valasquez 3: Wow what a fight again! This fight was very similar to their second meeting, only with a finish. The finish coming by way of JDS falling on his head after going for a standing arm triangle. It looks like Werdum gets the next shot, which he will definitely lose. The fact is that these two guys have already given us 11 rounds, and there has to be more. JDS has to fight somebody, but the question is who. The only people that come to mind are Barnett and Miocic. Miocic beat nelson, and maybe he deserves that fight. Barnett destroyed Frank Mir, and he is actually fighting Travis Browne, possibly for a number one contender bout. So it has to be mMiocic v JDS, for me. Also, Gonzaga is on a roll! Maybe he should fight Nelson.

What an amazing night. It’s crazy to think that this year we still have GSP, Weidman and Rousey all defending their titles. UFC is spoiling us. I hope you enjoyed this write-up. Ill be back soon.

Thanks for reading.

Arun Paul Smith


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