Raw: The final push towards Hell in a Cell is a good one

contractContract signings are always a tense affair – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw
Memphis, TN – 21/10/13

In an attempt to be even more concise, I decided to try something new this week. It’s called The Memory Game. While enjoying the only three hour weekly wrestling show I know of, I decided to pause using my fancy Sky Go after each hour, and take just one minute to note down everything I remembered. It should be a good way to sift through the bile, and pick out the noteworthy elements of the broadcast. I hope you enjoy reading.

Hour #1: This was a helluva first hour, so my apologies if I missed anything. Big Show appeared via satellite to interrupt “The Authority” while they were cutting a promo in the ring. His acting was sublime again in this heated exchange with Stephanie and Hunter. Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan had a 5 star opening match. CM Punk cut a pretty cool go home promo, but the crowd were weirdly dead. Santino and his posse were all dressed as Elvis to take on 3MB in a “comedy” cluster which made me want to die. The mood was somewhat redeemed when Santino led the crowd in a “Jerry” chant for their native legend The King. Shawn Michaels was playing the fun jester in the office with the not-so-fun power couple. I freakin’ love H-B-Shizzle.

Hour #2: Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton had a very solid match. AJ Lee and Tamina faced The Bellas in a surprisingly good tag match, in which Brie went over again. Paul Heyman cut a mind-blowing, screaming, nervous breakdown resembling promo interview. We were treated to an absolutely incredible vignette documenting Daniel Bryan’s training in the Shawn Michaels Wrestling School. The Wyatt Family victimized The Miz again. Big E Langston was jumped by Ryback before a scheduled singles match with Curtis Axel. CM Punk came to his aid, and in a truly shocking moment of innovative booking, Vickie made booked the four men in a… TAG TEAM match. It was a really good match to be honest, and both guys looked strong, with Langston going over clean. Punk didn’t celebrate too long and chased Paul Heyman to the back. The hour concluded with an amazing sales drive from R-Truth at the merchandise stand.

punklangGreat teamwork from Punk and Langston – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Hour #3: After commercial, The King hit Michael Cole with a John Cena stuffed toy, which was awesome. Then they showed another inspirational Cena vignette. The Rhodes Brothers came to ringside to their crazy new mash-up theme song (ala Jeri-show) and sat with the announcers to call the main event. The Usos battled The Shield for a shot at the title against the Rhodes boys. The finish wasn’t so good, as things spiralled out of control and into a brawl involving all six guys. The title picture remains unclear, but that should leave something meaningful for Smackdown, so I get it.

After an outrageously funny, unashamedly ass-kissing introduction for HBK from Triple H, the boys got down to the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell. It’s interesting to note that Michaels shook the hand of everyone but The Viper as he came into the ring. Just saying. Triple H went dangerously close to crossing the line from being a good heel into burying Bryan too much. Michaels, the more respected of the two, stuck up for him though. This sparked an epic four way verbal exchange, which was interrupted by Big Show driving a truck into the arena. That distraction allowed Bryan to catch Orton with the wicked Busaiku high knee and get the last laugh before Sunday. He went to join the big man in celebrating on the truck at the side of the stage. An awesome ending to a really, really good show.


Final thoughts: I will explain my rating. Overall, I must say bravo to WWE! This was a very fine go home edition of Raw. From top to bottom, it had good matches, great promos and made Hell in a Cell look a formidable show!

Thanks for reading, and do come back soon.

Craig [Editor]


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