TNA: Bully Ray and AJ Styles come to blows ahead of Bound for Glory


They once seemed a lot closer, for a moment – Source: Impact Wrestling


Here are my thoughts on the final show before Bound for Glory.Tonight’s recap video shows us the return of Kurt Angle, Dixie Carter trying to ruin Sting and Magnus’ plans, and AJ Styles beating Knux and Garett Bischoff, but receiving a beating from Bully Ray immediately after.

Dixie heads to the ring flanked by two security guards, one holding a briefcase. Dixie gets a lot of abuse from the crowd, continuous booing. She talks about the grief AJ is causing her, and reveals that begrudgingly they’ll be signing the contract for the World Title match tonight. She puts a $50,000 bounty on AJ’s head, providing he doesn’t make it to that match.

Bully and Brooke T come to the ring, saying that the cash is basically already his. Magnus interrupts him, and questions what the point of the BFG series was, and if she’s just going to take out the winner. He gets the crowd chanting ‘Dixie sucks’, which they do passionately. He challenges Bully to a match, who then gives him a lot of compliments, before backtracking and saying he has a lot to offer, but still can’t get the job done. Magnus decks him, and Bully accepts the match.

Backstage Segment – Bully is telling his two mates that he was happy about what happened last week, even though they actually lost. They seem to be on the same page this week. I don’t really understand.


There’s a lot of talent on show with these four men, with each of them having a different role and specific style, (comedy, power, etc). I’ve never really thought much about 4 corners matches, it just seems to be a lot of blind tags. EY is definitely over with the crowd, and weirdly he gets the ‘hot tag’ from Hernandez…it’s completely different to a tag match, he’s basically giving EY a chance to get the win over him. Hernandez does his signature moves, until missing a corner splash and falling to the outside. EY hits a nice belly-to-belly and his elbow drop on Daniels, before being pushed out of the ring by Robbie, who steals the 3 count! Even though I love Daniels, I think Robbie is really underrated and needed a win.

Backstage Segment – Jesse Godderz attacks AJ as he enters the building, and gets thrown into a bin for his troubles.

AJ comes straight to the ring and grabs the mic. He calls Dixie desperate and says that after he wins the World Title, she’s “gonna pay” He says he’s not hiding, and Knux and Garett run out and jump him. They’re run off by Tag Champs James Storm and Gunner, which I thought was just to get AJ saved by faces, but apparently we’re having a match next.


Basic power moves to start the match, really hard hitting. They’re actually keeping it quite equal, even though Knux never wins and his opponent is a champion. Storm spits beer in Garett’s face and all the hillbillies in the crowd go wild. Gunner goes for a torture rack, but can’t quite lift him. Knux looks to the ramp for help from Bully, but turns around into a really tame spear and loses.

Backstage Segment – Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are talking about the $50k bounty, with Sabin into it and Sky trying to talk him round. He says he’ll buy her something nice and runs off. I’m interested in this storyline, presumably she’s gonna have to turn heel.

Backstage Segment – Knux and Garett wonder why Bully wasn’t there to help them. The camera pans onto Brooke Tessmacher’s arse, not even joking. Gail Kim enters and talks about Lei’D Tapa, and thinks they should team up if Tapa gets involved in their match at BFG (three way vs ODB). Brooke turns it down.

Backstage Segment – 4 in a row! NEW RECORD! Sabin is looking for AJ, but runs into Samoa Joe. He says he should probably go for the bounty, because he’s gonna lose tonight and at BFG anyway.


I love how keen Sabin is on his entrance nowadays, proper dragging Sky, spinning her around and kissing her. It really puts over his character change, basically showing her off. Joe has the upper hand in the opening minutes, leading to Sabin walking up the ramp. Joe follows him, Sabin uses Sky as a human shield, then jumps out and DDT’s Joe on the ramp. I genuinely thought he was gonna get he win by count out, but Joe managed to get in at 9. Sabin stayed on him, at one point spitting in his hand and wiping it in Joe’s face, which got a good groan from the crowd. Joe gets a Choke out of nowhere and Sabin instantly taps.

Strangely, Austin Aries runs out and decks Joe, and then Hardy runs out and attacks Aries. Hardy gets a ladder out from under the ring, but doesn’t have time to climb it as a recovering Sabin grabs him. He jumps down and kicks him out of the ring, Twist of Fate to Aries, before Manik comes out, straight up the ladder and flies off the top with a crossbody to AA and Sabin. Massive clusterfuck!

Backstage Segment – Bad Influence get mugged off by AJ, who is basically a terminator tonight. He’s not even tired!

Backstage Segment – Ethan Carter III has a great segment, enjoying being photographed, before saying he’s going to be at BFG. Cannot wait to see more of this character.


Bully completely dominated the first 6-7 minutes, until Magnus made a bit of a comeback. Bully completely shut that down, and went for his chain. Sting came to ringside and stopped him, but as the referee was distracted, Magnus got low-blowed and lost.

I see the progression in the Magnus-Sting storyline, but Magnus looked like a jobber out there. Bully leaves, and the two men try and make sense of what happened. Magnus refuses a handshake, and his theme starts playing…WHY?!

Backstage Segment – Samoa Joe calms down Magnus, as he stares at Sting.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring, looking in great shape, eyes not as crazy as when he left. He says what Bobby Roode and Bad Influence did last week was a mockery, and that you should never mock a man’s legacy. He says Bobby has dug his own grave whilst staring into the camera, really intense. Roode comes out and asks what Angle has done lately, and compares their careers. Angle has his hands in his pockets, which really annoyed me. It looked like he wasn’t taking it seriously. After some back and forth, Angle gets sucker-punched, but ends up getting an Ankle Lock. Bad Influence make the save, throwing Kurt into the turnbuckle post, weakening him enough for Roode to get him in a Crossface. Good idea for Roode to get the upper hand before BFG.

Contract Signing – Dixie, her guards and Jeremy Borash are in the ring, and are joined by Bully and AJ. Dixie should have been furious that AJ survived the night, but she just looked mildly disappointed. Bully immediately signs the contract and gets on the mic, speaking on the World Title match between Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes in 1985, which lead to the famous ‘Hard times’ promo (everyone should watch that promo at least once in their life)

He sums up his year, everyone he’s beaten, and ends his promo by saying that when AJ gets back to his trailer park, his wife and children might not even be there. AJ fires back with some great stuff about being dangerous, and desperate to win the title and what it means. Bully says he’s not putting his title on the line and wants to get that $50k right now. He pushes the podium into AJ and starts wrapping his chain around his hand. AJ ducks the punch, grabs the briefcase and nails Bully with it. He then turns and throws all the money over Dixie as the crowd cheer…but they obviously wanted him to throw it to them. The show goes off air with AJ shouting at Bully who is holding up the belt on the ramp.

Really good Impact tonight, good ratio of action to progressing the storylines and hyping the matches at BFG.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter. Thanks!

Joseph Holberry


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