UFC: Hill goes down to Brit Wootten on The Ultimate Fighter

hill_josh640Hill and Wootten battle it out – Source: Al Powers/Zuffa LLC/Getty

Hello and thanks for checking out my thoughts on this week’s episode of TUF.

In the aftermath of last week’s fight, Dana gives a rarely seen pep talk to the victor, Pennington. It’s Fathers Day and Rousey brings the daddies of the house a few presents. One of the daddies is getting seriously home sick. There are some pranks this week courtesy of Team Tate. We see pictures of Edmund Rousey, Which Dana quickly brings down, except for the one in the sauna. Rousey is not happy. In this week’s fight, Hill from Team Tate and Wootten from Team Rousey.

Prediction: I’m going with Wootten. He is a Brit and has a real chin apparently.

Round One: The fight begins with Hill getting the body lock on. That leads to a take down and now he has the back, looking for a choke. He nearly gets it, but now it’s back to the feet. Wootten connects with big shots, but the round ends with no major drama. Round 1 to Hill, for me.

Round Two: Wootten bangs Hill with a huge knee that could KO an elephant. Hill is on Queer Street and Wooten is on top with the ground and pound. They get back to feet, and it’s another knee from Wootten. They separate and Wootten goes for a take down, smothering with strikes and now trying to take the back. He loses it and now he is on bottom. Round 2 goes to Wootten, in my opinion.

Round Three: Wootten is shooting early against the cage with strikes. Hill is tired. Wootten is the most active. But three minutes in, there is nothing significant from either. Hill hits with a spinning backfist which leads to Wootten getting a take down. Wootten is looking to coast but doing enough to keep the fight from being stood up. The round and the fight ends.

Result: Had to go to Wootten and it did. The next fight picks are no brainers because it’s come down to the last people who haven’t fought. We get two fights, but we have to wait until two weeks time. That’s annoying! I’m going to preview and review UFC 166 next. It’s a huge card, and definitely not one to miss. Come back and take a look!

Thanks for reading!

Arun Paul Smith


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